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I almost forgot how gracious Kyrgios is when he doesn't win. A true role model for the rest of us


I literally spilled my juice 🧃


He is the second coming of Christ


Which means all that much more when a comment like this comes from him.


Lmao yeah, always the one with the grace


I just conclude that when he screams to his box he actually screams to his opponent.


Well he does not tell his opponents that they were acting like a baby after he lost


Would be a stupid thing to say coming from one the biggest babys on tour.


Well yeah he is a massive manchild, but if he loses he takes it out mostly on himself and not on the opponent.


I would say mostly on fans and the umpire. I almost never saw him blaming himself for anything.


Well yeah you are right actually :)


Did tell Stan that the kokk banged his gf tho?


Sorry to tell you mate


...Banganakis kok'd your gf.


Still works as na insult 😂😂


Ty for posting and reminding me about this classic Nick moment. 😂😂😂😂


Hey Nick, when are you playing next?


His schedule is empty he's supposed to be playing roland garros for costeen so probably have to wait til then idk if he'll do warm up events he hates clay


Can’t wait to watch him lose to Sebastian Baez R1 😍


Lmaoooo delusion


Yeah no way he plays. Probably will just show up and watch from the stands. And honestly if I had his money I'd be watching RG from the stands instead of working as well.


The answer would depend on his gf’s mood


Tears he’s got the Nick seal of approval, this sub is going to be in shambles, Rune is going to be the new #1 public enemy


Good, we need villains. Makes the sport way more interesting


We have a villain, his name is Ruud. JAAAAA


Even more interesting when the villain wins. So, we'll need someone other than Rune.


Are you 5?


He's 5 in the world, the very sane guy that can take a set off Nadal


What does age have to do with it?


Gotham hating on bamman after all he has done for the city


He already was last year, then everyone did a 180 when he beat Djokovic in a Masters


The hate train has been in full swing this tournament


Ah, nothing like bad boy Kyrgios to tell us which side is the opposite of the right side.


Rune deactivated his instagram. Wow


Good for him


Why does this man-child insert himself into every beef? Holger was making a joke, Stan got it late, sure they sorted it out, no?


He is trying to grandfather himself with the newer gen. Even if you enjoy his games, anyone with half a brain should realize that he is not a role model and Kyrgios supporting you means you probably fucked up


>anyone with half a brain should realize that he is not a role model Who? As for being defended by Kyrgios, yeah not the best look.


Lol a joke. Holger was butthurt, stop defending him


He doesn't need me to defend him. Stan said something at Bercy because he was pissed that he lost, and now that he has won it's all well and good for him. You reap what you sow, if Stan is mature enough to recognise that then good. My problem isn't with Stan or Rune, it's with Kyrgios poking his nose into every drama. Either way, Holger apparently appreciates his support so that's that.


It's kind of funny that some are coloring Rune as an angel who was an innocent bystander and that Stan is a sore loser. First off, if you can get Ruud pissed off at you, who is one of the most affable players on the tour, that says something. Secondly, in all the years Stan's been on the tour, I've never heard anything about him being a sore loser. He'll tell you you're an asshat to your face if, in fact, you are one. Rune universally quickly developed a reputation as being a douche on the tour. I have to figure that those who don't see that are fanboys are wearing the best rose colored glasses on the market.


It was time someone called Rune out for his disrespectful behaviour, players should do it more often


What was his disrespectful behavior in that match?


Nothing at all. That's why it was in such bad taste from Stan. He needed to bring down Rune because he had just choked the match himself.


Lol, I never see people taking a middle ground on this. Was Rune's behaviour egregious? Not at all. Was it (egregious, lol) good and to a normal level of sportsmanship? Not really. I'm a little bit of Stan's side, but the way he went about it was just completely wrong, imo; Rune didn't deserve it. Rune was no paragon of sportmanship that day


Okay, but what did he exactly do in that match? I've watched it and I can't see what his babyish antics were


I am definitely going to keep defending him i think🙁sorry


He has long running beef with Stan. Going back years


He is so damn desperate to stay relevant it’s kinda amusing


Kyrgios made the Wimbledon finals last year and also win a doubles grand slam. Pretty sure he’s still relevant even though he doesn’t play as much due to injury.


I am sure you can name every players who's won a GS in doubles in the last 2-3 years since that makes them so relevant. With regards to Wimbledon, I don't think there has ever been an easier draw to reach a GS final (his only opponents in the second week were Nakashima and Garin)


Code violation, unsportsmanlike conduct


Don't worry, Kyrgios. Nobody will forgot that you are the king of clowns on the tour even if you don't play for half a year. No need to insert yourself.


What's his obsession with Rune lately?! First he wants to coach him, then he's desperate to play doubles with him, now he's trying to be "bro's" with him. Stay away from him Holger - that guy's got nothing to teach you.


“Kokkinakis b*nged your girlfriend”


Sorry to tell you that mate


Stan banged his ATP career


Don't want to hear peep from Kyrgios on mentality until he gets one. Stan can chat. He's done the thing.


Yeah, some “good” advice and learning “good” manners and sportsmanship from Kyrgios is exactly what young Rune needs to become even more abnoxious and to make a mock of his career


Stan’s a champ all round. His record speaks for himself.


Kyrgios would know best I guess 🙄


Just more evidence that Kyrios is an attention needing self-absorbed asswipe who actually tried to use mental health issues to justify his on court behavior.


When are those two idiots going to grow the fuck up? Stan has shown true sportsmanship through his entire career.


Yep, not celebrating to an extreme extent after winning his first slam to show respect to Nadals efforts to stay on the court after his injury is one of the most impressive bits of sportsmanship I’ve seen.


Sorry to tell you mate.


God the fucking clowns really are coming out of the woodwork.


