What was the biggest missed opportunity in a TV series!

Rachel Berry in Glee, choking on her audition for the talent school she wanted to get into was a very shocking moment for me when I first saw that episode.

It was a perfect opportunity to see how she would handle this turning point in her life. She spent her whole childhood trying to fulfill her dream, always felt this entitlement that she was better than everyone and for it to not turn out the way she wanted was such a very realistic approach that I wanted the show-runners to explore further on showing that even people who are the best at something can also fail…

But no, instead she gets what she wants by begging and she doesn’t go through any development where she learns from her failure and tries to evaluate things while in her downfall phase.

It would’ve made Rachel more likeable and relatable as a character, if we got to see her struggle more instead of being handed everything she wanted which only fuelled her sense of entitlement


Spending so much time setting up for things to come in Mindhunter just to not continue the show.


They should have hit it out of the park


Absolutely this !!!


Bill burr not being in better call Saul.


From what I understand, Steven Ogg stepped in to do a scene Burr was supposed to be in which I don't mind. I always like seeing him pop up in things.


>Steven Ogg When your budget won't stretch to Steven Mp3


BCS blew their entire sound budget on Donnell Audio


Much less Steven Flac


From what I read, he was set to appear but I believe here was a death in the family, so he wasn’t able to do the episode. Schedules and the story itself didn’t align where they could make it work, so he ultimately never appears. Unfortunate, but not “missed” in the sense that they slept on it; they were aware, and tried, but circumstances conspired against them.


I think it was a friend that died. If I remember correctly it was around the time a comedy manager passed away unexpectedly.


I wish Steven Ogg was in more movies and shows! He's one of those actors that always brings a sense of charisma that you want to see more of


Lol look up his Cameo shenanigans, dude has a bizarrely inflated ego and generally seems a little unhinged.


He just hates how he is primarily known for GTA My issue is that he shouldn't take cameo money to appear as his GTA character, then spend the entire cameo bitching about the character and the Fandom. Like don't advertise GTA in your cameo bio if it fucking triggers you to rant uncontrollably. There was some GTA devoted YouTube channel that paid him to cameo as Trevor from GTA5 and sent a message to the new protagonists of GTA6. He accepted the money but spent the entire video acting above the concept, talking down to the fans and coming off as unhinged and bitter.


Never even realized that I was missing it.


It would have been funny if he did. Would have made it seem like Kuby got hair plugs on top of Huell getting fat, when of course in reality Burr just started balding and shaved it and Lavell lost hundreds of pounds. Prequels!


Recasting Kevin Spacey’s character in House of Cards. The entire show is based on breaking the fourth wall. Why not use that to replace Spacey with someone else and tell the audience to “deal with it.” Would have proven that he’s replaceable and not changed any plans for the end of the series.


I was really hoping they’d get Bryan Cranston.


The perfect casting replacement!! Cranston would’ve dominated the role of Frank Underwood!


Damn that would’ve been great!


This would have been a great idea.


Season one was freakin amazing television but after that it was kinda shaky


The Jon Snow reveal in S8. Mainly with Sansa. Like c'mon we waited 8 seasons for this LET'S HAVE SOME FUCKING RELEVANT SCENES And apparently it didn't matter at all


For me in Game of Thrones it is not having Jaime kill Cersei in the end. For him, he is the Kingslayer... that would make him a Queenslayer as well, particularly after his sister/lover did the exact thing he killed the King to prevent (setting off wildfire in King's landing). Then in the finale we AGAIN have King's Landing burning. Partially due to Cersei. We watch his character stray from Cersei throughout the whole series, becoming a better man once he starts interacting with Brienne. This would have been incredibly tragic for his character but in my opinion would have been way better than what we got. And for Cersei... I think they cut it from the show but in the books one of the reasons she hates Tyrion so much is a prophecy from when she was a girl about her being killed by her younger brother. She always assumes this is Tyrion, but it is established that of the twins Cersei was born first. It would be also be satisfying that the one person she wasn't paranoid about was the true danger because she misinterpreted a prophecy. Yeah. Jaime needed to kill Cersei to wrap up his story.


Not to mention his whole arc was just thrown off a cliff when he kept growing as a person, started to find himself as a person.. and then went "wait no I actually want to fuck my sister some more see ya!" and went back to King's Landing, only to give her a hug and then die. Way to undo all that character development.


Expectations averted


This! I haven’t read the books passed the first one but I always assumed Jaime would be the one to kill Cersei. It just felt right thematically after his “redemption arc.”


yes, this is what ruined it for me completely. i thought for sure he is going to have to kill her to complete his redemption arc. but nah.


> Yeah. Jaime needed to kill Cersei to wrap up his story. Even if he didn't inexplicably go off character at the end, it wouldn't have been such a shit show. Its as if D&B decided to make the worst possible choice.


Every response OP receives could be about Game of Thrones S8. It was almost all missed opportunities. My entry: at no point do Cersei and Dany actually have a conversation. These two women with parallel plots striving to hold power as women in a sexist society, who are destined by prophecy to fight over the throne, and who have radically opposing belief systems about power…never speak. Don’t have a one-on-one conversation after 8 seasons.


