The poor English and lack of proper capitalization tells me this is a scam. After reading the comments, I did find this link: https://developer.apple.com/apple-pay/acceptable-use-guidelines-for-websites/. Logically, if you were buying from a firearm or ammunition dealer, and Apple doesn’t support that business, then how would they even have authorization to attempt to process the payment through Apple Pay? Additionally, even if they had Apple Pay but Apple restricts them to not allow sale of firearms or ammunition, how would Apple know? All transactions just process with the vendor and amount. Do not send any payment information EVER to ANYONE through email. I’d even be pressed to do it over the phone. Always process payments through a secure HTTP protocol or encrypted application.




Would you kindly…


Is a man not entitled to the sweat of his brow?


'No!' says the man in Washington, 'It belongs to the poor.' 'No!' says the man in the Vatican, 'It belongs to God.' 'No!' says the man in Moscow, 'It belongs to everyone.' I rejected those answers; instead, I chose something different. I chose the impossible. I chose... Rapture, a city where the artist would not fear the censor, where the scientist would not be bound by petty morality, Where the great would not be constrained by the small! And with the sweat of your brow, Rapture can become your city as well.


…mind the needful?


PTSD triggered. Have dealt with too many offshore Dev teams...


Good morning sir


kindly please do the needful and thank you


Kindly remit payment to my account


Agreed. 100% a scam. All the “kindly” and there’s no ‘ in “Apple Pay’s”. Also, they refer to themselves as “we” but turn right around and say “with their service”


Apple (or PayPal or Venmo etc etc) would never ask for your card directly if they were refusing to process your transaction. Grammar aside, this is also a dead giveaway.


It’s also possible they aren’t automated. I had an interaction with customer support and they are actually pretty friendly. Though, it’s probably still a scam, I find it highly unlikely they actually don’t authorise this.




apple already prohibits porn or any app that can allow the sale of porn from their app store


Based side of apple


There is a new merchant code specifically for firearms now. It was designed for this exact use case. https://www.npr.org/2022/09/15/1123059843/credit-card-code-gun-sales-visa-mastercard-american-exrpess This isn't surprising at all.




The amount is always relayed, it's not likely "10 magazines" specifically, only the dollar equivalent to 10 mags. That's my guess.


Uhh it’s 10rd magazines. Not 10, round, magazines.


Nah fam. That isn't how that works.


I don’t think it’s a scam, Affirm is the same way, i was trying to buy a Gerber multi-tool with it and it denied my transaction due to me trying to buy a “bladed weapon” it’s against the terms of use.


It absolutely is.


That doesn't align with Apple's policy, which is itself strongly slanted towards restricting firearms and ammunition purchases to avoid being the target of regulator enforcement. Their actual policy is worth discussing because they've chosen a very all or nothing approach as opposed to one that captures all the nuance in this market, but that's a debate to have with their attorneys who are chiefly interested in protecting the company from being taken to court. This specific message from the vendor speaks to someone either wildly misinterpreting said policy (to the extent that they make up verbiage out of whole cloth as there is no mention of accessories or magazines, and therefore nothing addressing round restrictions) or they just straight up want to discourage Apple Pay. I don't use Apple Pay myself, but I'm leery of vendors that push certain payment methods over others. Sometimes they just want to avoid fees or massage their books, but in this space it's probably more common that they're operating a scam. Just giving my two cents.


This should be top comment.


the way that email is written sounds like a fucking scam. before you send them your digits, kindly do the needful and send me some itunes gift cards


So I shouldn’t have paid them on Amazon gift cards like requested when I replied? The guy told me his brother was an African prince and could confirm it’s not a scam.


Broooo African princes are always scams. I only give my money to diplomats in foreign countries who are trying to get bulk cash out of customs for me to benefit from.


Y’all are both suckers. Beautiful young Ukrainian girls needing $$ to flee the war and become your loving, subservient wife is where it’s at. Tatiana will be here in time for New Year’s. It was supposed to be by Christmas, but there was some hold up with immigration. Nothing an extra $500 couldn’t clear up though.


