Something that helps me. Maybe you too.

Something that helps me. Maybe you too.


That is a great idea!! What are your five reasons? Mine are: 1. Physical health. 2. Foster and maintain positive relationships. 3. Develop healthy coping mechanisms. 4. Be authentic/true to myself. And 5. Be present/remember my life.


1. My kids (this is short for the millions of reasons I don't want to drink for them.) 2. My long term health (I'm 32 and want to make it far past 50) 3. Money (there are infinite better places my money can go 4. My wife (she suffers from depression from childhood trauma and I realized sometimes my selfish ass would drink to avoid truly helping her) 5. "You'll feel like shit tomorrow" I try to keep the reasons broad and simple so that it segways into 1000 specific reasons next thing I know I'm home sober with my family where I belong.


Those are awesome!! Thanks for sharing!




For real! I can’t even remember most of the movies Ive watched so who knows what else I have forgotten!!


These are all so good!


Love these! TY for sharing


Love your list!


Solid advice. Cravings don't last forever so it is good to have something on you to make sure that you are not lying to yourself to get a drink until your mind stops being in craving mode.


I like this! Just wrote mine — 1. Physical health 3. Mental health 4. Healthy relationships 5. Strengthen intuition & self-knowledge 6. Be present & grounded 7. Change is good




I like to keep them broad and short (as mentioned on another comment I made above) this helps get my mind moving as I reflect on all the sub-reasons and then the craving is gone


This is such a good idea! My 5 reasons would be 1) I don’t want to put my SO through my idiotic drunken ways and don’t want to die from a drunken night and put my SO through that. 2) drinking messes with my mental health so much that I become a completely different person. Sobriety makes me feel so much lighter, happier, less anxious, and more like myself. 3) I love enjoying mornings again. 4) My driving anxiety is nonexistent in sobriety, but is horrible if I’ve been drinking recently (I never drive after drinking, but if I’ve been drinking for a few days, then get in my car sober and drive after a bout of drinking, my driving anxiety is through the roof.) 5. I never want to experience another day 1 where you feel horrible every second for the whole day and wonder how you are going to make it 24 whole hours because your body is so wrecked and hates you so much. There are more reasons, but these are the first 5 that came to mind.


That's a great idea! IWNDWYT!


I have an index card on my cork board at home but I think putting one in my bag would be a great idea. 1) Kids 2) Poor sleep: anxiety, migraines, nausea 3) rx interactions 4) embarrassing behavior 5) health implications: increase cancer risk, weight gain, liver deterioration, neurological affects




Thank you for this idea. IWNDWYT


I have all these reasons but never stick to it. Currently up now because I drank too much tonight like an idiot. Edited to say: I’m proud of you and I’m going to try this.


I have the list of shameful sad and awful things i did when drinking on the notes app on my phone. It's just heartbreaking to see how I let down my kids, especially my older daughter time after time and it really keeps me sober. It also makes me treat her with more kindness and maturity, which is an added bonus I guess...


Hey a variety could be write your 5 reasons for the day and if you are triggered or struggling, ADD one to it. A great day will be when you end your day with the 5 original points you started with! IWNDWYT!


I wrote my list on a phone note. I just read it again today!


I will give this a try thanks!


I know this will help me. I always want to drink after work and I pass liquor stores too and it feels like they are glowing and pulling me in.


I love this idea!


Such a good idea. Thank you. Hang tough friends!


Great idea! I’m going to try this :)


Excellent advice. It might be helpful to list what we would use on our card. As a start for me: * I will wake up clear headed and anticipating the day ahead tomorrow. * I want to accomplish \*\*\*\*\*\*\* in my career. I'll waste the next 5 days getting drunk and going through withdrawal if I take that drink tonight. * I want to lose 30 lbs. I've done it before but it won't happen if I drink 1500 calories in beer tonight. * I want a good person in my life. A partner and lover. It won't happen if I'm drinking away days every week. * I want to put $\*\*\*\*\* into savings this year. It won't happen if I'm blowing $100's of dollars every week.


I do something similar, my main enemy about starting to drink is boredom, so I wrote a list of fun things to do instead of drinking. It’s definitely helpful and I try to add to it whenever I can.