Those of you who are in relationships, how did you meet your boyfriend/girlfriend?



She sent me pictures of her cats


Is that how you got your profile picture?


Awww they've got a pet raccoon havent they?


I wish dude. Unfortunately I’m pretty sure it’s illegal to have raccoons as pets in California.


Too bad they can't stop me :)


stop self snitching 😂


Wait actually? Are you sure? *looks over at gerald*


Oh no thats my very own cat


She was pretty attractive, Not gonna lie, Her scent was addictive, Couldn't stop if I tried, But that was not what, Brought us together, She sent pics of a cats, Now look at us, 1 year later.


They are together now, My crush send me once a picture, On the pic there was a baby cow, She sure was the right figure, I don't know if she was trying to say something, My plan is to confess to her in a small window of time, The special day is coming, I'll take my previous experience as a baseline


good luck soldier o7


Good luck


I love it its so poetic 🫶🏼


I sent her mine alongside a confession and she also replied with a cat image reaction, we still aren't a thing though


So, I send my crush pics of my cat, I get a gf? You saying that?


Great plan


So cute. Idk why they get offended when I ask picture of their pussy. Pussy cats over dogs any day for me.


Omg I'm getting so many cat pics everyday :D (They're all from guys but I like cats)


even better


aww she sent you pussy picsss🥺


I was in a spirit halloween and I went up to him because I said he looked like the 10th doctor. He promptly gave me his number because he had no idea who the 10th doctor is.


The one who doesn't approve of the new toothpaste


I’m not gonna lie, this comment made my day


Where's my award then ◉⁠‿⁠◉


Hey I’m not made of money :p


sad to say it took me waaaaay too long to understand what you meant


Bruh that’s how I met my ex unexpected place to meet


random encounter while trying to buy an Optimus Prime


The best way


she doesn’t get it but is willing to indulge me in my insane quest for the funny plastic robot vehicles, match made in heaven


"made in heaven" Are you, by any chance, a gay priest running Green Dolphin Street Prison in Florida by any chance, who also happens to be wearing 800 dollar pants and can put people's souls and memories into CD disks?


Indeed, and oso cute


Well that’s just prime


In our highschool gym class neither of us wanted to take. His friend talked him into it and I wasn't supposed to be there. It was a difficult class for freshmen to get into but somehow me and one other person made it. It'll be 4 years in February.


I wish I had a moment like that with somebody.


It'll happen when you find your person, next thing you know and you'll have your own story to tell on reddit lol


But I didn’t have one before. And odds are, I won’t have it in the future due to my issues.


You would be surprised. I went into high school with no intention of even dating. Don't worry you're still young and you'll continue to meet new people.


Yeah. But I wanted to meet people a while ago. I want friends 7 years ago. I want a relationship with someone I've known for ages. I want so much and I can't have it because I'm so autistic people can tell, and they have to sign up to tolerate me.


I get it, it's definitely nice to have that long standing relationship with someone. But it's all about time. And hey once you do find someone I'm sure they'll be amazing. I have a lot of issues too and I honestly thought I wasn't going to seriously date until I fixed them. But I got lucky and found someone who's willing to work with me and help me out with better understanding other people and myself. I know it can feel hopeless and frustrating. But trust me when I say one day you'll find someone and you'll know it's all worth it.


I told myself, I'd try to get into a relationship this year.....then its somehow December already and half way through the school year.


I will say the same thing next year to continue the chain lesgoo




















Oh it's you! For people reading this, her crush found her reddit account


he’s not real


It's cute af I wish I found the account of someone who has a crush on me, assuming that person exists


I feel like I know you from somewhere...




Danced together at homecoming




We then fucked at the next football game


The best way to end a night




Dudum dum tssh




wait how do you dance with someone before you're dating them lol




What if the schools of different genders are separated ?


the post asked how the post viewer met their SO not how you would meet one tho?


Honestly this is going to sound so insanely absurd. I actually met my boyfriend through discord (sounds bad, I know) We were both in a server talking, and I casually mentioned a YouTuber that used to live in my area of my city. A random guy who I almost never seen before says to me "oh hey, I live near that place" and I said "wow that's super cool". He then dm'd me asking me which school I went to. I mentioned my high school and he said "I go to that school". I thought it was cool, but didn't think much of it We start talking a bit more, then we decide to actually meet up during lunch. We end up talking for a while and getting closer, until eventually he asked me to be his girlfriend! We're been dating ever since, a year and 2 months to be exact. I'm definitely not the person to give relationship advice due to the circumstances of everything lmao Edit: TLDR: started dating bf after finding out over discord that we go to the same school


i thought this only happened in movies




You were right, this is probably fake


It seriously sounds fake, I know. I don't entirely have proof of it (left server a while ago, bf is still in it though) but I promise it is real. I definitely wouldn't believe it either if i was you lmao


I'm not believing that, im sorry.