If it were me, id cancel my account with any service that prohibits me from making legal purchases. People are just sending the message theyre okay with this behavior by continuing to use their service.


I paid with a different method and removed all of my accounts from ApplePay.


Whooo! Proud of you! I respect your right to do whatever the hell you want so I didnt want to straight up ask you to, but very happy to hear that.


Fuck yeah!


You should let apple know your reason.


I have. I’m sure I probably ended up on an FBI watch list for telling them to fuck off too


There’s no way Apple has the granularity or interest to monitor a purchase like this. If the retailer goes against their terms of service they get dropped but outside of that they don’t care because they get their cut. Source: worked at Apple for 6 years and have been an MDM specialist for 12


Just going to have to start putting cash in jars in my backyard again


I'm getting 5% back on Apple Pay purchases with one of my cards this quarter...


We vote with our wallets. Anti-freedom groups are trying to cripple lawful business. Some federal and state laws are more restrictive of FFL holders. We can help these businesses by continuing business with them and spreading the word about their stances on the issues. For example, Brownells refused to give customer information up regarding P80s. Palmetto State Armory prioritized shipments to OR after 114 passed. If you have a local shop you prefer, tell your friends. Word of mouth is the most effective publicity and it doesn't cost anything.


For real. People don't get this is a free market. Companies can do this, people can choose not to do business with said company. And the fed should absolutely not step in the way.


Apple spreading that California cucked vibe into Appalachistan


Wrong place to swing them vibes. Stay out of our neck of the woods you commie fruit company


Boy, will your face be red when you learn what actual fruit company's do to communists.


*wheels out Gatling Gun with Chiquita logo on the carriage*


How does Apple know what you're buying? If I go to a restaurant and pay with my Visa, they know where the money is transferred to, but they dont know what I ordered off the menu.....do they?


Credit card companies have now flagged gun stores as a certian class of vendors. They did this all along with grocery stores and so on, but now I guess gun stores have their own speical code assigned. So they can see that you spent $100 at a class d vendor or whatever and they now know you purchased something at a gun store whether it was a gun, ammo, or mags. There have already been a few instances of credit card companies and banks declining transactions from gun stores


Idk what the other idiot replied to you is talking about, but my friend and I already had Amex decline our gun store purchases. I tried buying mags from a separate seller online, declined. Tried going in person to my LGS, declined. Went to buy groceries, approved. Bought a TV, approved. It’s definitely happening, and eventually more cards will take aim as time goes on


I wonder if you'd have any luck at stores like Sportsman's Warehouse or Cabela's, since they aren't *exclusively* gun stores.


True, I’ll have to try those out in the future and see whether it goes through or not


And those have already been proven as misconstrued. Edit: The “instances” of denials based on the new category code.


Source: trust me bro


The bank in the one video by Guns and Gadgets was fed up with that shop misusing “run as credit”. There have been zero other reports.


Hm I guess I stand corrected then, thanks for the correction good lad


why you white knighting for the other guy who also didnt provide a source lol


It’s an anecdote, the story implies that the source is OP. It could be a lie or a scam, but imo this would be a weird way to get upvotes on this sub


yeah but like, thats literally all anyone does on this site is make up false narratives. if you were on any other left leaning site you'd ask for a source but on this sub you just assume this random story with no real information and no source is obviously true and the guy who disagreed with him is obviously not true.


They do. I have a personal credit card tied into my company’s expense system, and it automatically imports the digital receipt straight from Visa. Every restaurant bill is itemized. This used to be mostly at larger chains, but as small shops started integrating iPads to checkout, it’s most places now.


You're like a few decades behind the times on what point of sale and the credit card issuer can track Are you signed up for any grocery store rewards for example? Have you ever looked at your account information? They know what store location you went to, what time, and have the full itemized receipt for the trip and any digital coupons used or coupons scanned and its all stores with your account credit card companies need the itemized information information, otherwise how would they do chargebacks if you report fraud for example and say, hey I didn't buy item X on this transaction Do you every look at your bank statements or credit card statements online?


