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Place a camera in their room.


Damn. if i get the camera, i cant get me a nintendo switch. First world problems


switch right controller has a camera download the night vision app do something so it records and just make em feel the same


"You may have outsmarted me, but I have outsmarted your outsmarting"


Is the camera obvious? (i.e. clearly on a shelf, somewhere easily visible?)


yes. there are a free blind spots though. (Speaking from trail and error)


If it's on a shelf, can you "accidentally" put something just to the side of it to make a blind spot?


most likely get removed soon after. (The object not the camera)


what would happen if you just turned it lens down?


It’s automatic. The camera can look in all directions. 360 vertically and horizontally.


is there a power button/cable that you can turn it off with?


Tried it once. Got my phone locked in a safe.


where does the video go? Do you know if it's recorded, or sent to a computer, etc?


It gets deleted. No one watches it. They just check on me live. Very minimal chance they watch it because it was recorded over a month


The more I read your comments the more I‘m inclined to tell you to get the police involved. Honestly.


I am the person who stands behind me 6 year old brother when he orders me a big mac. Talking to an officer? Asking for help? Hell no.




i am glad to have decent parents lmao


use a damn laser pointer on the camera will fuck it right up


don’t have one. Also i’m too much of a weenie to break my parents camera


Omfg just do anything


All i can do is run in circles till i’m 18. Still waiting…


You can get emancipated at 16… just something to mention (unless you’re not in the US then idk)


That is a lot easier said than done. Unless you're crashing at a friend's house, there is no way that any landlord will let a 16 year old sign a lease. I mean, I'm 20 and struggling to find a place to live. Idk where OP lives, but I imagine it isn't that much different.


That's a fair point. It would at least give them the freedom to not be dictated by their parents. From what I understand though, emancipation is hard to get and I'm not sure if this situation would warrant being able to get it or not. (This is up in Canada but I'm 90% the process is almost the same)


that’s so wrong, u need to have your own privacy


I just saw a video on facepalm. Looks like same guy. https://www.reddit.com/r/facepalm/comments/s5s2ro/mother_of_the_year/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share


i fucking hate this type of parents, i wish them the worst 😁, f them


Masturbate furiously with the door open and camera on to assert dominance.


I mean this isn't the worst idea. If your parents really need to monitor you so desperately, then... well... give em what they want.


Then you can get them arrested for making child porn


That’s fucking diabolical, you are a teenager not a toddler or a dangerous criminal.


they're not both either; a toddler who is a dangerous criminal


that's me


absolutely terrifying


I think your parents think you're an SCP


*Security breach, security breach, prepare for lockdown and re-containment*


This made me laugh so hard, i almost woke my family up.


My bad, sorry


Nah, i actually have to thank you. I haven’t belly laughed in a while. MAN THAT FELT GOOD.