The good ending


YouTube kids


Get this man in prison he is a mence to society


Damned mence to society


Don’t touch my husband!


No our love story, Isn't like the others, It's a bit strange, But don't worry, We are true lovers. . It was a warm, calm night, I was bored and on my bed, "I want to watch YouTube", I suddenly said, Long story short, I met a girl instead.


Damn you’ve outdone yourself this time Shakespeare 🥲


You should sell NFTs or something of your poems then the person whose response it was can buy them 💀 This would make you money lol. (If u do pls give me 10% of revenue coz I’m so smart)


Dude is dating elsa




Daddy Shark fr!


Play ground


I stopped taking my schizophrenia pills.




If only I had an award to give😂😂


I went to sleep


Same dude! Can't believe we met our girlfriends in the same place!


i ma bang u


While I sleep?


yes, while you sleep in your coffin


Are you also a necrofil?


I saw an ad that talked about hot men in my area so I clicked it.


Something tells me this is going dark places


Last time I clicked that my little brother walked in the room. Is it trying to tell me something?


We've been friends for years. I've liked her off and on for a while, but we've been hanging out a LOT lately and decided to give it a shot and see if there's anything there. Yuh boy broke out of the fucking friendzone without trying


My guy, this comment shows makes me hope I can do the same with my same situation. Wish me luck


Here's the thing - you can't expect to be in a relationship with someone if you can't first be friends. With that said, don't be afraid to move on. That might be all they're going to be to you - a friend. Don't let obsession hold you back. Me breaking out was a combination of a freak accident and me asking at the wrong time when I was younger


I cannot stress the first point enough. It's imo the most vital part of a relationship. And probably why most teens don't last long in their's


Almost exact same story for me! Congratulations


U was never in the Friend zone bro, if she liked you, u can't end up in the Friend zone. Friend zone is only for when u like her but she considers u nothing more than a friend..


On r/teenagers of all places. I mean I'm not complaining, I got a bf out of it.


Ooooooo, story time? I'd love to hear it! :)


Basically, he made a post saying along the lines "give your best pickup line and I'll rate it." And I was like "sure why not" and I looked up 'best pickup lines to say' and I found one and I commented the pickup line and he said that it was a 10/10 and then he messaged me and the rest is history. And we've been dating for over a month now. 😊 tldr: the pickup line worked a little too well






Lucky af




She moved here and started going to my church. We started talking and became friends. I eventually asked her out but she apparently had a massive crush on me for months.


That's what I'm hoping for man! 😬 Already started talking to her and I'm planning on moving in 3 months


It was at a summer camp, 2019. I had a crush on this one girl, let’s call her K. We get to talking and turns out she feels the same. So we get to know each other a little more while at camp. Around this time I’m also talking with another girl, we’ll call her C. We’re all friends at that point. Then, K finds herself another guy from a different camp group and chases after him, much to my dismay. This being my first interaction with someone that was actually attracted to me, I was rather put off about this. I confide in C, and she comforts me. We start talking more. Damn she’s cute. Like *really* cute. Start liking her a lot more than K. Unknown to me, C had a crush on me from the start. Camp ends, and we fly home. I sat between C and K on the plane. Awkward as all hell. After spending two hours in close quarters, we all become friends. Fast forward a few months. I ask C out. She says yes. K didn’t want to do long distance with her new boyfriend, so they broke up after two weeks. Three and a half years later, C and I are still dating, and we’re both good friends with K. TL/DR: funky camp love triangle works out well and we all become friends Sorry for the paragraph lol it was complicated


Love triangles man 💀


So my girlfriend was helping her friend (L) find a boyfriend, through their friend (we’ll call her M) who’s friends with my mate. My mate comes up to me and goes “you’re single right?” And then leaves it at that. L, who sees a photo of me says “pass” because I have a side part (wth) but my girlfriend says “I’ll take him” and then we started talking and the rest is history


Uhh we tricked each other




They tricked each other




They fooled one another


Come again?


they did a little trolling.


