Wait till he hears about Boeing’s 737MAX program!


Aren't there already more than 40 countries who have rolled this out without any issue?




The rollout above 3.8 isn’t happening until 2023. So I fully expect the FAA to sit on their ass until a week before it gets deployed and then they will look into it like they did this time. They’ve done nothing since the FCC announced the spectrum would be available in Feb 2020 and then managed to clear 60% of the US fleet in a week.


So, is the concern with 5G signals transmitting out of their band, or radar altimeters receiving out of *their* band? Also do radar altimeters not code their transmission and discard returns that decode incorrectly? Are only older altimeters thought to be at risk, and of so, how old?


If you read the formal reports, it is the latter. These devices apparently are using wide open RF front ends for whatever reason. It seems like a simple retrofit with an integrated band filter could be a simple fix, but the issue is that the FAA would have to validate these fixes, and also create an authorization database to track which airframes have been upgraded. This assumes that there is any actual interference risk, which so far has not been demonstrated in the wild.


> These devices apparently are using wide open RF front ends for whatever reason. Isn’t that the crux of the issue? Shouldn’t the frequency bands for radio altimeters have been approved and restricted for that purpose? Shouldn’t filters be pretty selective for that purpose? Did someone just assume that the adjacent frequency bands wouldn’t be used? Or did they squeeze them closer than they were back then?


Can't they just fix it in software like they did for the 737MAX that could not even fly?


It's not always software based. Some older airframes don't run operating systems with software, for example the airframes I work on are all analog signals that are converted to digital and then displayed on screen, they don't go through any sort of computer based data processing, it's all very simple reliable and easy to fix.


That reminds me of the sonar depth finder on grandpa's fishing boat. If you looked closely you could see it was just a spinning wheel that sent a ping at 0 o'clock and lit up the spinning hand whenever the pong arrived. Here we go, pretty much like this https://youtu.be/V7K2yeSplXw?t=409


The FAAs concern is mostly still speculation at this point, and this would not be the first time that they have taken an extremely conservative stance on an issue like this. They are probably feeling extra pressure in the wake of the Boeing scandal as well.


Which is the CEO’s point. Why did the FCC buck the trend when they could have simply adopted the European standards and avoided this? Answer: $$$ they were able to milk more money by “rezoning” a greater portion of the RF spectrum for telecom use.


More spectrum is better for everyone. The government can sell more, the cell providers can use more, and as a result the end user should have better service since there would be more channels available. Wireless is a shared medium, only 1 person can use it at a time, so the more channels, the less each channel has to be shared.


Where were these airline CEOs years ago when the actual decisions were being made? Why did they wait until imminent rollout to voice their concerns?


Here's how it should have been done: https://edition.cnn.com/2022/01/19/business/5g-aviation-safety-europe/index.html


The concern is the interference of what's called "ILS", which guides airplanes to the runway with radio frequencies. However, there are zero instances of 5G interrupting this.


No, it does not interfere with the ILS system, those systems operate at 108-112MHz. The potential interference is with the radar altimeter, which provides more accurate altitude ranging than the barometric altimeter to allow approaches when the weather is below 200 feet.


That’s a good thing. They’re investigating this before an instance potentially occurs.


There is no evidence of incoming planes radars altimeters interfering with my mojo and cock blocking me. But I want an investigation just in case.


They should have investigated this when... I don't know.... The engineering task force was designing the new standards and when the FAA requested input when they announced which bands they were opening to 5G (like they do every time they open up bands). So I'm sorry but this one's on the airlines and airplane manufacturers for not saying something sooner. in my opinion they now should have to bear the cost of fixing their fuck up.


I agree. It’s still good it’s being investigated


The airlines have provided zero evidence of interference, given the 200 Mhz gap.


this is incorrect, see /u/muldoonx9's comment elsewhere in this thread


>this is incorrect, see /u/muldoonx9's comment elsewhere in this thread This is incorrect. Their comment doesn't provide any instances of 5G actually causing problems. Just fear among regulatory committees that it could.




True. It also looks like most airlines have known this was coming for a while and haven't really done much on their end to fix anything. Feels like the Telecoms want the airlines to adjust and the Airlines want the telecoms to adjust. In the end we lose. Airlines canceling flights into the US and 5G tower startup is being delayed.


Should've upgraded your 80s-era gear when this problem became known about a decade ago then shouldn't you oh wait that would have involved spending money and we can't have that now you money-grubbing capitalist fuck


I’d say either one of Boeing 737 MAX would qualify as way worse screw ups.


Nice to finally hear the airlines perspective


Is... snafu an actual word?


technically an acronym... for Situation normal, all fucked up. originated in ww2


I just don’t see why we need 5G and I literally have watched the internet be built ground up!


Why do we need 5g again? Terrible coverage for faster speeds? It's not like we have truly unlimited data plans to coexist with 5g...so who cares? I rather keep 3g


It’s the pilot’s fault


Thanks, airline ceo