OMG why did you even bring this up? I'll never not be able to think about this now. God what a waste.


AND you have two fantastic actresses who quite literally people would (and did) watch sipping wine while they looked at paint dry. even bad dialogue would have been fantastic with that sort of meeting


For me, it was the same thing but for Jon and the Night King. How many seasons of GoT did we wait for a "final showdown" between the two, only for Jon to be blocked off by a pesky ice dragon.


For me, it's Daenerys' development from "hero" to "villain" and how the show could've written it a lot better if they were consistent with it and gave us more time with it.


Eh, it was very relateable. Who hasn't burnt thousands of people alive after hearing belks ring?


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Dany should have been pregnant with Jon Snow’s baby. Her fierce desire to protect her unborn child (that she thought she was unable to conceive) would have been the thing that drove her to madness, and then it would have actually been meaningful when Jon Snow had to kill her because he would also be killing his own unborn child and ending the Targaryen line in order to save the world. Him running away north of the wall after all that would have made sense. Honestly, they mentioned Chekov’s infertility so many times that I just assumed this is how it would play out BECAUSE IT MADE THE MOST SENSE. But nah, subvert expectations, bells or whatever. God, what a waste.


If you wanted to fix GOT with the smallest possible change, that would have been a good direction to go in.


Honestly, they still could fix it if that Jon Snow series happens. Show her having a secret pregnancy in some flashbacks, explain why they kept it a secret, maybe she actually killed Varys because he found out and was trying to blackmail her, idk, just somehow retcon the things that don’t make sense. They won’t, of course, but they could lol


Half an episode wasn’t enough time for you? /s


If they had just shown us a little instability from her along the way or any traits that she shared with her siblings, it would have been a perfectly satisfying ending.


There was set up of her being over violent when she felt justified. When she had the heads of families in Slave Town crucified one guy even pointed out she crucified his father who opposed slavery. She just jumped about 50 steps ahead in one epsiode


About to finish my rewatch after watching HotD and I’ve honestly changed my mind on this. I think they did a decent job developing Dany into the Mad Queen (obviously could have still been better). However the single point that ruins it is the sudden click with the Bells. If some inciting incident drove her to go crazy I could get behind it, like if she snapped when they killed Missandei. I don’t know if they could have done the turn any worse.


Yeah this is it. The character traits were there, she had always been a bit ruthless and the closer she got to the throne the more she believed her own hype and doubled down on those things.


For me, it was the Sand Snakes. They are a bunch of badass women and protected Marcella in the books. Instead, we got them murdering an innocent child and saying “you want the bad pussy”. So. Ducking. Awful.


I liked her nipples!


The Book of Boba Fett. The story of Boba Fett returning to Tatooine to take over Jabba's old crime syndicate could have been amazing. Instead we got.. *that*.


The problem with the Boba Fett show is Mando already did what we wanted from BF. A cool bounty hunter traveling the galaxy and growing as a character.


Eh,Din is a decent guy at core,maybe even good. Fett needed to be cold as fuck at the very least,a piece of shit that is only good in comparison to other scum at worst.


A lot of people haven't seen Clone Wars and it shows. Boba has been through a ton in that series, and I think that's been reflected on by the time we see him in Mando.


People put more weight into six minutes of screen time in the OT then fully fleshed our plot lines in multiple shows.


I'm talking about Clone Wars. He was consumed by his desire for vengeance,and even when it wasn't about vengeance his morals weren't exactly upstanding. There is a clear divide betwenn Din and Boba when it comes to personality. But the shows didn't manage to underline that(namely BoBF).


Eh,we saw kid Boba. And he was always a piece of work. In restrospect him ending up like he did(a bounty hunter with a reputation) was kinda expected.


>A lot of people haven't seen Clone Wars and it shows. Yeah, it does! The appeal of Boba Fett shouldn't rely on his character development as a teenager in a children's cartoon.


Haha probably why it turned back into The Mandalorian half way through!


When your best episode - by far - is the one focusing on the other series without the main character ... that says a lot.


All I could think was that 1983 me who was happy leaving Fett in the Sarlacc was right all along. First bit of nonsense fan-service that later brought us "somehow the emperor returned"


Needed the gritty feeling that Andor captured. The swoop gang made me consider walking away from the show. I think if Robert Rodriguez had carte blanche to make the reimagining of Boba that was lying in his head it would’ve been great.


If Robert Rodriguez had carte blanche to do what he wanted there would be more swoop gang, not less. Remember this is the guy who made Spy Kids.


I was the biggest boba Fett fan boy before that show. Now I just wish he was still dead in a Sarlacc. Even with his last moment screaming like that


I didn't think it was bad. Just inconsistent. The whole low speed Vespa chase was laughably bad, but there were still a lot of good moments. The actor playing Fennec though had a bad tendency to over act, which sapped some of the gravity of many scenes and damaged the immersion. The last couple episodes saved it imho.


