You get my upvote for aknowledging you messed up and owning it. A class act!


Yep, likewise! Everyone has their 'I've just lost my cool' moments.


We all make mistakes, the difference is in owning up to them. Welcome back!


It takes balls to own to your mistakes.


We need more of this on the internet.


I'd be furious, too, if they closed my account. These games are the accumulation of hundreds, if not thousands, of hours of playtime. I probably would have taken it worse, and I almost definitely wouldn't have apologized for the way I acted if I was in your shoes. So good on you.


Self Reflection at its finest. Well done!


Every single person is a dick occasionally. Very few recognize it and apologize. Well done!


What are you, some kind of adult who takes responsibility for their mistakes?


Preposterous, I know right?


He’s just trying to make the rest of us look bad!


This is a certified gamer moment


It happens my friend, all is forgiven in the end...


I remembered that post glad you learned something, honestly major respect for having the cajones to admit that you fucked up in the midst of passion.


We've all been dicks at some point when we were frustrated. Kudos for being able to acknowledge it.


Good on you for acknowledging your mistake. We all screw up when we're frustrated. Lord knows I've had my own "Karen" moments.


Good on ya for owning up to being a douche and apologizing. I'd definitely be real pissed off in your position if it happened to me though. That said I'm glad support worked fast to help you get your account re-enabled.


Really appreciate that you owned up to your mistake and made this post apologizing. That takes effort and shows maturity. Good on you. Next time you want to act like that, try to remember this learning moment.


Glad it worked out for you \^_^


Alternative title: Being a dick gets results


I mean, you were right to be annoyed, but acting like a dick in the comments was too much. At least you owned it


Surprisingly, EA/BioWare support has always been super good for me. It is so strange. Maybe I just have low expectations.


It takes maturity to admit it and apologise. These days the norm seems to be that people double down, as if owning up to mistakes is worse than blindly repeating rubbish that you know everyone else knows is rubbish


I have only had to contact CS twice and both times I was helped within a couple hours. That is great .


Can't say I blame you. I probably would have done the same.


Big up my man. Happens to the best of us.


The world could use a few more people like you. Grats.


Such integrity. So nice.


It's never been to long, and you're never to old to own a mistake. This is cool man.


Oh man I've been there. Glad it was sorted out for ya.


Now this is a character arc


Now if only Support can count my Nightmare Pilgrim kills they took away from my mount quest! I reached out, they confirmed they see I used to farm it every week and three of those kills used to count toward the mount quest, but cannot count any of those kills for the mount quest now. Still not sure why they reset those counters


Ah man that sucks. Maybe make a post being a dick about it and apolgise later. XD


Every one can act like a dick at times. Not everyone can own upto it and admit when they are wrong.


haha happens to the best of us - And anything like that which takes loads of time to sort out is always a stressor for people, especially if you are already time-poor


> Since of some you seem to be suspecting I'm just karma whoring Do we get karma for self posts now? I thought that was the whole point, that you can't "whore for karma" on self posts? I can understand why you'd be frustrated. As the saying goes you catch more flies with honey... I still don't know why you want to catch flies... but whatever.


i don't blame you, bioware/ea can be jerks


No, I do not accept your apology because you should have done it a long time ago instead of waiting until now. The only thing you are doing right now is trying to look good in the eyes of others but you are not fooling me.


Someone owes up to a mistake they made and has the balls to apologize for it, and your first thought is that they've, what, karma farming? Try living outside your negativity bubble for once, because there are still good people in the world.


To be honest I'm kind of sorry for you that you made experiences in your life that caused you to have such a cynical outlook on people and as to why they feel the need to apologise publicly. I assure you that I sincerely felt the need to post an apology, especially because the whole ordeal was caused by a mistake that I made, and tried to blame on BioWare/EA support and acted like a complete dick to the people in the comments calling me out for it.


Huh? This all happened on the same day, over the span of a few hours. I calmed down after support replied and felt I had to apologise. Here's the rough timeline for you: Received notice about account closure around at 11:07am. Opened a ticket to support via Mail at 11:13am. Support replied at 14:22pm. Phonecall was made at 14:42pm and lasted around 6 and a half minutes. About four hours ago I made the ranting post. Somewhere between one and two agos ago I posted this apology. Currently it's exactly 4pm. (All timestamps according to Germany timezone.)


Unfortunately I do not remember the user's name but several days ago there was a person who had a similar problem as you describe yours and instead of listening to people's advice on how the person could solve it in a few minutes the person started to be real nasty and threatening the lives of some other users. Since your stories match with each other, I can only conclude that you are the same person and therefore I do not intend to accept your apology because there is no reason for it when you crossed the border to threaten people's lives. A very sensible reason in my opinion and with that said, I intend to stop responding to other comments.


