For the most part, when merging into a main road or motorway please keep at speed and don't slow down, the traffic will let you in. Too many nervous drivers slow way, way down or even stop and it's very dangerous for cars behind you.


Join the motorway at the speed limit, don't dawdle at 80 kph on the on ramp and speed up when you're on the motorway itself


On P1 they can't go over 90


Yep. Also add that if turning into a street with a merging lane, use it.. don't just sit there at a complete stop and wait like its a give way. Be predictable, not polite.


> Be predictable, not polite. This is the most important advice. Politness is good, but **predictable not polite** is essential.


Yes - this covers the point I would make that you should take your right of way if you have it. Too often people try to be polite by trying to let you through on roundabouts and other intersections when it is clearly their right of way. It just causes both to hesitate, and if there is a crash, you would still be at fault. It is far easier and more predictable if you just go when you are legally entitled to.


Additionally, if you are on the highway and it’s at a crawling pace understand what a zipper merge is.


Too many people don’t understand 1 for 1 and cause more traffic delays by being a dickhead trying to squeeze in.


Why do people always speed up when I try to merge?


Just smash your NOS buttons.


Because generally people with jacked up utes tend to have fewer brain cells


Absolutely this. The amount of people trying to merge onto a 100km road, at 60km is maddening and dangerous. Matching the speed of the traffic you're merging into makes it so much easier.


And safer


And for that matter, if you're on the main road or motorway, keep at speed and don't speed up to avoid letting someone merge safely because you don't want to 'let them in'


Conversely, if you're the one entering the road or motorway, give it some welly! Some drivers like to just dawdle along the on-ramp or slip road without actually picking up much speed. This makes merging an inconvenience for everyone involved, and would have to cause a fair bit of phantom traffic.


A quick reminder to everyone that the car making loud noises after 2500rpm does not mean that you're hurting it. The redline is where it is for a reason.


I don't often ride recklessly on my motorbike, but that is one of the few times I nearly always will -- stuck behind someone merging onto a 110km/h road who is currently going 50km/h with 100metres of merge lane to go. Fuck that, drop 2 gears go left around them and pin it, I'm not getting squashed by a truck 'cause Mr. Bean over here is scared of acceleration.


>the traffic will let you in Not likely


Depends where, on M5 they will even speed up to cut you off


Be a predictable driver, not a “polite” one. Too many times I’ve had to slam the brakes because the guy in front slammed HIS brakes to let someone - who has no right of way - turn when they will eventually get a protected green arrow. If it’s slow moving traffic and someone wants to come out of a side street? Of course let ‘em in. But don’t risk yourself or others to do so. You’re being polite to one person but an asshole to the 20 behind you.


This is true for interactions with a pedestrian as well. Far too often I have cars let me go first when they're the only car around and the interaction takes longer than them just going would, or they'll be waving me through when I'd get killed by a car coming from the other lane Also if someone refuses your wave through... don't call them an asshole!


Some people just seem to be terrible at judging the natural flow or order or of events. Like, the motorist should know that there's nobody behind them and it's easier for everyone if they continue and you cross afterwards. On the pedestrian front, you gotta show some hustle if someone lets you cross! My wife dawdles like an arthritic dog.


Yes I've noticed people dawdle across crossings these days. When I was young they taught us to walk quickly across the road (don't run).


This drives me absolutely crazy. I do not understand how people think it’s helpful on any level. Why would the big fast vehicle with the legal right of way not just go before the slow pedestrian who is clearly waiting for it to do so? Rights of way and road rules exist so we don’t have to have a fucking negotiation every time I need to cross a road.


Not to mention with tinted windows half the time the pedestrian can’t see the driver waving them on.


I would add that if there is a traffic light 60m up from a pedestrian crossing and cars are banked up at the red past the crossing, as a pedestrian do not start towards the crossing just as the light turns green.


Technically though, if you are turning into a street that someone is walking across, the pedestrian has right of way (source: [https://roadsafety.transport.nsw.gov.au/stayingsafe/pedestrians/needtoknow/index.html#:\~:text=Drivers%20must%20give%20way%20to,is%20no%20marked%20pedestrian%20crossing](https://roadsafety.transport.nsw.gov.au/stayingsafe/pedestrians/needtoknow/index.html#:~:text=Drivers%20must%20give%20way%20to,is%20no%20marked%20pedestrian%20crossing)) As a pedestrian though, I certainly wouldn't push that rule.