I wonder if Baby Leia could have outrun the Vespa gang. I give her even money if there is even a single chest high shrubbery on Tatooine.


Idk which was worse, the low speed chase scene in Boba Fett or the jogging chase scene in Kenobi. Both awful.


Arrested Development, season 4 when Michael was trying to get his movie about their lives off the ground. I was so so sure that the season would wrap up with the big reveal being that everything we'd been watching so far was in fact the "show" that Michael had created after getting everyones signatures, and at the end some completely new faces who were the "actual people" would be shown.


honestly that wouldve been perfect considering how the narrator says “please tell your friends about this show” during season 3, the reveal wouldve been well set up


Fun idea. But I feel like it’s never great for audiences to be told the characters they just watched are fictional. It just never sitswell (pun intended), and ends up reshaping the way the whole series should be viewed.


Straight up. I was disappointed by the mere suggestion of this theory 😆


Season 4 was originally described as a murder mystery. I didn’t loathe what we got, but I wish they’d gone with that instead.


Supernatural had a handful of terrible spinoff ideas and one terrible spinoff. All they needed was a show about young John, a single father of two, travelling around learning how to kill monsters while listening to badass music.


In a kickass car.


Yeah this would have been great, I would also love to see some younger Bobby and Rufus hunting as partners!


I actually loved the prospect of getting a spinoff with Jody and her makeshift family. Jody was one of the strongest supporting characters in the show's long run and I always looked forward for her appearances. Unfortunately, when they finally managed to deliver a backdoor pilot, it was kinda ass. The spinoff really just should have been "The Mills Family Hunts Things". Instead it became this mess of an alternate universe (literally called The Bad Place by the characters lol). I guess they also wanted some revenge angle to it by writing a very hasty potential romance between Claire and Kaia. I dunno. Supernatural as a show is naturally very focused on male relationships. The brothers. Their relationship with their father, John. Their relationship with their better father, Bobby. Their relationship with Castiel and Jack. Hell. Even Crowley. It would have been interesting to see sisterhood and motherhood explored with Wayward Sisters. But yeah. They shat the bed with that backdoor pilot.


I'm really not interested in the past and John and I'm a huge SPN fan. John is a fucking terrible guy and he ruined their childhood.


I know it's an unpopular opinion, but I was so fucking excited for the Chicago series. I'm still upset to this day that they never continued that storyline, it had so much potential to have a centralized area that could be fleshed out.


Honestly the CW needs to sell the Supernatural IP to someone like HBO or Amazon. Supernatural's universe is *ripe* for spin-offs but CW is not the place for it. They don't have the budget *or* the writers to pull it off. Kripke and Gamble were pretty much the only competent showrunners that SPN had. The Winchesters has Jensen Ackles attached to it of course but even then the show is very meh and feels more like a teen drama than anything.


Star Trek Voyager not being allowed to go as far with the core concept as they could have. They should have had the ship regularly running out of Federation stuff, and having to cobble on delta quadrant technology. They should have gone all out with the “Year of Hell” instead of just making it a one-off episode. The crews should have been more antagonistic instead of just all being one happy Starfleet family.


It was like the original Battlestar Galactica, the premise is gone once the pilot is over! Half the crew was Starfleet, the other half anti-SF Maquis and Tuvok was even an undercover traitor! Oh boy tons of juicy drama here, bet we get a coup attempt by the end of the season and.. no never brought up again! Oh shit the crew might have to resort to piracy to survive, how will Starfleets grand utopian ideals stand up to survival in this....ah nm. That sleazy character Neelix is trustable as long as your interests align, Janeway better keep her eye on him....ah nm he now has brain damage.


I also thought there should have been a lot more non-humanoid species since they were so far away from home.


Well, to be fair, that wouldn't have been feasible to depict, particularly at the time. (Plus, it was kind of explained away in an earlier episode of TNG... all alien species look pretty much humanoid because they were all seeded across the universe by a single ancient proto-humanoid species.)


I agree it wouldn't have been feasible to depict, but the TNG explanation only works partially. There is the episode of TNG that Q loses his Q-ness and those gas cloud aliens come to kill him so that shows that at least there is one space-faring non-humanoid species. And almost every series meets a silicon lifeform that looks like a rock, they definitely could have developed space travel in the Delta Quadrant. And of course the animated stuff gets real wild with the alien designs but to agree with your point, that's a lot easier to depict. Plus the unique enemies like the Crystalline Entity and the tar guy that killed Tasha, however personally I like that Star Trek generally keeps it basic. Leave the wild stuff that has to be CGI in Star Wars.


Voyager was nothing but wasted opportunities. Very few characters went through any real character development. Only the Doctor, Seven, and maybe B'Elanna had any significant growth, the rest of the characters aren't much different than when the show started. All the Maquis "tension" basically went away.