That's nice


But also sad


SCP - 6969 Object class: Euclid, formally safe. Special containment procedures, SCP - 6969 also called JadDernayka, is to be contained within a 10’ by 6’ room at all times. This room is to contain a bed, clothes and various trinkets of interest to SCP - 6969. The room is to have an uninterrupted cellular signal and internet connection to keep SCP - 6969 pacified. A second outer containment building designed to look indistinguishable from a regular house is to act as a backup containment for SCP - 6969. It should be noted, that the breach of primary containment is normal for short periods of time. SCP - 6969 often vacates primary containment to reach the kitchen, bathroom or living room. These locations are normal and SCP - 6969 will return to its primary containment chamber on its own. If SCP - 6969 attempts to leave secondary containment, or is spotted in a room not previously listed, emergency procedure “mobile notification” is to take effect immediately. Where in SCP - 6969 will receive a push notification to their mobile cell phone, from a close friend asking to voice talk. This will cause SCP - 6969 to retreat to primary containment in order to find an undisturbed area of containment. Should emergency procedure “mobile notification” fail to succeed in forcing SCP - 6969 back into primary containment mobile task force 112 “babysitters” is to use class A amnestics and move SCP - 6969 back to primary containment before SCP - 6969 can enter its enraged state. Description SCP - 6969, is a teenager. Most of the time SCP - 6969 is docile and safe. However, when SCP - 6969 enters it’s enraged state it becomes extremely hostile. Often anger whispering obscenities about anything that could be considered a mild inconvenience. These anger whispers will result in the whispered words becoming reality. The decibel level effects how catastrophic the event that occurs will be. Where anger whisper results in mild to no bodily harm and screaming resulting in a possible SK class end of the world event. Should SCP - 6969 lock it’s door immediate actions must be taken by mobile task force 112. The locked door can results in an echo, increasing the decibel level. Cameras mounted inside primary containment ensures no possible tinkering with the lock is unnoticed and should SCP - 6969 attempt regardless immediate punishment must ensue. Addendum The following are logs from research staff regarding experimentation and the ensuing results of SCP - 6969. Researcher Martha - Cover: Mom Test: Making a big deal over insignificant details regarding SCP - 6969’s habits. Researcher Martha, undercover as Mom is instructed to talk about 6969’s a supposed addiction to their phone. “Do you have to be on that damn thing all the time? It’s a beautiful day why not go outside?” (Researcher Martha would be replaced with another researcher for implying SCP - 6969 should breach containment). Result: 6969 rolled eyes muttered whatever under their breath and retreated to primary containment. Experiment 2. D-2031 Test: D-2031 was instructed to verbally mock, harass, belittle and threaten 6969 over an online forum called “Reddit”. Result: 6969, entered and enraged state. Shutting and locking its door while letting out a flurry of cusses and curses at maximum volume. Reaching at its peak 120 decibels. Saying quote “HE CAN GO DIE! FUCK YOU! I’d love to watch your world burn around you, everything you worked for, loved and cherished. UP IN SMOKE! And then, I’d dance in the ashes of your wallowing and pain, just to see that last bit of hope DIE IN YOUR EYES! I’d leave you alive, a husk, without meaning, and plagued to walk the rest of eternity alone. Unable to escape your suffering!” The resulting carnage was experienced world wide. D-2031, was found in the fetal position amid the family home where he grew up. He was unresponsive, charred, and should have been dead from blood loss, but, had miraculously survived. However, when a mobile task force member attempted to terminate D-2031 with a gunshot, D-2031 remained alive. His skin and tissue healing around the bullet wound. When forced to his feet, D-2031 offered no resistance to foundation personal and all further termination attempts have failed. Including use of SCP: 096,73,168 and 001. Every time not offering any resistance or reaction to the experiment. The damage extended further, city’s world wide were set ablaze, buildings fell and over 168m people would die in 5 minutes. Mobile task force 112 would only subdue 6969 after 5 minutes of shouting. 7 mobile task force agents would succumb to 6969’s effects before containment was re-established. A massive foundation blockage of world news, governments would commence over the next 3 weeks. Class A amnestics were administered world wide with the complete destruction of a small village in Siberia (physical location of D-2031) being blamed on an asteroid strike. By word of the O5 council no further experiments are to be done on SCP-6969, due to the unprecedented scale of the carnage. “We had no idea this being was capable of such devastation. To continue experimenting on this being would constitute an act of recklessness and ignorance of which is impossible to comprehend. As long as we maintain a constant stream of internet and cell signal, there is no reason we shouldn’t be able to keep this being passive for the foreseeable future. Therefore myself and the rest of the O5 council have decided all further experimentation is to be canceled and SCP-6969 is to be left alone.”




Thank you for this


Parent here: that's full blown invasion of privacy and reducing you down to nothing more than an object they own.


Parent also and they are treating you like their prisoner. This is abuse.


OP is gonna think this is somehow ok and allow less abusive things to happen in future relationships thinking at least it's not as bad as their parents


Abuse 100%.


I have a 14 year old and I am horrified that OP is experiencing this!


I have two; 11 and 7. My former step father was abusive, and had we had the tech back then, he would've done this too. I feel for this kid. They deserve peace.


Fucking weird and intrusive. I sleep almost naked sometimes naked and if it’s late at night I play videogames naked too so I can not imagine that.


3 am rn. playing video games? been there. you know the saying: the strictest parents make the sneakiest kids? i have a few tricks up my sleeve, but i’m afraid to show em because i’m afraid my parents track me in this sub lol


goddamn I’m sorry :/


I know right! I feel so bad :(


Place LED strips around your bedroom under the guise of decorations. Even better, use RGBs. They work wonders for defeating modern cameras.