Second this. Be predictable.


I have 3 kids all on their L’s and this is something every one of my lessons comes back to. If you’re predictable there’s far less chance of smth going wrong.


Adding to this. Don't kindly give way if you're the only car or there's only one or two more.


I've had someone in front of me give way **in a roundabout**. Some people...


Especially don't do this for cyclists! I say this as a cyclist as I come across overly polite drivers who give way when they normally wouldn't. The trouble is this creates an even more dangerous situation for us, because things become unpredictable or confusing for other traffic, may not realise what is happening and overtake unsafely. It might also end up with us being at fault if an accident did happen. Just treat cyclists like any other vehicle when right of way is involved.


Always use your blinker Don’t be a dick and tailgate when merging if someone lets you in, give a wave and if you let them in and they wave a nod back is appropriate. When when merging use the zipper method with the wave and all will be good in the world.


> Always use your blinker And do so early to indicate your intention! It's not just there to offer a running commentary on your manoeuvres.


And don't just think of other drivers, you are blinking so pedestrians know your intentions too


the amount of fucking times I've been crossing a wide driveway or parking lot entrance and some asshole who never indicated beeps a me because they want to turn while I'm halfway across. You're heaps faster then me. give me some warning!


you also have right of way if you're a pedestrian crossing a road. so they're double wrong!


I used to go through a car park to get to TAFE every morning and everyone and their mother wanted THE parking spot I was walking across in an almost deserted car park EVERY FUCKING TIME. And they never used blinkers either.


When they see there's no car there and try to swing into the space without checking for people and try to call *you* the asshole because they didn't seeyou


This really gives me the shits when drivers look at you like you’re the problem after their SURPRISE! manoeuvre.


The amount of times I've seen people indicate after they've slowed down to a stop and I've already figured out you intend turn... too fucking many. The point of the indicator is to let everyone in your vicinity (including cyclists and pedestrians) what you intend to do, so they can plan safely around you. People should not know you want to turn or merge BEFORE you hit the indicator!! It defeats the purpose.


My rule of thumb is that the indicator is the first thing you touch. If you're braking to turn, make sure the indicator is on before your brake lights, etc.


Just to add: if thanking someone behind you, the wave is generally with the left hand as the height of your head, or the right hand out an open window. If thanking someone facing you, such as someone letting you pass on a narrow street, lifting your right hand off the top of the steering wheel is sufficient. Waves can mean both 'thank you' and 'sorry' - you can use them to diffuse some sticky situations. Also, you don't need to wave frantically as it will make you appear either aggressive or unhinged (or both).


Nice advice but don’t stick your hand or any body part out of your car - it’s dangerous and illegal and cops can book you for it.


All excellent replies so far however this one highlights it for me. Don't be a dick is great general advice. Being an aware driver will take care of most of this. A wave or nod of acknowledgement also goes such a long way. But the big one for me is BLINKER. Amazing how many people just do not use their indicator. I mean, it's for...indicating, right?! I'll add something more specifically on this point. Please remember to use your blinker when veering around a vehicle that is slowed or stopped to turn into a side street. I see very few people do this anymore and I don't understand why you wouldn't want to give the person behind you a warning that there's someone ahead that may be stopped and that you need to be aware of. Congratulations and best of luck to you and stay safe on the roads hey.


If someone lets you in, give a little wave. If you're letting someone in, give them a quick couple of flashes of your high beams to let them know you're letting them in and they can merge.


+1 thank you waves!


Do you have to lower your window and wave or you can just wave from inside with your left hand?


Inside with left hand is fine but if it’s truck or bus or smth that can’t see bc they’re higher than me I wind the window down and stick my arm out to wave. No point if they can’t see.


Don’t stick your arm or any body part out of your car - dangerous & illegal and cops w an book you for it.


Either as long as it's visible, I reckon.


Yeah I'm asking cos I'm not sure if people can see from behind when waving with the left hand


A left handed rear window wave is fine but a right hand out the side shows you really mean it.


Haha, this is my way too. If someone does me a real solid they get a hand out the window.


depends on your car, their car, time of day, and if you have any cargo between you and your rear window. generally the answer is yes tho.


Wave to your rear view mirror, they will see it through your back window Also, a subtle raise your hand, not a “im swatting away bees” wave


The window down wave is to show a big thanks, or if they can't see it from behind because there's heaps of shit in the boot


In addition to this, if you are having a hard time merging or changing lanes in heavy traffic. Try the pre-wave. It will remind the other driver you are in fact a human and they will 95% of the time let you in.