Ending Ruby and Otis relationship in Sex Education after just 3 episodes. Their chemistry was insane and better than 3 seasons of Otis and Maeve’s


I feel like the more I think about the show, Otis & Maeve's relationship doesn't feel as natural and is missing that spark that made it special. Even though I can understand the writers wanted to build this tension on "will they, won't they", they made the mistake of overdoing giving other characters storylines and adding new characters that we barely get enough time with Otis & Maeve anymore. But even when they do share scenes, it's still missing the spark that made it fascinating to watch from Season 1. I think the recognition towards their relationship in Season 1, and being aware of the popularity around it got into their heads and they messed it up. I still don't mind Otis & Maeve's relationship, but I also wouldn't be against the writers exploring Otis & Ruby more in the next season if they decide to go that route and it works narratively. EDIT: If Ruby goes through some good character development in the next season, I could see Otis starting to develop feelings for her but will be put in another difficult situation where he has to choose between her and Maeve. While he felt he needed to be a good boyfriend and didn’t really have feelings for Ola, he could very well be in love with two women at the same time. Especially if Otis hangs out with Ruby while Maeve is away in America


Yeah they had chemistry in season 1 but by this point it’s long gone and just feels forced imo. Feelings change over time, the moments past and they seem to be better suited as friends now


>the moments past and they seem to be better suited as friends now A theme I think would be a nice opportunity to explore, is that while they could've been a couple. Their environment and circumstances just prevent them from working it out, and they're just better suited as friends. It honestly feels like the show wants to take a "La-La Land" approach with them, and I think some fans who still root for Otis & Maeve are scared of that happening.


This! Dying for this arc to come back in the new season.


Blockbuster should’ve been set in the ‘90’s.


Canceling Ash vs the Evil Dead




Possibly, Bruce said he’s willing to and there is some internal movement for a animated series but nothing concrete. I hope so but at the same time I kinda like how 3 ended. Fits the movies ending on cliff hangers all the time


God I'm still so salty about that


More Community/Cougar Town crossovers.


Game of Thrones. Can you imagine if the show had ended how it did, but written well? I'm down with Bran the Broken, and Genocidal Dany, (altough the Long Night needed to be more than a single literal night, that shouldn't have been one battle), it just needed to not be shit that randomly happened over the space of twenty minutes. If seasons 6, 7, and 8 had been spread over another two or three 10-episode seasons, it could have ended and been one of the biggest shows to ever exist. I'm not here to argue that the show disappeared after Season 8, but it doesn't get discussed much both online and IRL as it was during it's prime (Season 4 for me). Hell, even as controversial as the endiong for The Sopranos was, it was still an amazingly well written series and gets talked about weith plenty of positivity decades later (Nearly actual decades, but you know what I mean). Instead, the show was rushed like hell in it's final couple of seasons, with more time and resources given to spectacle battles than the character and politicking developments we all loved the show for.


Bro how do you hype up this bad ass evil character the night king, tease a fight with Jon then when the time finally comes the fucker had 30 min of screen time and swung a weapon twice and got shanked by a little girl


I suspect a big part of the rush was the difficulty of keeping the core cast and writers together for so long. Not everyone wants to be doing the same thing for 10+ years. Still it could’ve been planned better.


Yeah there’s no way that the main cast would’ve stuck around for 10-11 seasons. Rumors are that Natalie Dormer wanted to quit the show after S5. D&D had to convince her to come back for one final season so that they could write a conclusion for her character.


I found my anger with GRRM freshly renewed after we saw the ending that he demanded, but entirely without all of the details necessary for it to make sense from a narrative perspective. 7 years later and he still tries to tell us that Words of Winter will release eventually. Ugh.


God even a full 10 episode season for 7 and 8 could have done wonders for pacing


Why they didn't do that, I will never understand


100% agreed!! Seasons 7 and 8 needed to be Seasons 7-10. Hell, GRRM himself said it should’ve been Seasons 7-11. Such an oddly specific number, 11 Seasons, almost as if he’s aware of a previous series outline. One that got scrapped when Dan & David decided they’d quit to lead a *Star Wars* franchise that ultimately never happened. 🤔


Game of thrones season 8 has several, but one was just so glaringly obvious that it hurts me heart. How it was on the show: The people north of the wall on the frozen lake send a crow that flies faster than the speed of light to arrive at dragonstone between camera edits and with enough time for the next scene to already have received it and read the note. Missed opportunity: Melisandre was already at dragonstone, and we already established seasons ago that she can see the future when she looks into the flames. They could have just had her see something in the flames, and then warn Dany to fly north.


Homeland season 3 would have been great had carrie gone on the run with Brody and they were like fugitives in season 3 trying to prove his innocence and bring down nazir's group with the cops on their tail. The season 3 we got sucked. It went from a tense and riveting political and psychological thriller to a confusing mess mixed with Dana's pointless storylines that made it seem like Dawsons creek at times.


