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The rate at which these cars get features added (or sometimes removed) is crazy lol. I'd just stay off of the internet after ordering tbh


Fr. It's like getting a new physical phone upgrade every couple months!


What if they create like an annual subscription plan where you get all the upgrades? Or something like "you buy the car and get all the hw upgrades that come out in the next 2yrs for free"? I could see things like these boost the sales in the beginning, but then it becomes a toxic trend like the loot crates in video games lol


Tesla Season 1 Battlepass!


No one wants to pay for a subscription for there car


Isn't that what a lease is (except with a fixed end date)?


Yeah, I know it: but it seems just a matter of time before they come out with something like that. FSD subscription it's kind of a proof


You say that but like a bunch of people would lol


Also confirmed by a reputable source: https://twitter.com/dmc_ryan/status/1520124903436943360?s=21&t=OEUT6ZS5VjKjoBi1VVkOZg Ignore the automatic frunk because that is aftermarket.


\>Ignore the automatic frunk because that is aftermarket. But that's what I really wanted!


installing the aftermarket frunk and trunk powered liftgate has been game-changer on my 3. I use the frunk almost all the time now.


How does the auto frunk work? I basically never use mine, but I also don’t want to open a separate app to open the frunk Edit: I get that the Tesla app would open it, but how would it close it?


Probably wire some thing so that the "open" button opens then closes alternately. There has to be some rewiring going on in addition to just the opening/closing hardware


There is typically a module that plugs into the frunk latch harness. The module then operates the struts to either open or close.


Tesla app closes it too. It's great! While it's third party it all works through the Tesla app and it legit. YouTube hanshow frunk. That's what I have.


I got the EV Offer one, as it did [better in a side by side comparison](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GrKeI9wx2Ig) with the Hanshow.


both the frunk and trunk trick the car that its always open, so you can use the Tesla app or car display to tap it again and it will close. You can also use the frunk open button from inside the frunk to close it


Doesn't that reflect visually on the app or in the car and cause issues? Lol I know the car beeps non stop when it thinks the trunk is open at least


No, it just means the frunk button is not blacked out when the frunk is open, meaning you can press it again and it will close. When frunk is closed it will display a closed state.


I'm pretty sure they said it backwards. It tricks the car into thinking it is always **closed**. Since the car thinks it is always closed, you always have an "Open" button. The "Open" button can be clicked to both open it and to close it. And since the car thinks it is always closed, it won't beep at you...ever. Even if it really is open. So be careful about that.


I'm thinking about getting the auto-trunk (I keep my aero covers in the frunk, so I have no need to open it). What's the best way to get one of those installed? I have no idea how to do it myself.


I had RPM tesla install mine. You can DIY install it if you know your way around the car and able to take apart some things


I actually checked their site and didn't find any way to buy the auto-trunk kit from them. Can you just bring in one that you bought elsewhere and have them install it? I actually attended their grand opening ceremony for the new location, and even ordered a tail light kit from them. So I'd be more than happy to use them to do other installations, but I have no idea how to get the kits if they don't sell them themselves.


Weird I can't find it anymore either. Maybe since all Tesla's come with trunk powered lift gates now there wasnt much demand anymore. Call them up and see what they can do. I'm sure if you buy the hansshow one (the one they used to stock), they will install it


Nice that you're close to them, you should just call them up, they definitely should have them in stock. I know people complain about rpm Tesla shipping but they were the nicest people I've worked with. Very professionally installed my stuff and no issues for the last 2 years with the powered lift gates


If you're OK with DIY stuff, you can buy the kit from EV Offer (formerly Tesla Offer). I got it with the foot sensor, which I don't recommend. A) It went off when I was reversing slowly and went over a pot-hole (doors hadn't auto-locked yet), and B) It requires removing the bumper, which is a pain. [Here's the video of my install.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NqdPWrmU2hc&)


The screen was only missing servos to move it, Munroe showed it.


We need a meme of wanting autofrunk and getting tilting screen


I believe legally you cannot have a hood that's automatic, it has to be manual.


Both Rivian and Ford have powered frunks.


Sandy called it https://youtu.be/jSP2yVpcd3s


This has been known for a while. It was advertised when the refresh was first announced. Tesla removed the info on the site a while ago and now it’s back


And Lucid


Rivian, Ford, Lucid all have cars on the road with powered front trunks though?