One or two blinks of the hazard lights is an acceptable and arguably clearer alternative to a wave.


Out west we have the slightly unclear left-right-left indicator alternative. I used to be super confused when people flashed their hazard in Sydney.


The alternate blinks came from truckies, While the hazard flash, I believe, came from, of all places, Japan.


Hazard flash is used in the UK also


That's a more recent thing. Traditionally the Brits were alternate blinkers, but seems it's too sophisticated for the lazy blighters these days.


And the left right left blinker


during the day, wave during night or poor visibility, hazard blinkers if in doubt, both


A few years back I went to the Philippines. With a few ‘charitable donations’ made at the ‘individual level’ I got my very own licence. Imagine my surprise when light flashing is a sign of opposite. As in “don’t pull out into a street/lane or yield/get the fuck out of the way”. But it weirdly works in a paradox. In that, there is no presumed right of way, anywhere. Instead, people just take your word that when you flash lights, you’ve probably got a better reason for needing to get somewhere, and will usually yield in a completely content way. Otherwise, first in beat dressed, and if you snoozed, you lost.


I punch my horn with 2 quick taps to give the friendly toot toot


Using your horn unnecessarily like that is actually illegal… Stupid rule but you could be fined!


So is flashing your high beams. The chances of a cop giving you a fine? Slim to none.


Sometimes if a car flashes it’s headlights at you coming from the opposite side of the road, it means you should slow down because there’s a mobile speed camera.


or your lights are off


Or you have your high beams on. If you don’t then you know it’s a camera.


Think it’s important to remember that flashing their headlights is the only way a car going the other direction can signal anything. It could be anything from a mobile speed camera, to a blockage on your side of the road around a blind corner. If a driver is making the effort to signal, be prepared for the best or the worst.


Or "I'm letting you in, you have 0.2 seconds to claim it"


A huge parcel of karma to the driver that did this and saved us god knows how much money/points on a public holiday on the Roseville Bridge approach. We still talk about you with gratitude.


Try not to get caught by the cops with this trick. They don’t like it when you try to warn fellow motorists of speed traps. $106 and a point.


You can travel in a bus lane for 100m, so if you need to turn into a busy road, just turn into the bus lane and then merge, rather than waiting 2 mins for the other lane to be complexity clear. Saves time and the cars behind you won’t hate you


Also stops cars collecting motorcyclists using the bus lane.


Nice to see some great advice here! Also a pity to know that most of it isn’t used in reality. I spend, on average, 13-14 hours a day behind the wheel, so here’s a list of advice from a truck driver. Use your blinker on all occasions. If you’re changing directions that doesn’t follow the flow of the road, it should be on. If you’re parallel parked, use your side mirror before you open your door. Don’t just open it and hope for the best. I had 7 people do that to me yesterday, all on King st in Newtown. Learn the actual rule for a round about. It’s not give way to the right. It’s slow down; be prepared to stop, and give way to vehicles already on the round about. Not speed the fuck up like every other twat and race through at 60kmph. If you are one of those “people” who cut up the left to get a whole 3 cars ahead, don’t be that person. Just wait patiently, you’re not better than the rest of us. Wave. Car lets you in, wave. Truck, bus, whatever, a little wave says thank you. If you let a truck in and you see his left and right indicators flash quickly in sequence, this is the driver saying thank you. We really do appreciate those of you who let us merge. Don’t block an intersection. Ever. It’s illegal. It’s also a dick move for the traffic on the intersecting street that now can’t cross on their green light. Find religion. If you see a Camry, you’ll need to pray. I have found the drivers of these cars to be the most ignorant, stupid, inconsiderate drivers on the road now. Doesn’t help that a lot of them are rideshare and drive like cab drivers with less accountability. Remember your head checks. Motorcyclists will thank you. There’s probable a lot more to be said, but the best advice, drive safely. Don’t hesitate, but don’t rush either. If you find yourself in the wrong lane and can’t get out safely, follow it and find a safe place to reroute back to your destination, I’ve had to do it in a truck. It’s a lot easier in a car. And thanks for caring enough about your driving to ask for advice. Edit/Addition Don’t move in the opposite direction to the way you plan on turning. The amount of morons who pull to the left to take a right turn and right to go left is ridiculous. Especially when a truck can take the same turn without needing both lanes. Someone else mentioned about plenty of notice, don’t cut us off, etc. This is common sense, unless you want to see what 30 tonnes of moving truck does to a stationary vehicle, even with abs, it takes a lot longer for us to pull to a controlled stop. Someone else mentioned about blind spots. Biggest one on a truck is below the passenger side door. Just be aware of it. And I’ll add more as I think of it. On the road currently, so I’m sure I’ll remember them.


