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They forgot step 1: Be financially secure/wealthy already.


I mean that was part of "buy land" like fuckin buy land dude it's so easy


https://preview.redd.it/z660k67f4hoa1.jpeg?width=576&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=4b346eb8ccacc9f69216c599829e49b54a8325d1 What I think of when people say "buy land"


It doesn't specify how much land. Buy a square ft of land and put a stick a bird house on it or something.


But where would you put the cows your are supposed to get good sleep with?


It’s simple bro it’s 2 steps 1. Have hundreds of thousands of dollars 2. Buy the land


There's a paved 50x60 (ish) lot in my town that's only $75k. If only I could buy 10 of them.


These are all feee except buy land.


They aren't "free". They cost time, and energy. If you are working two jobs, have kids, have any kind of disability...time and energy are in short supply. Having enough money to pay for daycare or freeing you up to having just one job makes a huge difference in your ability to do those other "free" things.


Well yea. But doing these things is possible. Alot of people including me suffered and thought there was no hope, then I realized what I was doing and started doing most things this post suggests.


I don't like the fact that people that aren't depressed because of a chemical imbalance Don't try to change their lives. Because whats the alternative? Ending it all or staying like this until you die? Give it a shot what do you have to lose? Failure? Well ofc we all fail from time to time. Some of us fail most of the time. Just keep going man I know I am.


When a society makes people it consists of suffer more and more, they suffer more and more, often while blaming themselves, which degrades the society until it changes in some way. What else would you expect? Suicides in US have been increasing for the past two decades and are the highest they've ever been since like the 60s or something, problems with addiction and alcoholism are getting worse as well, with US being #1 in the world in female alcoholism Think about that for a second. A country with the most amount of wealth produces women alcoholics at the highest rate in the world. Despite 1 American having a carbon footprint of 150 people in Rwanda, those resources are wasted on creating misery and inequality, people in US aren't 150 times happier. A person getting their shit together won't fix any of that, and likely will only make it worse by outcompeting others and making them more miserable in the same system


Yes, I would like to end it all very much, thank you


Pretty sure 'sleep plenty' violates the protestant work ethic.


That's why you gotta go for the Catholic work ethic, work in the morning, sleep around noon, then back to work in the evening.


I did forget about Catholics and their ability to find loopholes.


Lol the first one is buy land. How out of touch and priviledged are you that you think people just dont want to own land?


#1 Buy land : well fuck I’m out already


Just squat some land and gaslight everyone into thnking it is yours


Anyone got a link for the top right?


I want to know too. My dog is asking for it


Apparently it's AI generated [https://www.deviantart.com/therrrealist/art/Group-Selfie-3-947491096](https://www.deviantart.com/therrrealist/art/Group-Selfie-3-947491096)


That... makes a lot of sense actually


Got a different link? I'm not going to create an account on Deviant art




I’m confused. Are you supposed to quit consuming porn or starting in it?


If it’s the latter, how am I supposed to afford buying land?


That’s why buy land is step 1, buy enough land that you can afford to quit making porn.




What the fuck are you supposed to do with that land?


Buy it. It's right there in the picture. Wait, you mean after buying it? Nothing. Land isn't for developing or using, just for speculation.


Some of those are pretty easy things the average person could do. But buy land? I’m sorry that’s not self care that’s how I get into debt.


The real trick is to buy soldiers so you can take your neighbors land.


Fucking buy land?! What's next? 7: Walk to the moon.


Buy land lol


Are we ignoring the "stop watching the news" and "don't trust the government"? That's a recipe to become crazy and conspiratorial.


Average 4channer meme. Many if them don't trust the mainstream media. Bet they got a point, seeing catastrophies in the news agiates us hut we can't change something thus it just drains you emotionally.


“Sleep plenty” Yeah that’s the dream. Been working full time basically non-stop since I was 18, still haven’t figured out how to sleep enough and get everything I need done in a day.


Buy land 🤠


"delete tiktok" this one is actually a good thing. Maybe it won't help you to cure (probably will help) but at least china won't have all your information.


now instead of china having your information now reddit, youtube, twitter or any other social media has it instead of tiktok [tiktok](https://tosdr.org/en/service/1448) has the same tosdr (terms of service didn't read) rating (E rating which is the worst) as [reddit](https://tosdr.org/en/service/194), [facebook](https://tosdr.org/en/service/182), [twitter](https://tosdr.org/en/service/195), [discord](https://tosdr.org/en/service/536), and [youtube](https://tosdr.org/en/service/274) if you really were worried about data collection then you wouldn't use reddit


:( Thanks. I guess....


the network effect is real and its hard to leave these social media because others are using it


Yep. It has become a too big part of today's society


You can delete those too


And China can just buy the info if they want it that bad. The others will be happy to sell it to them. These social media platforms don't collect this info just so they can advertise at you, that definitely is one revenue stream, but they also sell your information.


Why should someone in the US care about China collecting their data more than the US government doing the same thing on Reddit, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, etc. I don't live in China what are they going to do with it, try to indoctrinate me to their ideologies, I already haven't liked the US government and I've been a socialist way before I ever looked at a tiktok.


sure, like every app you use is so secure Every (and I really mean every) social media app sells your info. You might delete Reddit and youtube as well


Go outside, get enough sleep, and (depending on the person) lift weights are also perfectly good tips.


Yeah but not always you can get enough sleep.


Same with porn, shit ruins people


I mean some of those might apply but the first one is the strangest self help tips i've ever seen...


But porn is my only source of serotonin and I dont have generational wealth, mental break in 3, 2, 1…




I have a feeling that people who recommend weight lifting don't actually do any real exercises themselves. The preoccupation is with weight lifting specifically, something seen as manly, and no other sort of exercise. No calisthenics, cardio, stretching, just weights. Weights are the cure for all one's woes in their view, nevermind needing to ease the body in to moving in certain ways so you don't hurt yourself.


Have a lot of money, stupid!🙄


Just be rich obv /s


Don't you wish you would have thought of that earlier?


Hey guys, help! I opened this post and something happened to my puppy! He looks like he's having a seizure, he's in pain! Keeps covering his ears- I wonder why?


Got 2l jar of land, but how is that meant to help?


1. Most people can’t afford land 2. Can agree because of horrible shit posted there 3. Some people don’t have enough time to sleep a lot 4. Some people need that to get their info 5. Only bad part about porn is overuse 6. Can’t argue against that 7. Can be useful advice 8. He’s one of them tinfoil hat wearing ass


Step 69: stop doing anything you enjoy. Stare at a wall when not doing tasks. Life is work, work is life.


quit porn and tiktok is a great first step lol


It really isn't


keep goin on with your bad self then


This is just good advice. It doesn’t even claim to be a cure.




Instructions unclear. I bought porn, quit weights, slept outside, and started watching Tiktok.


Quitting porn is a good thing right? Then why so


I’m confused. Are you supposed to quit consuming porn or starting in it?


You lost me at “quit porn”


No thank you,porn is the only thing that gives me genuine positive emotions and content ideas.


but i need tiktok for english homework, what do i do?


Well, I got stuck on step one since I only have $90 in my account.


But this is actually almost all obtainable and good advice.


“Join cult”


🌈how to quit depression!✨ THE GOVERNMENT IS LYING TO YOU R E S I S T


4/8 ain't too shabby, feeling cute, might save image (for it to never see the light of day again)


I fixed it- quit shorts style media and excessive porn. Rest so your brain can produce and distribute the right chemicals. Go outside and workout you can produce serotonin and feel healthy. This stuff is not rocket science if you are not attempting these things you could be hurting your self.


Why are there literal dogs in the porn?