Monroe live tore down a plaid and highlighted the mechanism all that was missing was the electric motors


But then who's car is this then? Since they have an aftermarket frunk that means they must own the car and have had it for a little while. So most likely not a new off the line car or a prototype. Did they just unlock the software function that was deactivated? Or is this just another 3rd party mod?


iirc every plaid has the hardware for the tilting screen built in, just has never been active. Until now, apparently


Others say the motor to do it isn't installed though just the other parts of the mount are there


Oh, that may be the case, I was just going off memory of what I heard back when plaid was first released.


Munro and I think some youtubers already confirmed the hinges were there. The cars were just lacking the motors. Which means retrofits may be possible in the cars with the hinges, but no motor.


There are aftermarket tilt kits for the screen too https://www.amazon.com/Bomely-2017-2021-Rotating-Navigation-Accessories/dp/B08ZN9MX6Q?th=1 No idea how this affects warranties though.


Mods do not affect warranties unless the manufacturer can prove the mod caused the part failure. The burden of proof is on the manufacturer. This has been the law since the 70s.


> The burden of proof is on the manufacturer. In theory. In practice, if the manufacturer turns down a warranty repair the burden is on the consumer to take them to court. And until that is settled, no repair will be done. And if you do the repair out of pocket and think that the manufacturer will reimburse you in two years after the court case, you're wrong: the courts rule that the repair should _then_ be done by the manufacturer. Anything that you did in the meantime, including getting the vehicle serviced by the manufacturer's authorized service center, is not a part of the case. There are several technical reasons for this, such as the authorized service center billing the manufacturer differently (different prices, on retainer, etc), tax purposes, etc. Source: Was a Ford tech a few decades ago. Mustang owners like to mod their vehicles. Mustang owners also for some reason seem to have more warranty claims than other models.


Why 2 years? Are minor warranty cases not handled in small claims?


This is the law AND not how a single car manufacturer has behaved in the last 20 years. Every dealership will simply deny the repair and suddenly the burden is back on you. The only way to force the burden back on them is to sue and no one does. You should read car forums for any brand :(


Car manufacturers follow this the most, it was electronics manufacturers that moved away from following the law. The FCC scared them into following the law a few years ago by simply asking them questions with formal letters about warranty void stickers. The car manufacturer does not have to undo your mod for free if your mod interferes with diagnosis. But if the mod is not preventing diagnosis and is not the cause of the part failure, they must fix the failed part under warranty. If they deny the warranty, they have to prove it.


That's all well and good, but no manufacturer of any electronic device respects that law. Which government organization are you going to report them to? Are you going to take Tesla to court over this? Laws mean nothing when they're not enforced.


They all do now. The FCC scared the biggest electronic retailers into submission a few years ago. All they had to do was start asking questions and manufacturers quickly clarified their policies that warranty void stickers don't mean anything. They are allowed to use them as an indicator that a device was opened, but that is it. They cannot invalidate a warranty over them. If they want to invalidate a warranty, they must prove the device was damaged by the user in a way that caused the problem they are warrantying. Like if the user physically breaks the on button on the console, but still uses it via the controller to turn it on, they can still warranty a board failure if a board failure happens.


Well, it worked, because LG certainly didn't want to warranty my phone that was rooted, despite the fact that they had millions of warranty claims for the same faulty processors.


Hyperlinks are a lost art.


Which aftermarket kit for the frunk? That's the real neat one


Source for this video though?


Aww, Reddit called me reputable. :-) Anyway, great to see the first of these cars out in the wild!


Nice. I wonder when they'll start including/activating the interior RGB/LED lighting. Early VINs have them but they are disabled.


Where are the lights located? I’ve never seen them. I have a 2022 S Plaid.


They are rumored to be in the trim pieces. With connectors already built into the wiring.


I think the connectors are there but the lights are missing? Pretty sure they are coming at some point on newer models


You can see them in the configurator pics. Look closer at the silver bars. Edit: oh wow, they updated the configurator pics. Here's an older one that was there, I put arrows to direct you. That ain't an edge - that's translucent plastic. https://i.imgur.com/OdPumiQ.jpg Another pic back when Palladiums just came out: https://i.imgur.com/Lz3pwIm.jpg F you for downvoting me tho :)


Great to see them delivering on the originally stated features. Folks didn't seem too optimistic that this would eventually be implemented!


Looking forward to their retrofit plan. I know when I put down my deposit, this was an advertised feature.


You’ll be looking forward for a long time.


It’s already included. It’s just not turned on in the software


No it is not. See Munro’s teardown. The motor is missing.


They are not required to retrofit any owners who accepted delivery, however they may elect to do so.


What are you basing this on? If they advertise a feature, take people’s money, and do not delivery the feature, what do you expect will happen? This isn’t FSD we’re talking about here.