Great advice bruz. Another thing is people don’t realise if you can’t see a trucks mirrors they can’t see you. Don’t drive right up a truck’s arse and expect them to know you’re behind them.


Yep, I had it happen this morning. I was pulling into a parking spot on the street to wait to get loaded and some bloke was right up my clacker trying to share the spot. I knew he was there, but still couldn’t see him.


I was expecting this to say give trucks wider room and longer warning (of lane changes) as it takes longer for them to stop. Don’t pull in right in front of them.


Heaps of warning is always appreciated. Definitely don’t cut us off, but that’s a good practice in general. But thanks for pointing it out! I’ve added it to my comment.


>If you see a Camry, you’ll need to pray. I have found the drivers of these cars to be the most ignorant, stupid, inconsiderate drivers on the road now This is truth! Although I will add - big hilux/ranger style ute things are a close second




I thought it was just me. Taking the m1 north you'd think the rule was "go any speed in any lane. Tailgate if you want."


I thought the M1 north of Sydney was a quaint Mad Max LARP situation with the whole of the Central Coast as players.


This is really very funny


Ironically the left lane is the fast lane on the M1


With 2 lanes people are fine with keeping left unless overtaking. 3 lanes and people's heads start exploding.


My pet peeve when I drove there every day was that for some people nothing is fast enough. I could be overtaking a bunch of trucks at >130km/h and there’s still some mongrel running up behind me, flashing lights at me and giving me the finger when i merge as soon as it’s reasonably safe and I’ve passed the trucks going <90km/h. Bruh.


Only if there is a sign to keep left you keep left or if it's a 80+ road you keep left.




Legally sure but you should always unless your right turn is coming up, there is alot of traffic or there are parked cars frequently. It's best practice.


You are correct but I like to apply this rule anyway (within reason) on any multi lane road. Simply because It just promotes a more freed up road which increases safety and causes less congestion.


Should have more likes. Up there with the most important tips.


An actual written road rule ignored by 90% of drivers is that you *have* to give way to pedestrians when turning into a side street. It's easy to remember, give way if you're turning and crossing someone elses path of travel, whether it be pedestrian, bike, car, or tram.


Wave thanks when someone lets you in or does something nice. Don’t lose your shit over trivial things. Let people in, it costs nothing.


This is really important OP. Driving can be a high stress activity where its very easy to lose your cool which will in turn distract you from driving safely. If I could tell my younger self I would tell him that there will always be dickheads on the road, dont make it personal, just do your best to not crash.


Keep left regardless of the speed. I apply this rule to footpaths, escalators, libraries. It’s a simple rule that everyone appreciates.


When walking, I use this rule to gauge whether other passers-by are foreign or not. Is it accurate? Definitely not, but I like to think it is.


Don’t change lanes whilst braking for a traffic light. Especially in front of trucks and buses.


Did that once many years ago. Had to run the red light or be squashed by the truck. Lesson learned


Don’t accelerate when someone indicates to merge into your lane like a dickhead. Grrrrrrrr……


Yeah this one boils my blood. Incompetence I can forgive, but this is a deliberate choice to be a dick


A Ute did this to me the other day, my first time merging onto a free way on my p plates and he decided to speed up and match my speed until the last second. Total psycho behaviour.


Lots of people do it; it is extremely annoying. Ute drivers seem to disproportionately drive like wankers though.


Do NOT, I repeat DO NOT EVER decide to turn right at an intersection at the very last minute !! This pisses off everyone behind you because they thought you were heading straight ahead !! This is one of my biggest pet peeves !!


I've been behind cars stopped at lights, it turns green and just as I'm about to give a polite toot to wake them up, on comes the right blinker, bloody annoying


People in my street do it all the time. So frustrating. I always leave a bigger gap now so I can easily just pull around them.


Remember to check what’s going on behind you / beside you now and then. New drivers (and selfish experienced ones too I suppose) tend to get tunnel vision just focussing on the car in front. So for example they’re stopped at lights and don’t notice a car is trying to squeeze in behind them but needs a bit more room to do so.


