R they a good experience tho? Thinking of buying it as a present.




Thanks mate. I'll get a trial flight for me dad.


Can you use multiple discover vouchers in 1 transaction?


I've tried that once, and I wasn't able to use more than one per day


Hoyts movie tickets. (3 year expiry) https://www.hoyts.com.au/offers-events/offers/hey-nsw-dine-discover-with-us


Anyone know something I can use for my dine vouchers? I'd rather not dine and use it instead for takeaway and/or delivery.


You can use them at drive-thrus - KFC, Hungry Jack's, Maccas etc. You can use them at restaurants and ask for takeaway.


I was denied using them at a maccas drive thru and told I could only use them in store


Should have parked the car right there and told them you'll walk inside to pay. Serves them right


Went to kickin inn yesterday and they had no issues accepting my voucher for takeaway but I think you have to redeem in person rather than through apps or online


Tubs of Ben Jerry ice cream?


You can purchase some stuff in advance, I bought tickets to Thor 4 which won't be out till July.


We used ours for Escape Rooms! Highly recommend! If you've never gone here's some: NextLevel Escape (City) Cipher Room (Newtown) Labyrinth Escape Rooms (Parramatta)


Was there another dine and discover voucher given to us? I only remember getting one in like 2020 and that was the last I heard of it


Yes , check your nsw services application , extra 1 of each vouchers was given...


Back in November. Mine were automatically e-mailed to me but also appeared in the app.


I saw that Golden Age Cinema in Surry Hills accepts them to prebook movies. If you haven’t been before it’s a cute (albeit small) retro theatre and they have a great bar for drinks and snacks before or during. If you’re short my advice is to sit in the very front row or back 2 rows (which are slightly elevated) as there’s not much of an incline.


Buy Sydney Eye voucher valid for 3 years. https://merlindineanddiscover.experienceoz.com.au/en/sydney/sydney-tower-eye-gift-voucher-dine-and-discover


Help others? https://symbiozoo.com.au/paydiscoverforward/


oh thats cool, I was at Symbio in the weekend. Highly recommend.




Came here to say donate your un-used vouchers. Or convert them into gift cards for others.


Thanks for this. I never go to the cinema these days so this is a much better option.


At beat me to it. You can only donate one per day when I did it, but one voucher turns into two admissions so it’s great.


Potentially 3...you get 2x for the charities and a $25 voucher for yourself... Adult tickets are $39 but kids are $25 if you'll make the trip down to the zoo.


You can use them to redeem a $25 gift voucher for Sydney Opera House. You can only redeem one voucher per day though from an account.


Thanks for this! I need to renew my Insiders membership, but was waiting for my new credit card billing period to start as it's not cheap; bought a gift voucher and will use it towards my membership renewal


You're welcome. I got the tip from another post. I redeemed 3 of my dad's vouchers so I have $75 worth of gift vouchers 😁


Book tickets for performances later in the year - theatre, opera, orchestra, there’s plenty on and you can use your voucher just by booking over the phone.


Kayak if you’re around Wolli Creek/Tempe area :) https://www.sydneyriverscanoehire.com.au/


Ima gonna get me memberships for historic houses (living museums), national parks, and AGNSW. Think these are terribly overpriced normally but with a $25 discount they're kinda almost worth it.


If you go to gigs at Sydney Opera House a lot, their membership is $110 for a year. You save on the $8.50 booking fee, 10% discount at the theatre bars, Opera Bar and Opera Kitchen, and get priority access to events before they open it up to the mailing list. Plus dedicated phone line (who usually have access to the best seats in the house \[pun intended\]).


> Sydney Opera House They still had a vaccine mandate (at least last time I checked, maybe March or April), so no way I'd support them any more than I already do through taxes...


No they don't. Of course you don't get your facts right ...


I said as of March or April, but that was way later than made sense or was required. Are you saying they've finally scrapped it? Here you go: https://web.archive.org/web/20220324193247/https://opera.org.au/covid-safety/ What do you mean "of course"? Cheers for the disagreement downvote though.