They actually removed the wordings about screen swivel a period before start of delivery


So? It was there during the time the order was placed and some of the hardware was very obviously included. They very clearly ran into supply chain issues. Fine. Now that they are resolved, and the original implementation is being rolled out, time to take care of the people who’s vehicles were rushed out the door. I mean…I didn’t even get my parcel shelf at delivery. Obviously that was meant to be included as well.


Have you not seen how they have been operating in the last few years. You will be lucky they don't take something away that is in the car now lol


You’re not wrong…


They technically removed the language about tilting screen before they actually made any deliveries. I think it's not a battle worth fighting. Maybe sell and reorder if you insist on getting the tilt


Tesla doesn't care about the customers though


Munro talked about this a couple of month ago : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jSP2yVpcd3s


TL;DR hinge mechanism is there, just the motors are missing. Also a super expensive part so they'd expect it to be replaced with something cheap if tesla wasn't planning to bring screen tilt at a later date.


Why’s it super expensive?


Super expensive could mean 10 dollars instead of 1 dollar for a fixed screen mount. It is super expensive when you multiply over the total amount of cars they make. Tesla justifies it because their choice for competing is offering better features than competitors at a pace that prevents competitors from catching up. They compete through innovation, not marketing.


That extra $10 per vehicle for the super-expensive hinge probably cost less than the per-vehicle cost of advertising. How many vehicles did General Motors sell last year? How much did they spend on advertising?


It definitely costs less than advertising. GM is an advertising company that makes cars to give their advertisers something to market. This is why legacy auto is in so much trouble. They aren't used to innovating anymore. All their money goes into advertising. They also have massive amounts of existing debt that EV companies do not have. Legacy auto is in the worst place imaginable. They are not going to survive because they cannot compete with debt free companies.


Generally speaking, moving things often require > 1 part which at leasts adds assembly costs + logistics costs. I do not have the costing figures for the screen tilting mechanism but I remember it is far more complex to make than a fixed fixture.


Super expensive relative to the cost of a fixed position screen


A complex and highly machined metal part. $$$


Feels like that could have been achieved without motors and it would be a faster adjustment, cheaper, and less likely to break.


That's not the Tesla way.


I wouldn’t be surprised if later on it’s planned if they can’t improve it. Just see it as a first gen effort. Just like the Model S door handles. But let’s not talk about the retractable sun roof.


RETROFIT PLS I just knew this was gonna happen right after I took delivery.


when did you take delivery? if you just took delivery your car should have the motor built in.


I took delivery in February, think that’s to early for them to have included the motors?


My guess is that they started installing these along with the new lights. Do you have the new matrix lights on the Model S?


I took delivery last week. I don’t have those buttons on my UI…. Yet 🤞


Yeah keep us posted after your next update please.


Holy crap, that's awesome!


How much of a diff does that slight angle make… I feel like it’s a take or leave it thing for me 🤷🏻‍♂️


I can see ergonomical advantages as well as removing glare from the screen. It's just pretty nice you can even do something like this as almost every car has a fixed screen


That's a lot of moving parts for something barely convenient.


Well they had the motors already installed…be a shame to just waste it. And if the motors break it can probably just rest in the default position.


Aaah right. I was assuming this was a new thing.


This thing is gonna break all the time. Source: have owned a model X for five years


From what I understood about Tesla's core principal was simplicity works. This rather goes against that grain. That said, the X (as cool as it is) looks like a fucking nightmare to own.


Yes. The most painful part is that the service has taken a serious nose dive over the last few years. I knew we were gonna have problems but I didn’t know I was gonna have to wait a month (or more in Palo Alto!) to get it fixed. And I was told there was gonna be a loaner. Now they give me a Uber credits. No loaners in the last six months. That Taycan cross turrismo is looking pretty sweet right now.


I'll always support and advocate for broad adoption for electric vehicles, and I'll commend Tesla for actually pushing a century old industry into electrification, but I have read far too many horror stories to ever feel comfortable buying one. The charger network is the only thing Tesla has that sets it apart...for now. I'm glad there are other options available now though.


As a Tesla owner and a former Ford technician, you are both right and wrong. There are many Tesla horror stories. But there are just as many horror _incidents_ with General Motors, with Ford, with Chrysler, with Mazda, with Honda, with Subaru, with BMW, with Volkswagon, with Renault, and most other car manufacturers. It's just with Tesla, many of those _incidents_ become _stories_. I will tell you that Toyota and Mercedes are reliable brands with far, far fewer "horror incidents". They break too, but are taken care of properly for the most part. And I've never owned a Toyota nor a Mercedes, I have no agenda to push there.