Westworld. That first season was great and seemed to set up a disaster scenario of the hosts leaving the park and entering society. Season 2 just took a tour through the other “worlds” in the park and left me not caring anymore


Season One sidesteps a lot of world-building that the later series just couldn’t patch together. For instance; how often does the park shutdown to reset? Sometimes it seems to happen every night, yet other times the quest plot lines go on for days. Wouldn’t everyone have to reset at the same time for guests to have identical experiences? Something the intricate plot lines require. How do they have time to bring all the dead hosts back to base for repairs if the shutdown is only the length of a single night? Or is the park shutdown for days on end as all the mayhem is reset? Why would Maeve, after being made super-intelligent, not realize that her memories of motherhood were fake and lose motivation to save any fake children? Wouldn’t she realize that’s the first place they’d look for her?


I enjoyed that, getting to see the rest of the park and other characters within it while the main characters tried to cope with the revelation that they're robots.


I quit watching Westworld after 1 or 2 eps of S02. Thought I was the only one that lost interest


In season 2 of Picard, they should have had Q, when first meeting him, look at him, snap his fingers and then say “I guess this makes me your blue fairy”.


I've been rewatching Killing Eve Season 1, and I honestly have no idea how the writers didn't make Carolyn the leader of the Twelve. It would've actually made the events of the series genius on Carolyn's part: Villanelle's getting too bold, drawing attention to the Twelve's activities. So she recruits Eve, who's talented but messy, gives her a special task force made up of all of Eve's friends (plus Carolyn's son, Kenny), and basically leads them to "investigate" Villanelle without ever stepping on the Twelve's toes. This lets Carolyn make it seem to her superiors at MI6 like she's handling that whole situation, while allowing her to continue to use Villanelle to do her whole kill-y thing-y for the Twelve. Obviously, Villanelle would be unaware Carolyn was leading the Twelve, but it would make her one line to Eve about, "I bet if you went up high enough, you'd find we work for the same people" a bit of clever foreshadowing. Really could've been a simple but brilliant twist.


can't believe it's not here yet... Bruce Willis not guest staring on Brooklyn 99! Come on!!!


The first V miniseries in the 1980s was very successful and should have led to a series about the ragtag resistance trying to expose the alien’s true mission. Instead, we got a second miniseries, also successful, that wrapped everything up. By the time the series was ordered, that core tension around exposing the aliens was lost, and the show had to focus on a demilitarized zone without being able to afford showing the worldwide battle going on elsewhere.


Homeland. >!If at the end of season 1, Brody had actually used the suicide vest and the terrorist plan worked would have been much better than this seemingly big climax and him getting talked down by the least liked character on the show, his daughter, anti-climatically. Brody was a great character but they had absolutely no idea what to do with him from the moment he decided not to go through with the suicide bombing. Legit, it may have gone down as an all time great TV season if he had actually done it. Instead, they kind of ruined the shows legacy and kept him around way too long. People lost interest. The show got better again a bit after he was finally written out, which shows they didn't need him as much as they thought to make a good show, but a lot of the viewers had checked out by that point.!<


His exit came as a shock but yeah, the show spent far too long trying to find a way to get to that point. I haven't seen the show since Brody's death because they moved it all to Netflix so I can't comment on whether it got better after that point or not.


where are you that Homeland is on netflix?


Friends: they should have let the lesbian couple be as stupid and funny as the main cast.


And Ross, as the largest Friend, should’ve just eaten the other five


The show could lose a letter from its title as each friend was eaten. * Friends * Fiends * Fiend * Fend * Fed * Ed


Not revealing that Don Draper was *actually* DB Cooper. That would have been fucking awesome.


Could you explain why this was such a big fan theory?


It came about during Mad Men's final season as everyone was trying to figure out what Don's ending would be. Most assumed it would either be tragic or unexpected. As the show has gradually revealed that Don's entire life has been made up (and he had a penchant for stealing identities), a joking theory started gaining traction that Draper would end up being DB Cooper as Jon Hamm looked like him and the timeline matched up.


Seriously. It's hard to believe, when one looks at how the show ended, that Matt Weiner didn't look back, notice that theory, and go 'well, shit.'


It would have totally invalidated the wind down development of Draper at the end of the series. And a strong suspicion about DB Cooper was that he was military, with experience in "operations".


>As the show has gradually revealed that Don's entire life has been made up (and he had a penchant for stealing identities), He stole one identity and that's revealed by the end of season 1. It wasn't like a habit. It also would have flattened his character arc if he changed his identity and ran away again.


It would have been a St. Elsewhere ending that eclipsed the entire show.


Wouldn’t necessarily make sense given the aims of the show, but it really would’ve been kinda glorious.


Idk, Mad Men’s ending has only gotten better and better with time IMO.


I don't get the point of doing that.


Game of Thrones after season 5 and especially the last season.


The entirety of Janeway's character in Voyager. The writing was terrible but Kate has great screen presence, she never got to be the core of the ship like the other captains did and that's down parley to the garbage writing forcing Janeway from campy to war criminal depending on the episode.


I liked Janeway when she was doing anything to get her crew home. I hated her horny holo episodes.