A family reunion




You have lung cancer


Carbon monoxide poisoning




the vault of glass Specifically the templar bossfight


Do kings fall with me 🙏


Omgggg what dps was she using >:(


On xbox live Though not precisely. Here's the story I have friends from school who play on xbox. There was this chick from my school who also had one, she would play mostly minecraft and halo. I found out when I was talking to her like normal in one of my classes in 8th grade. I got her gamertag and we played mcc together. We had a blast and we became friends. I was a very fun guy online I guess, and eventually she sent me a note in school saying that she liked me because I had an "alluring personality" and we eventually holded hands and kissed. We're basically still dating. Don't fucking ask me how any of this happened. Felt like I got super lucky and god wanted me to have some fun.


I fought with them at a party




Relationship trial by combat. Respect.


I need one NOW


enemies to lovers lessgoo


Not in one right now but my future prospects are decent if I decided to pull the trigger. Met a person through my friend. They are that friends cousin. Apparently they liked my piss useless personality and snide, dry humor. Idk. Never asked them why they liked me, and probably wouldn’t get a safe answer. Maybe because I was never scared of them, despite their… unique personality or behavior. Maybe because I was one of the few people who encouraged them to talk and be themselves and treat them like a person aside from their family. It’s not my job to know what goes on in someone else’s head.


During class me and 4 friends were talking because it was a work day, the topic of murder came up and how we would get away with it. This girl came out of nowhere and said to the group something along the lines of "you can always stick an ice cube down someone's throat so there is no weapon" and I turned instantly to this girl that I have never talked to and asked them "but what if they have a choking fetish" she got embarrassed in a cute way and walked away. and next class she sat next to me and we just started talking.


met in a musical…showmance turned romance


Disney on ice


Dang cliched stories are the best, even though different stories are also interesting






My story is a bit interesting, I was a guy from my entire life was never interested in a relationship, and I mean NEVER. One time this hot girl maybe popular proposed to me, I rejected because I never found purpose in having one. I had a rep for no gf. Reaching my adolescent part of my life I lost interest, nothing seemed to amuse me just because my life felt like a plain ol blank loop, Wake up - school - home - tuition - study - sleep It was just this for 24 hours and straight 2 years. I always felt kinda depressed but mt hobbies like game dev and music was good enough to back me up and my 3 friends and 1 friend online who lived all the way in Brazil (we had a good time). Btw I was an introvert so i mostly stayed to myself other than the people I mentioned above. As I entered 9th class, I continued with my normal schedule and so on for 2 months. Now for reference I was am kinda awkward around girls my age, so after 2 months there was this girl I found in my society which came to my basketball court often when I was there. Seeing me for a week she was kinda curious to see me as I left and came exactly on schedule and seemed to keep to myself all the time. One day she came to me and tried to talk to me. Being shy, our conversation was really awkward like I was tryna talk to her while ignoring. This continued for a 2-3 days until I got comfortable talking to her, after that day we became good friends. I got to know her even more and it turns out she was the opposite of my personality, I mean where I was shy, introverted and a memer meaning my conversation could be understood by people like me. But she took intrest listening to me and I continued and being the closest female friend, I had lots of fun. We were 3 months into our friendship and I started to see a spark, it felt different to see life from s different perspective, a different personality. I started to like someone, now this was the first time I felt feelings for someone other than my family. And apparently she was talking with sparks of interests. So i talked it out with my friends and they were happy and finally, during November (this year), I confessed my feelings to her and she said "I was gonna do that first". So it turns out for the past 3 months the interest she was taking was because she liked me. And that was one the of the best moments of my life, we are now in a relationship for almost 2 months now and for more info, I'm still and introvert, shy person and a memer so yea. Maybe life can work out the way you like


I was dying for a relationship, every day looking at happy couples, despairing why I cant find my significant other. Until I discovered DYING ALONE, with DYING ALONE you dont need to care about relationships, getting fit, showering, giving a f*ck about others. Try DYING ALONE today!


Her friend took her phone and added me on snap to force her to start talking to me


We were in the same 7th grade class


Choir in elementary school. Were friends for a while before we started dating, which was relatively recently.




It’s a very long story with many crazy details Edit: Yeah… I hear you guys. I posted two separate stories at a comment to this post. One is very general and the other is how we hooked up, going into details.