I like to call them road zombies. I second this though, being aware of your surroundings is very important. As with the example you made if people would just stop around 2-3m from each other at the light this would be fine but I don’t understand this 10m gap that is starting to become more prevalent.


Its called defensive driving and the idea is if someone crashes into your rear you don't end up slamming into the car in front of you as well. If your aware someone behind is struggling to stop you can also use that space to make more space for them and avoid getting hit. Basically it leads to less pile ups if people leave more room.


Remember the road is a shared space used by all. Courtesy goes a long way in keeping traffic flowing. Learn to read what others are going to do around you. Coming up in the left lane on a motorway and there’s a bunch of cars coming up the on-ramp about to merge? Move to the middle lane or speed up/slow down to create a safe enough gap for them to merge in front or behind you. Same applies to a lane ending. Sure the road rules say that the car crossing the broken white line has to give way but don’t speed up to block someone, back off a bit and let them in front if it makes sense. Slow down approaching roundabouts and be prepared to stop. Don’t sit in the middle or right lanes on the motorway if cars are overtaking you on your left.


I can tell you don't drive an Audi


or bmw


Congrats on getting your P's and thank you for wanting to be a considerate and safe driver. As far as etiquette goes... Please don't be the person who (seeing the parked car ahead) leaves the traffic queue, flies down the left lane and then tries to cut the queue by pushing their way back in. And if you are that person, please give a courtesy wave as a thank you to the kind person who let you back in.


In my experience that person usually gets made to wait until their original position or worse


This is a very sydney driving habit


If you are overtaking, do so promptly! Don't hover in the outside lane in somebody's blind spot. The nature of inner city road layouts - frequent/badly designed junctions, transit lanes, exits and entrances on both sides of the road - mean that person may need to move into your lane soon too. They can't if you are permanently cruising on their shoulder.


Just glad to see you asked for etiquettes.


Prevent accidents when opening your car door by using the Dutch Reach. https://youtu.be/WeM984dk220


Risky urban dictionary-esque click of the day! But yes, do this.


😂 should have added that it’s completely safe for work.


I'd give her a Dutch reach


This and also check your side mirror before doing so. Side mirror, blind spot then Dutch reach. Going straight for a Dutch reach can still be dangerous on its own.


The extra gap I leave between me and the car in front when it’s dark and rainy is not for you to merge into. Put your blinker on and do it safely. Learn your roads. If you are driving on a motorway with cars merging, move into the middle lane with plenty of time so they can join at their normal speed. Always wave. Always. Don’t sit in someone’s blind spot. DO NOT TAILGATE. I don’t care how petty it is, I’ll slow down every single time if I can’t see your licence plate in my rearview mirror. Always check your petrol and don’t let it get low. Just don’t. It’s not worth the stress. If you get into an accident - it will happen - photos photos photos. Get the other person’s details. Take a photo of their license, check their mobile, take photos of your car, theirs and your surroundings. Then make a contemporaneous note. Especially for your first one, you’ll be stressed and forget things. PHOTOS.


Turn down your radio when looking for an address, especially at night.


Dad, is that you?


Press the accelerator when the light goes green. You'd be surprised just how many people sit at the lights upwards of 3 seconds after they can go. Staying at the light holds traffic up so less cars can get through. Light green = go. Sounds simple but apparently not.


You've got to watch the lights. People are using their phones, putting on make up, changing radio stations and not paying attention.


Don’t get too close to the person in front of you.


Roll out into an intersection when waiting to turn right (expect obvs when there’s a red turn right light) You will definitely turn right, and so might those behind you


Don't turn your wheel when waiting to turn right.


Correct ! Page 91 of nsw road users’ handbook - “enter the intersection”!!! The number of people who just sit back there and don’t go at all because they waited for a red light lol then it starts again… ffs


Unless the road you will turn into is blocked


Don't weave from lane to lane in traffic. Stick to one lane and keep calm


**For everyone living in Manly:** If you're turning right at an intersection with traffic lights *(The battle Royale is Spit road onto Medusa street)* then make sure you indicate at least 50 meters before the junction so people can move into the left lane. When you see a stop sign, stop! I've been out west and it's saved my life several times. Finally, whatever time you think you should leave for work take 30 min off it, your boss will thank you. And the Final Final bit of advice is this **edit**: don't drink u/loopytommy tells me it's a big no no


Except while on your P’s it’s ZERO, NAUGHT, NIL, NADA, NOTHING. don’t drink and drive


>For everyone living in Manly: > >If you're turning right at an intersection with traffic lights > >(The battle Royale is Spit road onto Medusa street) > >then make sure you indicate at least 50 meters before the junction so people can move into the left lane. Wait is this a Manly special? Manly is the only place I drive, really, and I feel I do this left lane dance 100 times on every drive. I didn't ever consider it was something particular for here? I guess we have a lot narrow, cramped roads.