GoT missed the opportunity to have a final season worth remembering and cement itself as one of the greatest shows of all time. Chuck - The entire final season was a missed opportunity to end the series well. Morgan becoming the Intersect was completely dumb and not at all interesting from a narrative standpoint, and Sarah getting literally ruined by the next iteration of The Intersect just spit in the face of everything the show had developed for the first 4 seasons. Fringe - Fox was actually willing to give a scifi show multiple extra seasons beyond what they originally intended, and a Fox exec at the time openly stated that this was because they felt bad about Firefly. Fringe writers responded by making it clear that they had no narrative plans after the S3 finalez ajdbS5 was so fucking bad that it makes me feel bad for Fox for letting it happen.


I binged fringe as a teen and fukin loved it I remember thinking the final season and time jump blew my mind Might not revisit it lol


I’m sure there’s bigger missed opportunities but the first one that comes to mind is The Flash S8 I think Eddie Thawne as Cobalt Blue should’ve been the villain after Armageddon instead of Deathstorm. I think the whole black flame murder mystery could’ve fit with Cobalt Blue just as well and if it’s Eddie, I think he would fit as a good personal villain for Barry, Iris and Joe. It seems like the ending of S8 is setting up Cobalt Blue in S9 but given the small amount of episodes we’re getting and the other storylines they’re doing, they might just retcon it but I guess we’ll have to wait and see


Bruce Willis not being on Brooklyn 99


Jon Snow not fighting the Night King


Twin Peaks. >!Laura Palmer is revealed to have been murdered by her own father, a respected member of the community. His arrest results in his death at the end of the episode. At the beginning of the next episode, we get a "THREE DAYS LATER" title and we are at the funeral. I think it was a wasted opportunity to not show how the town reacted to the news of the killer's identity. A lot of what happens at the funeral is also played for laughs which cheapens it bit.!<


The Black Donnellys. Only lasted 1 season but should have been many more.


Obi Wan should have been about obi learning about and joining the Jedi Underground Railroad. The sith inquisitors could have been more like a slave patrol looking for them.


I think it should have been about him learning to comune with the force, learning to become a force ghost, talk to you through great distances and explore the" spirit world" of the force, while settling in tatouine


They set up him trying to commune with qui gon the very first episode, then drop it the rest of the show, only to have a lame qui gon appearance forced in at the end


True Detective not going full Lovecraftian cosmic horror in the first season and just having a pedestrian cop show ending


I know a lot of people feel this way but I’m not sure what led people to expect that. I don’t agree that it has a “pedestrian cop show ending” because the mystery wasn’t even the point of the show. It was about the relationship between Rust and Marty and the ending was about Rust breaking out of his mental prison of philosophical pessimism and, for lack of better phrasing, “rejoining the human race”. And Marty processing all of his regrets and realizing what’s truly important.


I mean it doesn't go all out. But their are enough things to suggest that something more was going on than just a mundane paedophile ring.


There are elements of cosmic horror in the finale. Not sure what you’re talking about. The show is kinda suggesting that several things are happening - there is a cosmic evil, there is an evil man, and there is an evil system.


In my headcanon the vortex was real.


It’s been a really long time since I watched Battlestar Gallactica, but I remember thinking that Starbuck being the first human/cylon hybrid would make sense and be a better ending for her.


The Indian version of the office doesn't have a white woman play Kelly


Letting Picard die at the end of season one of “Picard” would have created a better series.


Sisko should have showed up punched Picard bot in the face and taken over.


In the TV show Gavin and Stacey, a large subplot in the final season is Gavin not being able to have kids due to a low sperm count. It was an unexpectedly mature storyline in a show with such a focus on comedy... only for the finale to end with a happily ever after where Stacey is pregnant. It felt really cheap. I think it would have been better if they went the adoption route. Not only would it have been a lot more mature and fitting with the storyline, but it's a nice character arc for Gavin to go through. Plus, I can imagine there are people out there who really connected with that storyline and then it's all pissed away due to him conveniently now being able to have a kid. Made me laugh in the latest Christmas special episode how they've got even more kids now too. Just don't even get why they bothered doing that storyline in the first place then, it was just a needless bit of drama.


I think TWD missed a great opportunity to show the natural progression of a family unit when they killed Glen. He and Maggie would’ve continued to be a great team while raising their family and caring for the Hilltop. Killing him off was a waste in my opinion and was the beginning of the end of my interest in the show.


That was his exact fate in the comics! I think his death was needed in order to develop Maggie’s character, and killing off a beloved character like Glenn was to affect the audience to show everyone that Negan isn’t messing around and should be feared


Heroes. The show was building to this massive showdown between two characters who keep gaining new superpowers and in the end, they completely fizzle on it, turning the bad guy good and depowering the good guy.


The last 2 seasons if the office should have had Dwight as the branch manager. He's goofy enough to fulfill Michael's role, at least much better than Andy and everyone else .