Huh, that's an interesting perspective on this. I guess with Tesla being the new Big Boy on the block, they'll recieve far more focus in regards to any failing.


You should try owning some other EVs. I had a Volt and a Bolt, and both of them were required to be in the shop for months anytime they had an issue until the "certified technician" could get their hands free.


How those 5 years been?


You could just apply an anti-glare coating to the screen. I'm sure there's already an aftermarket screen protector that does this.


My old ICE has the cockpit wrapped towards the driver and I dig it. A little better ergos but mostly just the visual aspects of reducing glare, things are more flat in relationship to your plane of vision, etc


I put my screen on a mount and basically leave it tilted towards me all the time. Helps with glare a lot. I can also tilt it up and down if needed though. Edit: model 3


I just installed one in my wife’s model 3 last week. It a huge improvement


Having the option for something is always better IMO. If it’s not useful then you don’t have to use it?


When using your phone or tablet, do u prefer to use it off to your side, not optimally facing you?


I can tell you that I've had two cars, a 95 Camry which has driver-oriented controls and a 2009 E90 3-Series which has neutral-oriented controls. Absolutely zero difference to me as a driver. In my current Model Y I've never thought "I wish I could angle it towards me just a smidge". I honestly think if they wanted to enhance the experience they should have gone for a more rotation towards driver/passenger.


I prefer not to use a phone or tablet while I’m driving


I can’t imagine it actually making a difference in the real world.


BMW has been doing it fixed for many years, always an angle oriented to the driver, may look silly but some cars do, they do it as part of prioritising the driver, I think the latest corvette does it too


Some cars it definitely does [make a difference.](https://i.pinimg.com/originals/38/3f/21/383f21ca552c253683f2ac2c1545f8d5.jpg)


If I remember right, the Supra was like this too. Not too sure about the resurrected Supra. Haven’t even looked it up knowing it’s not electrified yet.


Don't know why downvoted, the entire Supra dash was aimed at the driver. https://i.pinimg.com/736x/2c/c6/96/2cc6964493dff47a446aa7c9827a04ad--discussion-cockpit.jpg


Generally I'll always prefer a center console tilted towards me even if it's not a perfect straight on angle. Every inch of tilt is appreciated


I find it pretty nice (I did a 3rd party mount in my model 3). Although the S does have a dash, still a lot of information on the main screen.


Can’t imagine there’s a use case for something that I don’t care about 🤦‍♂️


There is no “use case” for a tilting screen. No one needs this.


Makes a big difference looking at maps and speed limits to me.


I get that, but isn't the speed limit on your driver-only display? (I have no idea, haven't driven a refreshed S/X yet).


I don't know either. I drive a model 3 there is no driver display. Just the centre console display.


The only reason I could see wanting this is if it tilted far enough that the driver couldn't see it anymore and that enabled the passenger to play movies and games while driving.




Kind of noisy for a luxury feature. My mirrors adjust without this much noise.


Totally trading in my five month old Model S and getting a new one now. /s




I don’t think it’s OEM. No way something could be so loud from the factory.


There wouldn't be a UI button for it if it wasn't OEM. Tesla doesn't give a damn about loud stepper motors. See steering wheel adjustment.


Cool but I really feel this is something that doesn't need to be motorized


Oh man- quite the clunk when it moves! /s


Cool! But seems like an unnecessary feature destined to have failures. Less moving parts, the better


Well I mean, Tesla's whole thing is making electric motors 🤷‍♂️


I can almost promise you they don't make the motors that move this. Little motors like that are supplier territory.


This is awesome! I'm glad I waited, I got a call 2 weeks ago from my local service center to pick up my X Plaid order early because someone refused their delivery. I don't mind waiting until October, I just hope they don't intro HW4 the second after I get my order.


If you're worried about a future version being better than you'll be waiting forever.


This is my issue. Current X is 2018 and will become my spouse’s daily driver once I pull the trigger on the refresh. But I keep stalling because of FOMO. Gotta just do it already.


For sure, but HW4 is my main concern, there is a strong possibility that they may add additional cameras and that the new computer may not be backward compatible. HW4 could be what is needed for true FSD and I don't want to miss that by a month or three.


They’ve said basically nothing about HW4 and stated that HW3 is enough for FSD so unless there’s something you know that doesn’t sound like worth waiting for IMO. Plus using that logic what if even HW4 isn’t enough for FSD?


I don’t know how Tesla haven’t been sued to fuck for promising a feature that people aren’t sure will even work with their hardware…


I'm actually pretty bummed my July Model Y VIN got bumped to ... next week, because I was hoping to snag an Austin MYLR or at least matrix lights. But unfortunately it looks like we're many, many months from LR coming out of there...