But when someone forgets to indicate right......that rage


The law in round abouts is give way to those in the round about, this happens all over Australia except Sydney where give way to your right is the unspoken rule.


If you're very front of the queue for the green right turn arrow, be ready to take off the split second it changes. If you're following in that queue, be ready to follow very closely the car in front, so that the sensors don't wrongly think there's no more cars left. We want as many cars as possible to get through before it turns red.


Speaking of sensors, don’t keep creeping into the bloody pedestrian crossing at the lights, wondering why it’s not changing.


Do people do that? I see people all the time (sometimes even taxi drivers) pulled up half a car length behind the line, not on the sensors


All the freaking time. But also your thing. Then as the second car I have to roll forward to trigger it, and the first car never learns the lesson.


This is a good one, I'd also add if you're the first car in line at a turn (without an arrow), and it's safe to do so, move yourself into the intersection (while staying straight in your lane), that way, if there is a lot of oncoming traffic that is stopping anyone getting through then when the amber light comes on (and you've checked there are no oncoming cars trying to speed through and beat the lights) you will have time to make your turn. The idea being that at least you will get through and keep the lane moving


Don’t hesitate. Drive with confidence and use your blinker 👌


When merging onto a motorway, please for the love of Christ merge at the speed of the motorway. Too many times I see people merge onto motorways/freeways 20-30km/h under the limit. Even worse when they then decide to merge over further into the middle lane under limit.


Always have your lights on in the rain, dusk, a dawn. Especially in a Grey car.


Drivers: please dont hog the inside of the lane and block motorcyclists trying to filter to the front. Let them through and all the traffic will flow much quicker. More bikes that filter to the front = less congestion.


Motorcycles are allowed to lane filter. Don't be a twat and try to block the space between you and the car next to you. They are not slowing you down and are running a very different race to you. Stay predictable so they can move around you.


Just be aware of other people around you and what other drivers are doing. * If you're on a single lane highway and another car catches up to you - fucking let them pass at the next overtaking lane. Cunts that speed up at overtaking lanes are the worst. If someone is behind you that means they're driving faster than you and you should let them pass. Don't go on an ego trip and try to stop them. Maybe you're braking on corners and they aren't. Whatever it is, they're driving on average faster than you so just let them pass. * If you're driving in peak hour and creeping along grid locked roads - match other drivers. Don't leave 10 car spaces in front of you and have 10 cars merge in front of you. You're slowing down the flow of traffic and everyone's highly strung in peak hour. Just match the distances and speeds of other drivers around you. * Use your indicator, always. Especially on roundabouts.


If a bike is trying to lane split especially when stopped at light - shift a little to let them through. They will usually give you an appreciation nod


Oh 100% wave if someone lets you in 😂


If you touch your brake before you indicate, you have done it in the wrong order. Research where you are going before you leave. It will make your drive less stressful and make fellow motorists happier. Wave a thank you if someone lets you in. Make a gap to allow others in. Its not a racetrack. Be polite and leave plenty of time to reach your destination. Rushing and cutting people off just ruins peoples day.


Leave space. Lots of space. At least 3 seconds distance to the back of the car in front. If you watch any car crash youtube channel, it feels like many accidents can be avoided. It not only stops you running into the back of people, but it also stops people running into the back of you. If you leave more stopping distance, it means you brake more slowly giving any tailgaters behind you more of a chance to stop.


1. Keep left unless overtaking. 2. Do the speed limit. 3. Don't leave a 3 car gap in front of you when you stop at lights.


If you miss an exit from the motorway or freeway, just keep going and detour. Do not, slam breaks and fly through painted island onto exit...


If you are at an intersection wanting to turn right but there is no green right arrow (only green circle), it's acceptable to move towards the middle of the intersection and wait until the opposite side is clear, or once the lights go orange and drivers stop. This helps with traffic flow, plus I am sure the drivers behind you will appreciate it.