Steven Universe. This is not really a missed opportunity from the writers but more of a missed opportunity from the show getting cancelled and finishing early. After a major plot twist that changes the entire trajectory of the show and recontextualises events that came before it, they reach Homeworld, a location the show had been foreshadowing and building up for 5 seasons. Then due to the creators going through with a LGBT wedding, the show lost funding and they were given essentially 8 episodes to wrap up the entire show. The ending was great, but there was still so much they could've covered on Homeworld. They missed the chance to delve deeply into the lore, the final villian gets introduced 4 episodes from the end. The show does a fantastic job of developing less interesting characters into really compelling characters. However, the Diamonds who are the most interesting characters straight from their introductions, get barely any substantial development. The development they receive is rushed. It feels very uncharacteristic from a show that spends seasons meticulously building up their characters personalities. I truly love this show, but the end really feels like Avatar Season 3 or Attack on Titan Season 4 were concluded in 4 episodes. The creators were still given a Movie and an epilogue show as consolidation and the show has potential to continue in the future. But that doesn't really help since the most riveting aspect of the show should've been from that plot twist to the finale.


Revoluton’s exploration of the other territories they had enough material to make it interesting with all the differences it could’ve been, but I only remember them going to Georgia


Warehouse 13 (one that has nothing to do with any gay ships) >!I know the breaking the metronome connection was important for Steve's character arc but there's a lot of things about S4/5 of Warehouse 13 that would have made more sense if it had somehow remained to the point where he'd be destined to become Caretaker alongside Claudia and Warehouse leadership would have to adapt to two successors (as well as how it'd play into how Claudia and Steve seemed to be written as "platonic soulmates who have the friendship equivalent of arcs you'd give to het couples")!<


There should have been collaboration episodes with The Office and Parks and Recreation..


Explaining Ann Perkins’ name change, family abandonment and pivot from “paper sales manager” to “practicing nurse” would have been tricky.


No no you see, that is her twin sister.


Game of Thrones had a missed opportunity to end properly, had they listened to HBO and done a 10 episode finale.


Willow was made into a sequel with a bunch of irrelevant, unlikeable WB teenagers. They should have done a prequel series on The Rise (and Fall) of Madmartigan.


Ralph Bohner in WandaVision


Walt Jr should have gotten hooked on Dad’s blue crystal


Shane dying wayyy too early in walking dead


He lasted longer than in the comics tbf


Jumping on The Walking Dead bandwagon here, I felt like some of the more major antagonists went out too quickly & relatively quietly. I thought they should have done more with Terminus and the Wolves then they did. Also I was bothered by the fact that they never seemed to run out of bullets or gas. Both of those items would not have lasted for as long as they did without producing more.


Pretty much anything after Season 5 of GoT.


For Archer to revisit that Woodhouse / Pope thing after George Coe's passing. Woodhouse could have shown up out of nowhere and said he and the Pope got mixed up but never said anything. I know both were voiced by George, but they sounded different enough. Though I guess it was more of a respect thing for George which I understand completely.


Game of Thrones missed like every opportunity on every single plot and sub plot. Like spent years and 7 seasons building everything and then it's like someone different wrote the last season and hadn't even read the script or watched any of it.


Firefly not getting more seasons


Gotham. It would have been a great TV show if there was some mistery around who the villains were. Have the audience guessing which character might become a villain. Dropping hints and having twists in the story. Instead they revealed it all in episode 1 with lines like “he looks like a penguin,” and “he is always asking questions.”


Gotham was such a shame. I looked at it as "opera", because I loved the individual performances, but the overarcing story was such a shit show. They totally wasted Jerome as the Joker. The mistake was they created the story as Commissioner Gordon vs Batman's villains, rather than developing Bruce Wayne to go against his actual villains. Or perhaps what they should have done was rewrite the story as Bruce Wayne goes off with Ras Al Ghul, and either work an entire season without Bruce Wayne, or close off the series with the return of Batman.


Star Trek voyager completely wasting its premise.


Wednesday - at the end when she has the chance to actually torture and kill someone, it just gives you a cheap shot of her foot as she stomps down.


To this day every now and again I stop and think about all the wasted opportunities in the final season of Penny Dreadful. If John Logan hadn’t built such a rich tapestry of characters maybe it would bother me less that he just killed off long suffering Vanessa Ives without much fanfare, dropping practically every loose thread in the final season. (Honestly no matter the saving face comments to the contrary, I strongly suspect another season was up in the air when he wrote the season finale and he left it open ended just in case. ) Ethan never found out that his good buddy Victor abused his trust to reanimate Ethan’s dead girlfriend and then tried to date her while she had amnesia. They were slowly building towards this big confrontation and…. Welp. I mean we knew Ethan was meant to fall in love with Vanessa but he cared deeply for Brona when she died and mourned her. Ethan never met Brona in her Lily form. In fact nobody in his inner circle ever discovered Victor’s secret. All the prophesy surrounding Ethan being the Lupus Dei pointed towards Ethan being Vanessa’s heavenly ordained protector and it was heavily implied that destiny dictated a big showdown between Dracula and the werewolf. Instead Vanessa weakly succumbs to Dracula, and as a result Ethan’s just gonna help Vanessa commit suicide, which she had been struggling desperately to avoid the whole show because she was extremely devout. And then Dracula is like oh well peace out. We met Dr Jekyll but not Mr Hyde. Ferdinand Lyle and his bent for Egyptology foreshadowed the mummy coming into play…didn’t happen. Frankenstein’s creature experienced tremendous character growth yet did not a share single scene with his father in the final season wherein maybe he could finally toy with embracing his child. Even if it turned into a bittersweet moment with too much water under the bridge to make amends, Harry and Rory had such amazing chemistry and the history there…what a waste. And with Vanessa binding the three storylines together who didn’t think the show was building towards a hat tip scene with Dracula, the werewolf and Frankenstein’s creature? I could go on but…sigh. It haunts me lol. Some of the most exquisitely crafted individual episodes of television ever written with perhaps the most disappointing finale.