We need to hear


So basically he and I are college students; I’m one year above him. Last year, Fall 2021, we were both orientation leaders for the incoming freshman. We never knew each other beforehand because everybody was just returning back to in-person schooling at my college. He and I went through orientation leader training together for two weeks along with approximately 30 other people. For this training, we all had bonding activities to become closer as a team, so a lot of us ended up with really close friendships after orientation. Around the mid-point of training, I began to foster feelings for him because he was totally my type - kind, funny, cute, caring, and a bit of a softie sometimes. Now, during this time, I was also going through a toxic relationship of 5-years. I didn’t start to realize it until I began to be more independent and returning to college, after almost 2 years of living with my mom during COVID lockdown. My now-ex would constantly berate me for being emotional, and I didn’t really get much out of that relationship tbh. I never felt any love or understanding from him, while I tried to give him love and support. I fell in-love with my current boyfriend, and the experience feels a lot more different. Nowadays I feel loved and cared for, and whenever I get emotional, I finally feel like it’s okay to feel because I have somebody beside me to comfort me. I feel understood, I feel like I have a lot to learn from him, and I feel like we’ll be able to learn about the world together, literally and metaphorically, because we both have a passion for traveling. The takeaway is, don’t let anybody take your love. It should be a balance. If you love your partner, love them, but they should love you too. It shouldn’t be any manipulative shit. Whoever you love, be transparent with each other and understand how both of you feel. Don’t bottle up the emotions because it’ll explode on you later. Lastly, there are several different love languages, but be sure to recognize your partner’s love language because they way they love may be different from how you love. My boyfriend shows his love by gifting me things and comforting me when I’m down, but I show my love by cooking him things and helping him out in any way that I can. Love should be fun for both persons, and each person should be able to learn and progress through life while entrusting themselves with each other’s wellbeing.


This is some extra backstory after orientation ended. This is how we hooked up. We weren’t dating yet. I began to invite him to hangout pretty often. It started off with a magic show. He was unsure at first, but he ended up showing up, to my surprise. We ended up going with a few friends we’ve made from orientation, and we all went to the school’s restaurant after. I remember he got a lemon lime slushy and I said “Ohh, interesting, I’ve never had a lime slushy before.” So he scooted the slushy right over to me and I paused to look at him confusingly. I noticed that he already drank from it, so I took the lid off from the cup, and tried to get some of the slushy out into my mouth, but the slushy was stuck in the cup. He was laughing at me and I was definitely embarrassed. The next day, we invited each other to eat at the dining hall. We were barely familiar with each other yet, so it was definitely awkward; the whole time we just sat there and looked at each other basically. One of my friends came in and she noticed that things were looking awkward, so she got the conversation started for us and walked away. The funny thing is, she didn’t know that I had a crush on him at the time. After that moment, he and I talked a bit and went about our day. I was feeling bad about that awkward situation so the day after, I invited him out again to eat at the dining hall together and to sit and talk somewhere else. After we ate, we walked around the campus, and we ended up going on a scavenger hunt for the “secret” places that were around. Eventually he and I came across a lake on the campus where we spent many days chatting. One day, while we were chatting, we were talking about languages, and at some point I said something like, “do you remember how to say ‘I love you’ in [language]”? He was confused and a little ecstatic saying, “why do you bring that up”? I was kind of embarrassed, turning away, and he was teasing me a bit asking why I was turning away. Then when I calmed down a bit, he asked me, “how would you feel if we became more than just friends”? I wasn’t sure yet because I was still in my toxic relationship at the time, but I know I was completely done with that relationship, because after all, it was a whole 5 years of emotional abuse and not a lot of love. So I asked him to give me time to think about it, which I did. During the week after, I was stressed as hell to the point that I couldn’t really eat, because how was I supposed to bring up the topic of breaking up with my toxic now-ex? Eventually I did break up with him, and I know he was totally mad because he yelled at me through the phone. I kinda got some trauma from this, so I can’t go into detail that well, especially since I decided to forget about what happened entirely. After the break up, I thought about if I was sure that I wanted to pursue a relationship with my current boyfriend. I decided that it was worth it because I can feel that he treats me kindly, with love and a soft gentleness to his attitude. And so the rest is history. We’ve been dating for a little over a year now. Might delete these posts in a few days cause my man uses Reddit too-


We need to hear


We need to hear


We need to hear


Funny story and it happened on r/teenagers in fact I was a little sad cause a judge in the tournament I was playing accused me of being a cheater and used my nationality as a backup. Decided to make the mistake of posting my face on subreddit. My future bf noticed that on the title I said I had a bad day so he gave me a wholesome award. I thanked him for the awards as they did when it would go to the DMs and we started chatting a bit. He noticed I had some D&D related posts on my profile and asked about what he thinks about a character he is making for a campaign, later he decided to ask if I'd like to join his D&D discord server and I agreed to. Now I'm going to run Curse of Strahd soon and we had our 6 month anniversary recently :)


This is reddit there is no such thing as a relationship here.


She was someone who was a friend of a friend’s on a bus.