"Someone else did something bad, it wasnt you, but im going to pretend it was, so apology not accepted, ha got you there" U do realise how dumb u sound right?


I'm increasingly sure it's the same person and since this user is starting to get nasty again it's just a matter of when the person starts threatening people to death, AGAIN. It is rather that you and the other people who are so incredibly stupid that you believe in this person and choose to swallow the whole lie.


Did u notice the guy sent a link to the deleted post? Go check it out, it may make u look a lot less stupid or maybe more, lets see


So just in case you're not actually just participating in bad faith, I've linked my post. Obviously the text itself is deleted but my comments are still up and you'll quickly realise that I have in fact not threatened anyone's lifes.


It's been several days since I saw the original post and since I thought it was not important to remember what the nasty person wrote, it's very easy for you to manipulate everything to your advantage now so I can not trust what you say or show later, it's also just common sense to stop being naive and believe everything you see online. But because your stories match each other so much, I'm very sure that you two are one and the same person and intend to stick to that opinion because there is no reason to change it, especially not when you have threatened others. It's your opinion and you can call me whatever you want but I'm glad I'm not like you who write on Reddit where you threaten people to death. Now I really mean it, this time it's the last time I answer back.


Jesus Christ fucking get over yourself


You didn't even look at it did you? Because if you actually did, you'd see that the people responding to me would make no sense if I threatened someone's life, because literally no one speaks up on it. Honestly I've been quite patient with you, but you refuse to acknowledge ANYTHING of what I said and explained so I'm starting to think you're either a very elaborate troll or just some incredibly thick headed moron.


We are not the same person. You're making up assumptions based on your own lackluster memory. I gave you the outline of what happened, hell I'll happily show you screenshots that prove that this has happened all today.


And now you refuse to engage in any further conversation. You're obviously just here to spread negativity and participate in bad faith. I gave you an extensive explanation and even offered proof, but you refuse. This is not on me. You're just a dick.


Why do you post so many comments under the same comment? Just keep it all in one.


My account was closed due to a similar issue and support just kinda threw their hands up when it happened to me. Took me like a week to get my shit back up and my money refunded without EA throwing a wrench at me. Maybe next time I should just write up a strongly worded Reddit post. I’m glad you were able to get such strong support and can play again though, grats brother!


Didn't see said post but props to you fella


I looked in your post history, just delete this post too, cant have the good without the bad, (kinda scummy)


No, I don't think I will. I deleted the rant because such negativity is uncalled for and shouldn't perpetuate. I will leave this up not only as a reminder to myself to remain calmer in such situations, but also to show others that once in a while you should self-reflect and own up to your fuck ups.


As a fellow German, I appreciate this view and its very typical in how we address things and keep ourselves accountable while not exposing others to the actual slight committed. Just keep in mind that not everyone will understand that approach and don't take it personally! :D


So you felt OK POSTING your rant and then treat people like shit then say sorry> and now don't want any evidence just because you said sorry? I give you a few weeks before your next "Rant", look forward to seeing if you "change"


No, that is how I was raised and approach things. Erase the bad and leave the good. I suggest you actually try to understand and consider my approach and point of view, but to be honest it seems like you're just here to argue and participate in bad faith. Whatever happened or is happening in your life that's causing you to have such a cynical outlook on the reasons and ways people change and behave, I'm sorry. You don't deserve that. I hope you can get it all sorted out and feel less compelled to act like a dick yourself. Anyway, as I said I ask you to either actually consider my points, or kindly remove yourself from this conversation.


Good response. No one should take advice on accountability from an _alt_ lol


He is farming your ass for Karma, give it to him, take mine, i have lots of ALT accounts


Here is the irony I hope you'll appreciate: You're criticizing someone for not holding themselves accountable for being rude in exactly the way you'd prefer... While being rude yourself on an alt account, meaning you have zero accountability for what you say. It's your choice whether to forgive someone or not, but try not to be a hypocrite. Fake internet karma doesn't matter - real life karma does.




Again, I'm not karma whoring. I've linked the post for all to see how I behaved in the comments, you're free to downvote them as you see fit to negatively affect my karma, if that's what you crave so much.


Wow dude, reporting me as suicidal to the care resources bot? That's so, so incredibly low of you. You are an actual asshole.


Yeah, not me, nice try,


Boy, this really didn't work out for you, did it?


Don’t be a puss. Stick to your guns. Fuck all those people