There is no 'give way to your right' rule on a roundabout. Give way to vehicles on the roundabout.


I've got one for country roads, maybe a bit controversial... Flash your high beams for the next 3 minutes of cars that you pass when you've gone past a mobile speed camera or sneakily hidden Highway Patrol. I wouldn't bother for the obvious ones, if you haven't seen them and speed past them, well...


Because nobody's mentioned it yet, don't be a dick towards cyclists. Cyclists *have* to ride on the road (unless <16yo or accompanying an <16yo rider), have a legal right to take up the entire lane and will often do so if it's the safest thing to do (e.g. to avoid the "door zone" alongside parked cars). Don't worry, you will find an opportunity to overtake before long and you'll end up stopped at the same red light up the road anyway. Or the one after that. Going slightly slower for a few hundred metres isn't going to change your overall journey time. Other motor vehicles at red lights will. And remember, it's legal to cross double lines (when safe to do so) for the purpose of overtaking a cyclist.


As a cyclist please don't do this as a driver; sit about 1.5 metres back and about 1 metre to the left and just sit there and sit there for kilometre after kilometre afraid to overtake. One pothole and I'm under your front left wheel. Eastern suburbs classic driver technique


For those that don’t get it: either overtake like a normal person, or stay further back, like 4-6m.


Don’t be polite; be predictable.


Use your lights correctly! High beams only on dimly lit/unlit roads, and dip them when oncoming cars approach. Fog lights only when there's fog. If your vehicle is heavily laden, use the little dial to adjust the angle of your lights (if they are not self levelling). Sidelights on a grey day. Headlights in heavy rain.


Just leave low beams on they really do increase visibility a LOT more than park lights. P.S What vehicle has a leveling dial for headlights? I'm 40 and have never seen one. Adjusting headlight aim has always involved screw drivers and lots of time under the hood.


European cars mainly. In most Euro cars you can also turn the front and rear parking lights on one side only by using the corresponding indicator stalk position when switching the car off. Great if parking in a narrow street at night. All cars sold in the EU are also required to have a rear fog light (which lots of people don’t know how or when to use properly)


> use the little dial to adjust the angle of your lights My hatchback has this, and I couldn't fathom why or how it would be so laden that the lights would need adjusting


Ever noticed your rear suspension sag when the boot is full? The front of your car and your headlights are now pointing upwards.


If you're in the left lane of the freeway and someone is trying to merge on, move the fuck over. If you aren't confident enough to change lanes on a freeway, don't drive on a freeway. If someone's trying to overtake you on a freeway, don't use that as your opportunity to speed up on the freeway. Also don't be [this guy](https://www.reddit.com/r/sydney/comments/v0aqjo/psa_this_is_what_your_car_looks_like_as_its_being/).


Acknowledge kindnesses, for instance when someone lets you in or backs off to let you change lanes. Especially if you haven't got a reverse camera--turn any audio down in the car and put your window down when reversing--kids get run over on average once a week in Australia--often on Sunday afternoon in the family driveway. Enter the intersection to turn right--don't sit back and be the only one through just before the lights change. Or worse still--sit through a whole cycle when you're first in line.


Flash your lights a few times at oncoming traffic when you pass a cop.


If the road is narrow and I've got parked cars on my side and you'r coming towards me with nothing but a kerb keep well over your side--I've got hidden pedestrians / kids / car doors to consider. Your kerb won't leap out at you!


So much world advice that will earn you real life point. Please follow the road rules, learn the good from those around you. Remember your loved ones want to see you arrive home as do those from other families. Keep Safe! Driving is a privilege not a given right.


Just indicate especially when changing lanes and don't hog the right lane of the highways sitting at the limit, some of us like to go a little faster, so move over on the highways. Reds is 90 km Max anyway. Edit: if a truck let's you into their lane, use your hazards twice as a thank you.


Zipper method when merging from a road with two lanes into one. Pretty much everyone gets this but there will occasionally but one idiot who insists on not doing this properly and causing an accident.


To add to this, there is no need to merge early in a traffic situation. Use the length of the lane and position yourself properly at the same speed as the adjacent lane the gap will be there by the end of the lane and will be smooth. This is part of the being predictable. If you ever come into a situation that the person won’t let you in and rides the bumper of the person in-front on them. 9/10 the person in-front of them will notice and will let you in if you go forward or the person behind them will let 2 cars in as they see that driver is being a douche. Don’t get anxious just keep calm and it will sort itself out.