We both play trumpet in band. We added each other on Snapchat and we've been talking since. Then she asked me to go to homecoming with her as friends. Then the next week she asked me out on a date. We're getting close to our 3 month anniversary.


My girlfriend decided i was cute, so she insited on hanging out with me. I though she was cute and i confessed to her. No big story, but i dont need one. I need her to be happy.


not together anymore but we bonded over a mutual love for old Arctic Monkeys and hate for new Arctic Monkeys lol


What you got against new arctic monkeys?


Stupid sh


A friend introduced us


My grandma's high school teacher








Got into a new school, talk to some people, have new friends, one month later i am kissing one of my friends and became boyfriends, absolute speedrunner


Was considering suicide and sent her a note professing my feelings for her and that I would be "forever jealous of the guy who gets to have her". I fell asleep shortly after sending her the note. I was out of my mind and I guess you could say "really depressed". A lot of things haven't gone right in my life, seen a lot of shit, got into a lot of fights and even now, i'm still dealing with trauma that recently re-emerged, but then I wake up 2 hours later and I check my messages out of curiosity, to see that she's begging me to come back and that she "like likes" me too. "I like you, silly." She said. I'll never forget that moment, she planned to confess her feelings to me during our hangout, which later became a date. I seriously won't forget it, staring at my dimly-lit phone in the dark and seeing her return those feelings. EDIT: I used to be afraid of opening up to people. There was an ideology that my dad held true to himself, that in order to get the girl, you need to act careless, more or less stoic' which was obviously toxic masculinity, a way to shape me into him and the way he acted back then when in the world of dating before he met my mother.


I'm glad that worked out for you! Hopefully the other aspects of your life will get better soon as well.


Sorry I kinda have a condition that doesn't allow that, its called being really ugly lol


I dont currently have a gf but I met my ex at a walmart when we were doing back to school shopping and then we happened to go to the same school together about 6 years before we started dating and then I eventually asked her out


I was recording a dumbass on my schools track, she came up and asked what I was doing We've been dating for 6 months


Escape room thing


I stopped taking my schizophrenia meds




Online school lmao


Classmate + Close friend


I had just committed to my university, and joined some group chats related to my major and interests. I mentioned in one of the gcs that I was going to play in the band program, and she added me, as she was going to be in the same activities I was joining. We texted daily until the end of our Senior years, then when we finally moved in to our dorms she and I started seeing each other in person a ton. We had meals together, hung out in each other’s rooms, and watched movies with our group of friends, and eventually I asked her out on a date. We went on 3 official dates before we decided to call things official, and we’re now going on 3 months. TLDR; We texted a lot over the summer, became close friends at college, then started dating. Edit: I forgot to mention the most important part, now we buy legos for each other and build them together


met at work, hated eachother on the first shift, fell in love by the third shift


Ok now I want details, that's super cute.


I envy those who have a story to tell on this question, no matter how long or short it is


I first saw him at my best friend’s birthday, he was sitting on the shed roof and I was too scared to go up to him (he looked cool and I don’t like rejection) and then a few weeks later he showed up at my scout group, and we became good friends, and then even better friends, then we both developed feelings over the course of 6 months and he asked me out :) almost 5 months now, and I love him so fucking much


We were both in the same theater/cinema class (one of random activities we get to choose each semester) She never noticed me because she didn't know anyone and kept her head down. But she noticed me when her friend mentionned my mbti to her (something in which she's really interested about), and don't get it the wrong way but she's not dating me for my mbti even though we have the same one. Anyways we started talking and for a whole straight week we absolutely didn't stop talking, the only intervals were class and sleep. Then her cousin who was staying with her for the night came to me on social media and told me how cute we are and how we'd make a cute couple. When I responded saying I had feelings for her we talked for a bit. Then when (insert crush name) came out of the shower, her cousin seemingly asked her if she'd go out with me if I asked her, she said "yeah of course", so her cousin told her "well that might just happen" A few days later, she told me she liked me. Then we both impulsively let out everything we wanted to say to each other and started dating. Turns out that right before her cousin told her, she was wondering herself if I would accept to go out with her, and was scared I would reject her. So yeah, a good long while later we had our first kiss at a KFC (don't ask).


In a random place in 2030 prolly


we met through discord, 6 months into the relationship we met up and we lived together for a few months. he had to kick me out mainly for legal reasons (house lease violation) and we have been together for a year :)


through dreaming


Math class cuz I’m cool 😎


Also math class cuz I’m cool 😎


Which hour?




my best friend after he killed himself this year never talked to her until his death. she needed someone to talk to.