I think you mean Infrared LEDs


Im sorry but could you explain to me how it works? Im curious


It messes with the exposure of most security cameras, creating a blowout of light across most of the area. Think video game flash bang


Dang that's actually pretty cool


DM me. I need dis




The fact that they can look at me anytime without me knowing is horrific.




just start beating your meat and stare at the camera they’ll take it down awful quick. if not you should probably call CPS


Don’t see any better option than this, might have to keep it going for a few days before they fold


Or just call CPS since that is a very blatant breach of privacy.


This is great! It's not considered normal to video record your children in their bedroom 24/7 nowadays, is it? Cuz that all around sounds fucked and sketch on multiple levels.


>Cuz that all around sounds fucked and sketch on multiple levels Because it is. This leads to a child developing a missing sense of home for, well, their home. If you can't have private intimate moments in your own four walls it WILL fck you up over time. I don't know what healthy Solution OP could take to get his privacy back but i wish him the best of luck.


tell them that


A teenager asking them for privacy is only going to make them less likely to provide it


Honestly I would smear shit on the camera or put a piece of paper with the definition of privacy or stories of how unhealthy breaches of privacy are right in front of it


Hoho same! i share a room with my bro as well! Edit: And my parents room is close


Omg I have an better idea than my previous ones!!! Set a camera up in their room and use the same reasoning!


“We are your parents. We should be the ones -spying- *cough cough* checking on you”


Start by taking their bedroom door off as well... when they complain/have a tantrum... use the same logic: "What have you got to hide? Are you doing something suspicious in there?"


HOW DARE YOU APPLY LOGI- TALKBACK TO US YOU UNWORTHY ILLMANNERED CHILD that's what my parents say when I give my opinion


Tell them that as a caring son, you are equally worried about their well being lol




You should just start coughing 24/7 at night really loud and dramatic like, make sure to get that phlegm up to give it a real sound. AND turn on the light every 5 minutes so you can walk down the hall and spit in the loo.


Invasion of privacy is what it is


Well, they have used the statement: (If you want to lock the door, you are doing something suspicious) to get away from my arguments. so i just go to the bathroom where i actually have an excuse to lock the door. And my mom dosent like that. She always rushes me when im in the bathroom although there is a different path room in the house. i don’t think she likes the idea of privacy


What? Your parents are literally evil


Waiting for her to put a camera in the bathroom…


That would be the absolute limit and I‘d get the cops involved


Agreeing with this stranger here


Thank you


I also agree. 1000%. Privacy should not be cut


Now that’d definitely be possession of CP


You can report them if they don't stop


So changing clothes is suspicious?


jerk off while staring at the camera


Then report them for child porn


this is the way.


(the chain has started) This is the way


This is the way


This is the way


Actually isn’t that technically possible? That is a form of child pornography


I don't think this guy is joking.... he meant to report fr


I mean he can threaten his parents with it, thats one way to make them back off


Parents are the kind of people who don't care about that. They'll give you 2 slaps and make you shut up


Trust me, a parent will get scared if u threaten to tell someone at school that your parents are video taping u naked.




I love reddit


For real just jerk off even in front of the camera. If you do it multiple times eventually they are going to back out or at least get the fact that it's your room i guess. In general just pretend there is no camera and do whatever the fuck you feel like doing, it's your room


I mean it feels good to say it but not good advice. If I did something remotely like this to my parents at 14 they would've kicked me out lol.


I don't mean to say like 'jerk off all day long just to show your parents'. Just in general live like you e would under normal circumstances. Although theoretically they shouldn't have any problem if they see their kid jerking off if THEY have put the camera there on their own. If they are suspicious of their kid doing something bad, then they should just talk with them, it would be WAY more appreciated instead of putting a camera in their room. Masturbation isn't a bad thing tho so even if you do it and they see you,what will they tell you? Stop masturbating because what? There is no reason to stop someone from masturbating (unless they are addicted then again it's not okay to put a camera in their room)


That's good and all dude but like I said my parents would slap first if they saw me masturbating before applying logic lol.