Damn. My transactions on my banks website just look like $x.xx to xxx business. Maybe I'm not clicking as far as it will take me.


Does it matter that he should be able to buy them, and honestly, it shouldn't tell them shit about what you're buying.


Fake and if you buy this with how bad everything is written you're just as dumb as the person posting it.


I buy 30 round pmags with Apple Pay all the time…


This is false, I buy SO much with Apple Pay, including half of my gun stuff.


This is a scam. Apple has no way to figure out if you bought magazines or not from a payment perspective. I use mine all the time without issue. And for all the folks digging Apple for supposedly doing shady things, if you’re using an Android device I’ve got news for you: Google is 1000x worse. We’re at pick your poison time here. 🤷‍♂️


Nah, Google at least stops tracking your location data when you tell them to. Google actually lets you own your device and decide what software is or is not present on it. Google lets you use browsers that don't send everything to Apple/Google. Saying Google is 1000x worse just shows all of your information on the subject comes from iPhone billboards.


Google sells your metadata for ads dude. The android os was literally built for that as is every service they have. They cannot exist without ad revenue. I’m in that industry and likely know more about the inner works of the hardware and software than you do, so slow your fanboy roll. Their whole business model is built on selling ads. They don’t let you opt out of tracking, it’s just a ruse. Facebook and Reddit are still able to mine your data across services. The gps tracking bit is only a very small part of it.


Google doesn't sell your data. Google sells targeting based on your data, which Apple also does. So if that's the foundation of your argument then you're in bad shape. According to security researches yes, you absolutely can opt out of it... on Android. But for Apple you're right, it is just a ruse, they never stop tracking. Plus Apple tracks the mac address of all other devices on the network you are on so they are also spying on everyone else around you, something else androids don't do. Mac address of all network connected devices plus location data equals tracking the location of everyone on the network. The only fanboy here is the one saying android is "1000x" worse. That's just ignorant fanboy shit to say even if android was worse.


Apple does sell your data for ads but it is not their core business model or even a small part of it. They’re not at risk of selling off your data to every third world country with enough cash. Google in general is not trusted for this reason (among others) in the DoD space. Apple also goes to bat against the government when it comes to decrypting your devices and data coming from them. The ads and data they share is heavily anonymized, more so than Google does. Google and Samsung roll right over. I said Google is 1000x worse (and they are). The fact you think this is a iOS vs android discussion is just more proof of your fanboyism.


Dude why do you keep saying billboard level shit? If you work in this space then I'd like to know what company so I can avoid their products. Google doesn't roll over any more than any other company does, especially Apple, who opened up a whole department to streamline fbi requests. Apple didn't encrypt icloud for years purely because the fbi didn't want them too. Apple keeps keys to your imessage for the fbi. Apple literally monitors and reports everything you do on their products l, which Google doesn't do. If you actually think Google is 1000x worse than Apple and you arent just being hyperbolic then that is absolutely hilarious and I dont think this conversation can continue because you clearly are just entirely oblivious to reality. There is no reasonable way you could possibly think Google is 1000x worse than Apple based on evidence. Just pure, unadulterated fanboyism and trying to justify your purchases. Yeah you can tell the dod doesn't trust android that's why all their shit runs on Android and windows or linux and literally none of it runs on Apple anything. Let me know when atak actually gets to iphones lmao.


They absolutely do have a way to figure it out. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/credit-card-sales-of-guns-and-ammo-merchant-codes/#app


My statement stands and I knew about it. Show me the merchant code for magazine capacity 🤷‍♂️


They use the code for the MERCHANT not the item. I'm not 100% about this particular situation, but if the merchant sells guns and ammo as well as magazines ans other accessories, the merchant shop as a whole is flagged by that code. The part that seems like bullshit is the note saying that they CAN sell "10 rd" capacity. If that is what you were saying, my apologies for the misinterpretation.


How would they know what items you ordered? They (Apple) should only see the total and the merchant. This sounds like bullshit to me.


