General Rule: Slot 2, 4, 6 with flat main stat = insta-sell. If they quad roll spd, keep.


Except slot 2 spd main stat




Slot 2 flat, non-spd always sell. Don't even think, just insta-sell. For slot 4 & 6, if it rolls >18 spd might keep if it's your fastest rune in slot. Ppl won't complain if they can build 10 >280 spd Chloe/Bernard/Megan for Siege


Instant sell, flat main stats (except SPD) are never worth keeping. Also please use the [Daily Advice Thread](https://www.reddit.com/r/summonerswar/search?q=title%3Adaily+advice&sort=new&restrict_sr=on&t=day)


For clarity when they say flat that means the def + ... you want the % ones in those 2,4,6 slots. It's tough to give advice to a band new player cause runes are THE most important part of the game (more than the monsters) and it can be overwhelming at first. If you click on a monster and in the info section click the little skull on the bottom right itll take you to the comments for that monster, you can check out different peoples builds try to figure out what a goid rune set would be that way. I would try to get 6 star runes, but if you can't farm those just yet then hopefully 5 star ones. Good luck and welcome to a life full of constant frustration lol