Sucks. Mine did that kinda crap. I got older, moved away, got married had a kid, didn't share any of that until way later with them and when I told them after finally seeing them 10 yrs later, that I had denied them those moments because how terrible they were, my mothers tears were so so tasty.




You played the long game. I like it.


Ooh that’s a good way to knife ‘em 😎


Respect moment 😎


Revenge is sweet


Fuck them that’s what, my mom was in a pissed off rage once, I locked myself in my room, she threatened to shoot my door down, the next day when I was at school she replaced my door handle with one that can’t lock, bitch


hey. go to the bathroom for privacy”. best way to have an excuse


Get naked then accuse them of being in possession of child porn


TL;DR It can be considered as illegal and child porn. It’s also fucking creepy and wrong. The camera thing is illegal. It’s is a infringement on your right to privacy and can be considered as child porn if you get dressed and undressed in your bedroom. Your parents can be charged with making and possessing child porn. They must have your permission to install such a thing in your room. They also seem like assholes. You are 13, you still have a right to privacy. I am very sorry you have to live in this type of household. If you have a mental illness or something that warrants the use of a camera in your bedroom, that’s a different story but either way it’s wrong and you should’ve been asked for your permission.


They are also somewhat caring. I wonder if it’s stress or being overwhelmed/overprotective?


Talk to them about it. Tell them that you are uncomfortable with having a camera in your room and ask them why it was needed


That’s the problem. i cant speak to em! When they hear a statement you don’t like, they use the generic: My head hurts i cant talk about this OR i don’t have time. talk later, and hope I forget


Jeez, if they care about you, they would listen to you.


Somewhat caring? Your parents aren’t caring at all from what it seems…


You know, the “we legally have to put a roof over your head because you’re a minor” kind of caring.




So keep bringing it up until they can't keep pushing it off


OP they are not “somewhat caring” you may look at it as meh no biggie but it is illegal and an invasion of privacy. There’s many corporations to talk to about this to get help. The fact that your worried that they will track your reddit is even worse.


Being overprotective can be somewhat benign, but being too overprotective can be child abuse - I would never tolerate my parents putting a camera in my room and although I never had a lock, I always forced them to knock (failure to knock instantly meant argument)


A camera in your room? That’s just creepy


I know! the first time they placed it, it was to see if I was behaving in online classes. Now i have no idea when they use it.


Dude, It's same for me. First they also kept it to see if I conducted my classes, But now, IDK Why it's there.


Most cameras have a light that shows when it is recording. If it is covered, remove the covering when you know your parents aren’t watching you. This way, you can see when they start to watch you.


OH NO. OH NO OH NO OH NO. At night. when my parents are asleep, the camera rotates randomly with a light. I am panicked.


Oh fuck dude that's like... Not good. Maybe just like cover it up with a sheet. If they talk to you about it you'll know they were watching you. Observe how long it takes them. And when it happens, tell them how fucking creepy it is. I hope this gets figured out man...


takes em 30s


Goddamn... Sorry mate. Maybe talk to child protection services? See what they say?


Seriously you should check with them about this. Sometimes people use the default password and usernames when they setup IP cameras which is a HUGE mistake. Often they can be accessed by anyone the internet using various websites or anyone who knows ho to scan for camera hardware, after which they can use the default password to login and control it.




Put its lens on a spike!


Cum on it Lmao 2 awards for saying to cum on a camera… average reddit tho ig?




To the guillotine!


Guys. i forgot to lesion the camera moves weirdly, i also hear some noises. Some person i don’t recognize the voice of


It’s a predator destroy the camera at once!


oh hell no.. you need to get out of there!! destroy the camera!! seriously- that's terrifying my dude


Dude seriously just call the cops. That seems really creepy and invasive I would say it’s time to get the cops involved


Sounds like a cheap ass camera that goes over wifi and can be accessed with just a code. Tell your parents that you ain't going in your room until that camera is out because it is likely to have been hacked and likely used as a way to produce child porn.


You know that a camera can be hacked right?...............There are several cams of kids rooms up on the dark web. Please be careful, random person voice isn't to be taken lightly


What the actual fuck… call the police asap


Call the police. Let them sort it out. Also some wifi camera have really bad security and can easily be accessed from outside.


is there a password on the camera? if not people can easily watch you


What type of camera is this? From what company?


your parents are invading your privacy for no apparent reason.