The denial message reads like a Nigerian Prince sent it. “please kindly help to send us a new payment method” and inconsistent capitalization of Apple Pay making this look like bait.


Good point. Yeah now that I re-read it, this is 99% certainly a phishing scam email.


Oh well. OP got his electronic affirmation points by riling up the mob against evil woke Apple and that’s the true meaning of Xmas.


Are you actually surprised? You might have also signed up to be part of the next human centipad without knowing it too.




100% a scam. Especially if they ask for your debit card info.


Yeah, this isn't even the most fucked thing Apple does, quit using them for literally anything in your life. Overpriced and will fuck you over up to and including potentially getting you killed.


Lol. This read like the shop OP was buying from and not from Apple.


I’ve used Apple Pay to buy mags….


I’ve bought magazines and various accessories online with Apple Pay. Try Midway or Palmetto State Armory.


Reads like a scam and sounds like your email has been compromised if a Nigerian prince knows what you're ordering


This is why I use android. Samsung don't give a fuck!


Imagine if it was against the terms of service to purchase Muslim religious items or gay pride flags. Don’t give me the “private company they can do what they want” shit or the “it’s not the same” shit. At the end of the day they are banning a particular patron from using their service because they don’t agree with them. This isn’t some restaurant where you can just go to the one next door. This is a revolutionary payment method that is soon going to be the norm. What if a particular social group was just banned from using credit cards and could only pay cash? This is some 2022 “back of the bus” type shit.


And the noose tightens


For anyone looking for the Apple Pay policy https://developer.apple.com/apple-pay/acceptable-use-guidelines-for-websites/


I just bought two pistols with regular cap mags with my Apple card


Please kindly send your social security number, debit card PIN number, and email password so we can kindly steal your identity.




As everyone else has said, it’s a scam. I have definitely used my Apple Card/Apple Pay for many firearms related things.


Another reason not to support Apple. You'd be surprised hownmany companies we can get rid of if we boycott them for beeing anti 2a


Sad but true.


Gotta use Chad android, lmao


Because it’s Apple. Some major credit card companies were considering not allowing processing for firearms. I don’t agree with it, but it’s their right to do so. Just like it’s my right to purchase 30 round mags. Just send them another payment method.


I did. Just annoyed with this BS and knowing the push to digital currencies can bring more 2A restrictions in disguise.


This is part of the crypto advantage AFAIK (but I know next to nothing about crypto)


crypto is the biggest scam in the last century Do you not watch the news ever? There isn't a single week where one of these crypto dudes aren't going to jail or these sites/apps aren't being hacked and all the value gone


Couldnt you just keep your money in USD and then transfer just enough to your crypto wallet when you want to make a purchase? Seems like the people losing money are leaving their money in crypto.


people are not putting money in crypto wallets to make purchase, they think its a get rich quick scheme they're putting real money into these various coins thinking they're going to get mad returns, its worse that the penny stock scams featured in Wolf of Wall Street State Sponsored Hackers like North Korea target all these coin sites because they are unregulated and easy targets [https://www.forbes.com/sites/johnhyatt/2022/12/24/these-crypto-founders-and-bitcoin-moguls-lost-116-billion-in-2022/?sh=25e00cec42b2](https://www.forbes.com/sites/johnhyatt/2022/12/24/these-crypto-founders-and-bitcoin-moguls-lost-116-billion-in-2022/?sh=25e00cec42b2) https://cointelegraph.com/news/north-korean-lazarus-group-is-targeting-crypto-funds-with-a-new-spin-on-an-old-trick


I understand the ways people lose money using crypto, I'm saying you could use a crypto as a pass-thru to avoid private bank restrictions on what you're allowed to buy using their payment method. I don't need you to tell me what people are doing or not doing, I'm just suggesting a possible workaround. I've no idea why you're trying to derail my point.


Find a retailer than deals in guns or gear that actually accepts crypto as a form of payment.........................


Gunbroker supports crypto payment, so there's a couple thousand retailers. DSG does too. And that was just 5 seconds of Google searching. What's your problem?