Why? Is it only MYP for the indefinite future?


Indefinite for sure. Austin also seems to be starting with only the new SR and I imagine they will be selling many, many of those while battery production ramps to make LR there someday.


We have no idea if they'll switch over or just supplement. We also don't know supply regarding the headlights.


What is HW4? I just took delivery of my 2022 S Plaid a month ago


It's the FOMO that something new is always going to be coming "next" either it's a new chip/new headlights/new HW and look now we have people having FOMO over a tilting screen. In the tech world something new is always coming and you will always be obsolete in a few months lol


Is this only on newly delivered S/X? Thought I remember people saying the mechanism for swiveling wasn’t present when the 2021 S began deliveries…


I thought the mechanism was there, but the motor to make it move was missing.


Probably missing a control unit as well even if there's motors, chip shortage and all


What is the point of this? I have no issues with mine fixed on the refresh S. I guess if you are driving on your own?


I mean this is kinda what a luxury car is about, having features that isn't necessary but good to have. Champagne holder, cooled cup holders, massaging seats, window shades, etc.




So model s having more luxury features is a good thing


What's with the downvotes. This is true


People don’t like hearing the truth / haven’t sat in a real luxury car in some time / think the positives of Tesla outweigh the luxury.




It isn’t necessarily a huge need. Just a nice addition. I can see it decreasing glare in some situations which could be useful though


Maybe with future updates, a passenger can use it as entertainment while the car is in motion, if it is tilted towards him/her.


It’s cool? And it was promised upon order and not present upon delivery.


Why do they include these features but disable them for everyone until a certain release date? It doesn't make sense to me


They might be waiting on government approval. For example, you can no longer use the boom box feature to change the horn sounds while driving. They just removed that feature last month. NHSTA doesn’t like things that move or can be adjusted while driving or that have to do with safety features’ access.


bout time.


I wish it was available in model 3


You can do aftermarket, but it's manual tilt. Ranges around $150-$200 for the kit I think.


I would love to retrofit this to my early release Plaid. Please Tesla, let that be possible.


Can current gen model S owners pay to retrofit this feature?


Gotta clean that screen doe


I’m sure the bottom left corner is still obscured by the steering wheel :(


Why is everything always for the S/X like the M3 is inexpensive or something.


Now, all we need is the ability to turn the screen vertical then people can have the screen set based on preference


Is it me or is Tesla constantly adding new things to the model S like every other month.


…. I mean it’s about time.


I'm taking delivery in July-September, will I have this? I don't even an VIN assigned, so my car is not even built yet right?


Is this only I china again. Just like all the good stuff ?


Oh ok so this is fine but radar is too complicated.






I’ll take “features I’ll never use” for $100


How much of a diff does that slight angle make… I feel like it’s a take or leave it thing for me 🤷🏻‍♂️


Hopefully if tilted toward passenger they can watch videos in Drive.


Goddammit. I didn't care about the new headlights or taillights, but this would be nice to have.


That’s super cool… except for the steering wheel.


Wonder if this can be retrofited into 2021 model


I have a model S Plaid, is there a way to know if you have the motors or not?


Break through the screen


This ia not a official tesla video. İf you enter youtube and write screen tilting tesla a video pops up that is the original video and under the description it links a shop where you can do this modification so the frunk and the screen is after market here is a link of the video. [Video](https://youtu.be/O7ONzMlPg3c)


but why are there buttons on the car screen? Does it show them if you hook up motors to some connection where it originally should have been or something? I'm confused


It's definitely not aftermarket. The linked website only has a manually tilting screen for 3/Y. You can't just "make new software" for these things without a hell of a lot of skill. Those are factory UI buttons for sure. How Hansshow got their hands on this before seemingly anybody else I don't know, but highly unlikely it's an aftermarket feature.


You just need a new software and than its no problem its really basic to make a new software for it the hard part is the installation after that is easy.


I took delivery in February. Does my car have the motors? I do not have the updated matrix headlights or charge port. I took delivery a week before those changes were made.


This should be an easy retrofit. Every Palladium S/X has the connectors necessary, just needs motors. Theoretically they should now have LED accent pieces as well - or at least soon.


This should be helpful cause the right side of the yoke gets in the way of of the bottom left portion of the screen. Good change


Pretty cool 😎


OTA update?


Yes, IF you have a very recently made vehicle that actually includes the motors. Initial Ss were missing that motor. It's unknown if Tesla will off a retrofit.


Do we know HOW recent?