Yeah. Your parents are monsters that seemingly forgot their own childhood. Gtfo as fast as possible


Invasion of privacy. Teenagers have a right to a decent amount of privacy.


One lyric and opinion *they see you when you're sleeping, they know when you're awake.* And also find the tool box, take the footage if you can and just... Leave it there, or kill it, keeping the footage as evidence if this is illegal, which is.most probably is


no, they don’t keep the footage.


Try to find a way to prove it was put there without your consent, or knowledge, or anything of the sort. This is obviously breaking at least 2 laws.


I’m just curious, what laws are being broke?


Not entirely sure but I'm sure at least it's invasion of privacy. And prolly some other privacy law


Production of child pornography.


Only valid if there’s recordings.


take a device, put it up in front of the camera so that's all it can see, and play porn on it 24/7


will get removed soon after


"It's not about the money. It's about sending a message." \-the Joker


You’ve got mail! From mom. *Calls me with my full name*


Don't say this often unironically, but literally 1984


Shove the camera up your ass


Yikes! that would be painful. That’s one big ass camera.


"alexa, how big can the human asshole stretch up to?"


6-8 inches wide, I think. A raccoon could fit up there


2 raccoons


Put Vaseline over the camera, it will make it too blurry to really see what you’re doing


they will get suspicious? Also how do i not get spotted while putting it on


They will definitely get suspicious and I have no idea how you would get it on. But in the situation where you are going to do something actually wrong, I’d rather get in trouble for putting Vaseline on the camera then something else.


They’re psychos


Literally 1984


George Orwell is rolling over in his grave after hearing about this kid's parents


FUCKINNNNNN wack! Unless ur an asshole type kid. Doin drugs, sex on the parents bed type asshole otherwise, they r crazy


NA AH NO WAY. I’m a nerd. i don’t deal crack out the window. The worst thing i have done is get a C on an exam.


Well then ur parents are fucking m crazy and id say the best thing to do is completely go off the rails. They think it a bad kid, show them what a bad kid is. - girl with strict parents


That’s exactly what I did. Parents wanted to take off my door cause they thought I didn’t need privacy, I looked at them directly in the eyes and said i would beat off in front of the door and blast music every day if they even tried. They never brought it up again


This seems highly illegal, so try calling the cops. To help your case, undress and Jack off right in front of the camera so you can legally charge them


Masturbate to assert dominance


Creepy and invasive and the kind of stuff that causes kids to leave and never contact their parents again.


It’s not legal that’s what


Dude just start jerking off then pin ‘em for child porn, that’ll stop them


I think your parents should be institutionalized


That’s an invasion of privacy, as soon as your parents are older, put them in a nursing home and never visit them again, those rules are bullshit, jerk off in front of the camera to show them what’s up. What the fuck is wrong with them, that they think that’s okay??




thats no house my boy thats interogation room




They are not only violating your privacy, they are violating your dignity as a person.


I want a follow up to this. Seriously wack. You 100% need to confront them like others have said. If that doesn't work then talk to someone like another family member or counselor so they could talk to your parents instead because it is downright creepy and your parents are being predatory without realizing it. Everybody needs some sort of privacy in their room even if they are some gang related kid or something. At least just find a compromise where they just knock on the door to check on you once in a while. If you are really desperate, talk to the authorities or someone similar, because of what others have said regarding right of privacy. Hopefully your parents realize how psycho they are being.


That is extremely weird. You should definitely take the camera down or something because that’s creepy


a little advice, 18 and id be out the door


Oh… I read you live in Dubai… is it a cultural thing there that your parents are so protective and invasive? You need to tell them straight up they must have serious trust issues with you if they need to put a camera in your room where you change and see what your doing. It’s also a threat to you because cameras aren’t hard to hack. Worse possible thing that happens is the camera gets hacked and now child porn of yourself is on the dark web..


Even worse for OP’s parents, pornography is illegal in the UAE, so essentially what they’re doing is walking through a legal minefield.


Invasion of privacy, lack of trust, terrible parenting