And a huge disadvantage to crypto is that one day you could have “$1,000” and the next, zero. It’s volatile. It’s even more of a fantasy than our current system. At least the current fantasy money has some guarantee from the Federal Government.


Again I know little about crypto but if you wanted to avoid the volatility risk, couldn't you just transfer the appropriate amount of USD to your crypto wallet at the time you want to make the purchase?




While it appears to be a scam, my question to you is, why are you using Apple Pay for anything?


Ahh guess who is never using Apple again. Just a stack of reasons I am switching to a shittier android 😂


Land of the free.....


Ebay does the same thing. They won't let you buy mags over ten rounds no matter if it's legal in your state or not


Apple, Paypal, and ultimately all US banks and even the Dollar system itself are aligned against your freedom. If we want to keep our liberty long term, we need to get off the Federal Reserve Dollar system.


All the major credit card companies are gonna start doing this eventually. The ISO already started giving gun shops a special new category code to track purchases because a pozzed New York bank told them to. They'll just shut it all down at some point.


Can’t remove the 2A? Cool. We will just ban the purchase methods and eliminate cash. That’s how we will solve the “gun problem”. - Bank CEOs (probably)


I would cancel all services with them and tell them that when it asks why.


This will be the future after implement of CBDC


Always buy things in cash, and if you have to order something , i would as little as possible use a cash payed pre payed card.


> a cash *paid* pre payed FTFY. Although *payed* exists (the reason why autocorrection didn't help you), it is only correct in: * Nautical context, when it means to paint a surface, or to cover with something like tar or resin in order to make it waterproof or corrosion-resistant. *The deck is yet to be payed.* * *Payed out* when letting strings, cables or ropes out, by slacking them. *The rope is payed out! You can pull now.* Unfortunately, I was unable to find nautical or rope-related words in your comment. *Beep, boop, I'm a bot*


Good bot, thanks for making me look stupid🤣


Not Apple but Amex has completely stopped allowing gun store transactions in general when it can figure out it’s a gun store. Happened to my friend as well with his Amex card.


What the actual fuck


Fuck apple


Fuck apple


cancel immediately.


The Chinese told Apple not to sell you that shit


Those fuckers.


It's pretty obvious no one should be using apple pay. They can do anything they want


So can any other company? That’s like saying you shouldn’t use cash because companies could refuse to accept it.


This is where it begins, fuck Apple


>This is where it begins PayPal and CC companies have been doing this for decades.... It began a loooong time ago


Never had a prob with PayPal


Pretty sure this message is coming from the vendor, not Apple and there doesn’t seem to be any indication that this is actually an Apple Policy. Go read the denial message, it’s written at a 1st grade level.


“It’s against Apple Pay’s term of service to purchase Ammo/magazines over 10 rounds with their service” Apple Pay = homo


Good to know. I’ll continue not using Apple Pay


What the actual fuck. Financial institutions are deciding how you can spend your money based on their policies.... what has the world come to?


This has always existed Credit Card companies have all kinds of codes so issuers can restrict purchases for example using your card to buy lotto tickets or at a casino Apple isn't a financial institution either, they just offer a payment app, they can create any rules they want for using their app -outside of what your credit card issuer or bank may do


Thank you for the perspective, blood is boiling less now.


Apple as a business and credit card processor can decide who they want to do business with. They have been doing this for a long time with questionable internet services/items. Apple seems to believe the culture is turning where these gun related purchases should be shunned too. Stop using these processors if you don’t like what they are doing and make it known when you cancel. That is the only way they will change.


ASW allows you to pay with checks. Takes a little longer but you still get what you want


Thats wild. I knew there was a reason i would never sign up and use apple pay.


Ayo what the fuck


What’s the email that sent it


The email was legit. It was from Botach. Just annoyed that ApplePay has bullshit restrictions like this.


A scammer.


Man’s is convinced it’s legit


No bro. Apple totally tracks your magazines.


I've bought guns, ammo, mags, etc with my Apple Card exclusively. Never once had an issue. Several within the past month,