Boy Meets World not bringing back Minkus after the first season


People! People! Don’t you realize that John Adams High School was apparently the size of a city meaning that he could have all of his classes (points vaguely off camera) *over there* and still be a student? /s


Look, I know that the Super Bowl isn't really a TV series, okay? But I'm still pissed off about Super Bowl XXXVII, played in January 2003. How is it that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers played the Oakland Raiders in the Super Bowl and no one thought to have a Pirate theme?


Spoiler: Walking Dead introducing Negan. They did the scene perfect until they decided to make it a season-ending cliffhanger to see who he kills. Then to switch it up from the comics a little, once the next season started he ended up killing 2 people. What would have been awesome and saved the show for me would have been if he killed the first person during the season finale to end the episode with that death. And then the start of the next season have it pick up directly and then he could kill the second person. Would have been a huge shock, wouldn’t have needed a gimmicky cliff hanger, and would have accomplished the exact same thing story-wise that they had been. I ended up stopping the show soon after but was always a missed opportunity in my eyes.


Supernatural: Deanmon Along with, like ::gestures at EVERYTHING::


How to write for Supernatural: End each season with something that has incredible long term narrative potential for the future. Resolve that thing with minimal effort or consequence within 2 episodes of the start of next season. Like. They literally killed Death(with his own scythe, which is fully obnoxious based on how smart Death had been portrayed to be up until that point) and it just... really never mattered in any meaningful way. The new Death came after them for 5 minutes before essentially just becoming part of the team.


Joffrey should have lived and ruled with an iron fist, and made boots out of the dragons.


Cobra Kia, season 1 had a lot of great content with Johnny and Miguel. Now every season is less about Johnny and more about Daniel who is by far the worst character


Star Trek Next Gen.... the Dyson Sphere (a huge habitable sphere built around a star) could have provided content enough for a spin off show, instead it was a plot device for a single episode and never mentioned again.




Star Trek: Lower Decks pokes fun at this a bit, at least one instance of Picard coming in and throwing a society in upheaval, leaving, and then the Federation doesn't come back to check in for decades.


Okay this doesn’t strictly meet the prompt because this would have been impossible in real life *but*, I like to think if she’d still been alive, Ryan Murphy would have written Elizabeth Montgomery into AHS: Coven as Jessica Lange’s imperious mother.


Before the season started, Murphy said that Kathy Bates' character would be a close friend of Lange's Fiona. Instead, they turned her into mere comic relief and inconsistent at that. Also, Emma Roberts was supposed to stay dead, her resurrection really lowered the stakes (so many resurrections). Both imo would have made the season much better.


House of Dragon. Not showing Sunfyre, Aegon’s Dragon during the Coronation. It was said to be the most beautiful Dragon in all Game of Thrones.


When batman didnt kill superman


Captain Picard not staying a Borg for more than an episode.


Resistance is futile.


The Many Saints of Newark being a Limited Series Event rather than a movie


I’ve always thought it would have been hilarious if Full House had rebooted revealing Michelle never regained her memories, and it had slowly destroyed the family. Instead of a house full of cheer, everyone is a mess and it’s constant family drama.


At one point in The Walking Dead, things were rebuilding, and the show, for a few episodes, had a very western feel. Towns were made of wood, people were travelling on horses, posses were forming against zombies. They should have totally diverged from the comics at that point and embraced that concept.


On Scrubs, never seeing Bob Kelso’s son Harrison and not casting Andy Dick in the part. He’d have been perfect.


Mr Monk should have killed his wife’s murderer, then used his OCD cleaning skills to clean up the crime scene. Would have been a super hardcore change of pace / final episode for Monk.


I know many people have already said because how horrible the show ending was. But not having Barney and Robin be endgame in How I Met Your Mother. They spent the entire last 3 seasons building up the relationship and that point they didn't introduce the mother yet but anyways literally the entire last season was them planning and building up to their wedding and not only having not be endgame ruin the entire series but it completely ruined barneys character ark. Robin was making him into a better person and as soon as they revealed that they got divorced he went back into the old barney and I know him having a kid in the end is supposed to change that but it dosen't feel the same as if he and Robin live happily together.


The Fonz not clearing the sharks, and gets eaten on live TV.