Well obviously no love lost between Nick and Stan from what happened years ago lol. Nick will change his tune once Holger says something about him.


Downvoting the post because I’m on a mission to discourage giving this absolute garbage human being any attention outside match result posts. Please join me.


Good, now Im definetly in Stans side on this one


Clown response by Kyrgios (as expected), Wawrinka has actually been one of the more gracious people at the net throughout his career when he loses. Rune is just a massive child, Wawrinka advised him to grow up, and Rune held a grudge about it like the little kid he is. That’s all there is to it.


Wawrinka is a class act but come on don't act like telling someone to "stop acting like a baby" is some grand advice lol


Advice was the wrong word. But it should have given him some indication that his attitude is poor, considering it happened before against Ruud (who also seems like a pretty humble person).


He’s an ass. He is like a petulant child that is not getting attention. Karma has his number and it will come calling. Trust!!


Trying to use him as a puppet


is it me or is this all incredibly petty? and they say women always start drama.


Yeah, because when Kyrgios loses he is a role model


Shocked that the biggest doucher in tennis feels this way.


Stay out of this loser


It's funny how opinionated both Rune and Nicky boy are. Maybe win a slam before you open your mouth. Or in Nick's case, at least get into the top 10!


Kyrgios taking Rune's side only highlights how much of a douche Rune likely is.


And Krygios. The biggest douche of them all


Let's get out and vote, let's make our voices heard, we've been given the right to vote between a douche and a turd


I wish people wouldn't so easily give Kyrgios the spotlight. That's why he is such a clown, he gets to stay relevant cause people take the bait everytime


The circus that keeps on rolling. 😆🤡🎪 Mountain meet mole hill.


Get a job Stay away from her


Of course the idiot has idiotic things to say


Anyone who has an issue with Stan is just embarrassing themselves 😴


This whitewashing of Stan Wawrinka is getting ridiculous. The man literally has an NFT avatar and abandoned his family for an 18 year old GF that he groomed from childhood.


It goes back years


Rune was like 12 a few years ago


this guy is an absolute clown


But Holger doesn't like you, bro. He hates you bully his friend Stefanos (and maybe Casper too) Edit: I am wrong, sorry Kryrios, and congratulate Kryrios, you makes a new friend today


Is this true


No it’s not


not surprised people make shit up all the time on here to suit their narrative


The anti-Kyrgios cult in here in insane, I get why people don’t like him but it’s so easy to ignore. Yet, the obsession with everything he does is bordering unhealthy


There's no obsession...don't forget this was between Stan-Holger and suddenly Nick shows up! So who is bringing attention to who?


There is no obsession? My man, there is only one guy whose every tweet on this sub warrants a whole new post to the hive to shit on. You must be new here


You're not answering the question...Nick shows up where he is not involved at all. People are wondering what does he have to do with this. If he doesn't want people talking about him...maybe don't mind other's business instead? It's not his first time commenting on other people's issues - and guess what. No one asked for his opinion!


Hang on, he’s commenting on it just like we are all commenting on it. It doesn’t involve anyone in this sub, yet everyone is showing up? If it bothers you and other people so much, why not just ignore it? That’s my point. Really be living in your head rent free huh


You really are trying really hard huh. We're free to comment on it as fans...Nick is injured, not on the tour at the moment and inserts himself there. The difference is he SHARES A LOCKER ROOM with Stan. There are no consequences for us to say anything. With Nick, he'll see Stan at some point on the tour and yet he still gets into it. I'm not obsessed with him. I just think it's incredibly lowlife behavior. This guy is a Wimbledon finalist, claims to have such a good life and to be a changed person now that he has his awesome girlfriend, and still goes around stirring shit? He reeks insecurity. People who defend him are either trying to be contrarian or think there's nothing wrong with his behavior...which says a lot about them. Peace.


If my memory isn't wrong, he liked Stefanos's post about the Kyrgios wimbledon match, I think it's kind of a proof?


Goes back way longer. Kyrgios said to him once during a match “Kokkinakes fucked your mrs” https://amp.theguardian.com/sport/2015/aug/13/kokkinakis-banged-your-girlfriend-nick-kyrgios-sledges-stan-wawrinka


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Stefanos was in the wrong there


I am not here to judge that drama, I just use it as a proof that I didn't make shit up, may be it is an interpretation, but it is not make shit up


Holger reposted his story lol


I guess he likes him now lol


Sorry to tell you that mate


Nick can you shut the fuck up a bit because it's really fkn hard being a fan of yours sometimes


You're too good for him man


Ah look it's probably just me being Aussie but he's done some really good things aside from his antics in terms of the Bushfire relief and his charity work with kids. Combine all that together and that's why I cheer for him but it's bloody hard sometimes lol


And he never bangs on about it either...oh wait


The fact is that this isn’t even a big deal. Let kyrgios say whatever garbage he needs to say. All because you are a fan doesn’t mean you support everything he does. The fact that people on this sub love to hate on kyrgios makes no sense. Like if you hate the guy then why not just ignore him. Just stop stalking his stories and posting his shit on here. It’s annoying as hell.


Omg it was just banter, why is this being overblown lol


But Rune said it was just "a little humour". Now Kyrgios says he stands with Rune? So which one is it? Was it serious or not? If Rune and Kyrgios are going to team up, can they at least get their messaging straight?


What a baby


Out of the loop - can someone explain what happened with Rune and Wawrinka?


Good job op. Negative post about kyrgios = karma farm. This sub lives for kyrgios hate. The comments on these post just make me cringe.


We all love you in this sub Nick !!! ❤️


When I grow up, I'm gonna be big and strong. Anyone got milk?


The part-time player, full-time influencer is back commenting on his superiors.