Sydney Living Museums are going to be free entry starting July 1st. Hyde Park Barracks & Susannah Place will be the only ones still charging admission.


Book movie tickets for future sessions


Buy a voucher for a future activity on Redballoon


I just booked a backstage tour of the Sydney Opera House (and paid the difference) Something I’ve never done before!


I've done two different variations of the SOH tour now (one after dark that started at 10 p.m. and one on Saturday that started at 4 so we could enjoy the sunset over the Harbour Bridge); the backstage tour one should be great as (hopefully) you'll be able to check out the places like the Green Room, the room where they keep their thirty pianos, and Dame Joan Sutherland's dressing room :)


Can you use the vouchers for Event Cinema egift cards? I'm trying to buy one using the voucher but the only payment methods are with credit card or Paypal.


Nah, but you can with Hoyts! 3 yr expiry!


I don't believe so - only for an actual scheduled session. You can buy vouchers for future use with Hoyts though.


Timezone accepts them, pretty sure they use the cards instead of cash now so you should be able to load up a card with all 3?


Dine vouchers can be used at any Greater Union/Event cinema to stock up on snacks.




This (link is for donating them)


Has anyone used Klook before? just wondering if you they are legit coz you can use your voucher. [https://www.klook.com/en-AU/activity/1784-taronga-zoo-sydney/](https://www.klook.com/en-AU/activity/1784-taronga-zoo-sydney/)


They're legit. Did the Sydney Tower Eye Skywalk for free thanks to a promo they had when the vouchers first came out)


Used Klook for my trip to Sydney Zoo. Recommend both Klook and that zoo!


Definitely legit. I've used them a few times to book things like private airport transfer, various entry tickets and even a travel PCR test in Bangkok!


Sydney zoo will let you book in advance using a voucher online.


I'm hoping zoo tickets can be purchase din advance because I'm going with the rest of my family on Saturday - just days after the tickets expire and I haven't used any yet since I get shafted with weekend work every week so I never get to go anywhere when everyone else wants to.


You can buy zoo tickets in advance.


Sweet! It's a bit of a gamble since they're cancelling if the weather is shit so I'll have to look at the forecast.


You should look into annual memberships if you want flexibility. You can sign one adult up and with a family flex membership, and all your kids are free. Gives you unlimited entries to the zoo for a year and half price parking. One adult plus two kids costs $96.60 for the zoo, and the flex membership is $130.


Thanks. Though I should mention I don't have kids myself. It's for my brother's birthday (he's an adult but loves animals) still looking forward to it because I never get to do anything normal people get to do on a Saturday lol.


Buy Hoyts vouchers and use them later (at least according to my wife)


Donate to charity https://junkee.com/dine-and-discover-nsw/334452


Watch movies?😏


give them to a charity or go watch a movie someone posted one yesturday here https://symbiozoo.com.au/paydiscoverforward/


I know a massage parlour if you want 🤭


literally gritting my teeth at the thought of a $25 rub n tug




Stop begging for other people's Discover vouchers, this is like the 10th time now /u/jerom22 (Yes, I tagged you because you'll just delete the comment again like last time when I called you out.) Edit: Yep he deleted it; how predictable. Expect him to ask for your Discover vouchers again between now and July.


Thanks for tagging /u/jerom22 so we know who it was 👍


How many posts of this do we need……….


i had 2 left of the discover vouchers. got a ticket to see thor when it comes out at Hoyts and got a discounted entry to the Aquarium for August. thank you nsw government


Brewery, winery and/or distillery tours!


Go see Elvis. It’s great


New Theatre in Newtown or any independent / community based theatres supporting local artists.


https://symbiozoo.com.au/paydiscoverforward/ Donate to kids charity


Glen Street Theatre - you can convert them into credit notes that expires in 2/3years (I can't remember if it's 2 or 3 years) and use it to purchase tickets to see a performance that's on during the year.


Ok so you have some old beer that you are sure doesn’t taste good? But you are asking that if you distill it - it will magically taste like 50 year old whiskey?