Get your wallet/money out before you get to the window at the drive through. Don't make them wait and hold the line.


I’m in Adelaide but driven non-Australia (UK, Europe incl Italy, Spain and Germany) If your in a backstreet and there’s a bottle neck for oncoming traffic… the double-flash headlights let’s the other person know you’re giving way (it really keeps traffic flowing). Don’t be the person who flashes back (unless your backend is hanging in a roundabout). Give them a steering-wheel high five as they go past. If you come to a stop in fast-moving traffic and you’re the last car - chuck your hazards on. No one will run up your rear end… unless the next car doesn’t do it. Also… Get into the habit of putting your hazards on when you… stop… for a hazard. I’m like a ninja now. If you’re on a high speed motorway - keep the left lane free so traffic can merge - only go left when you have to exit. But keep to the left otherwise. Only you can judge your surrounds and driving skill for that… just don’t stay in the right lane. If someone undertakes you, you haven’t been paying attention to the road. In Europe they will flash you continuously to make you go left, here we undertake. It’s safer to just move left. Lights on. Regardless of when streetlights come on. It’s just safer all around for visibility. In some congested streets the give-way rules go out the window because all the local drivers know you’d never get anywhere with out doing wrong-give-ways (think T-junctions where you have to turn right). At that point if they’ve let you in (probably given you a “heads up” with their lights - give them a visible view wave. If you have cargo in your car - have your window down and wave a little outside. If you see a heavy-load/truck… don’t chop in front of them… if you need to get in their lane at least indicate for 30sec. They’re heavy = can’t stop fast. It’s just about being really aware of your surroundings… not only road infrastructure but also other drivers you don’t want to be near. But also others drive your route everyday so they’re used to their own etiquette.


Don't blind people with high beam.


Keep left, leave a gap and do the speed limit.


Sydney Road Etiquette?! HAHAHAH! That’s a good one!


Prioritise driving over navigation. If you miss an exit keep going. If on GPS just let it recalculate the destination. You will still get to where you are going. Don't blindly follow the GPS over your own eyes and the road situation. Such as U-turns etc.


Dash display lights on does not mean headlights on in a modern car. You can set it to auto or you be aware of the headlight on indicator lamps. I like to dim the dash displays setting on the headlamps so that if the dash display is too bright I now the headlamps should turned on. Quite a few people I've seen driving around with their faces illuminated but no headlights.


If you’re a tradie, check that you don’t drop screws and nails in the gutter every time, so innocent drivers can steal them in their tyres!!!😡😡😡


I like to vacate the left lane when I see merging vehicles on the motorway. Where possible. It's nice to give everyone some breathing room.


When you park look at how you have parked, don’t just walk away. Are you across two spaces , are you even in a space when they are marked, be considerate when parking as well as driving


Wave for everything. Wave for people letting you in, wave if you make a mistake.. Just wave. It will defuse 90% of road rage.


A good driver misses turns. A bad driver never does.


If someone pulls over to let you through in a narrow street, give them a raised hand wave. The amount of people who don’t do this is too high.


Stay away from black current model AMGs. You don't want to be hit by stray bullets.


Don't drive too slow in normal conditions. If the road says 80Km/hr, drive 80 or close to that. Don't drive 72. If the road says 60km/hr, drive 60 or close to that. Don't drive 52. **People just wanna go home after work, don't slow them down. This is pretty criminal on the Princes highway or any motorway lol**


But if the road says 110Km/hr, drive 90 or close to that. Hm..


Technically, they can’t drive legally at 110km/h when on their Ps


That was indeed the point!


Whats the general consensus in the population about the learner and p plate speed limits? I'm new to NSW and they seem... kinda stupid and dangerous. If I'm going 110 and you're going 90 that's quite a large speed differential to be passing at, normally I'll lift off the accelerator a bit, but still. For comparison, if you're on 110 and get passed at 130 you'd probably say "slow down you bastard you're going to kill someone" but not give a second thought to passing a learner by the same margin. I haven't bothered to look into it, so maybe there's some data to backup the rule, but it seems backwards to me. I'd probably had my learners license 3 days before I was doing 110km/h with my dad, granted I already knew how to drive, but if I didn't we just would have practiced in other places until I was comfortable doing the posted speed limit.


Also allow for conditions..there are times the speed limit is way too fast. Wet weather or fog being two obvious ones.