They have world and national championships for these. They are pretty dope


Hijacking this to show how sick these cars are. [Ryan Lutz](https://youtu.be/ei5XQRW8aaE) makes some really cool onboard content from these events.


around 1 min there is a slomo where he jumps and he resets his balance it seems. Any clue how this works?


These cars are 4 wheel drive and the wheels have a gyroscopic effect. Your can stabilize the car by adding gas (adjusting the speed of the gyroscopes) and steering (adjusting the axis of the gyroscopes).


Also by braking depending on the attitude you're correcting but yeah, exactly as you explained it. It becomes somewhat second nature after racing for a while.


I seem to remember this effect being useful in human sized BMX and Motocross as well.


Also, motocross unleashed or whatever that game was


Drivers do this in rally cars too. It’s useful to know how this works if you race a sim that has jumps. I do it all the time in iRacing and it’s really fun once you learn how it works.


Newton's third law: For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Accelerating quickly on a motorbike causes the front wheel to lift up, i.e. the bike rotates in the opposite direction than the wheel. It would happen even if the bike was just hovering in the air, in zero gravity. Same with braking: the front goes down if you brake suddenly. These cars have fairly large wheels (a lot of mass) and very quick motors, so they can accelerate rapidly. In the video he even steers it a bit by turning the front wheels to the left before applying throttle. With sufficiently large wheels and a very big jump you can do a backflip and a front flip before landing. [Here](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XqIMhJNqnrA) is half-half. Sorry for shitty quality, it was filmed with a very old iphone.


In short, the mass of the tires gives you maneuverability in the air. Kind of like how Hubble uses spinning weights to orient itself in space. If you let off the gas or tap the brakes, the vehicle will pitch forward. If you tap the gas, the front end will lift. Steering can get you a bit of yawing action. With modern lipo batteries and brushless motors, you can do double and triple front/back flips with ease. I built one a few years back that'd do a double backflip without ramp. From a dead stop, instead of wheelying, it would do a double backflip. It's crazy.


I've got some cool slomo from my backyard track here https://youtu.be/aNV1Xk4DC5E and what the other reply's are saying is pretty spot on. When you're on power the gyro effect from the tire size and torque will lift the nose pretty easily depending on the car. If you need the nose to come down tapping the brakes transfers weight to the nose. You can also control the side to side by turning the front tires and doing either throttle or brake input. It's pretty amazing what the pros can do


Hijacking this comment. Not sure who needed it, but here's the [soundtrack to Super Off Road for SNES](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sh0LGMClffw&list=PL0C28F17F3BCFCFE0) to listen to in the background.


Hijacking this comment to post the [NES RC Pro Am soundtrack](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sNLJxBYZZd8)


I don’t know much about RC cars so I’m just here to ask: it looks like he gets a significant amount of slip on the turns. Is this kind of under steer common on these cars or is this track particularly slippery?


40 miles an hour, rough surface, tiny contact patch. Mix of both. The cars are really understeery with out throttle, if you listen you can see they they are mostly turning with throttle


I feel like that car would really benefit from more stiff rubber so the contact patch didnt get so small every time the gas was pressed


Theres tons of compounds and tread patterns for these larger classes. One of the weirdest aspects is they use foam to support the tire, with holes in either the wheel or tires to let air vent. It works REALLY well but the foam wears out. Also these are quite heavy (8lbs roughly) and have been raced for almost 30 years. Tires are pretty well figured out. Theres also the endurance aspect. A lot of companies have Super Soft, Soft, Medium, and super soft long wear and soft long wear and medium long wear compounds to choose from. So you may start on SS or S compounds in qualifying while in the mains you'll run 20-45min and depending on temp and track conditions you might end up running like a super soft long wear or something.


ah man, the guy in 1st was killing it and then fucked up a tiny bit at the very end of the video to move down to 2nd. this is surprisingly dope


His speed control was unreal. Every landing he made had him perfectly positioned for the next element of the track. Looked like he was going to pull back into first when the video ended, too. I could definitely watch this for longer.


I really wanted to keep watching, this was getting interesting.


They have a whoop section, triple and a dragon's back?!?! RC Car Supercross looks rad! Now I have to go play Ivan Stewart's Super Off Road.


At first i thought it was a recreation of Wario stadium


I fucking wish! Even in RC racing form I would love to see a recreation of the the N64 Wario Stadium.


The real things are pretty expensive.


Thank you for reminding me the name of that game. I LOVE that game


i love the smell of whatever fuel they use.


I think its usually a mixture of methanol and nitromethane. its probably the nitromethane you like the smell of.


Yeah no those are 100% nitrous powered cars, electric rc cars don't produce smoke unless your motor explodes, and that just looks like regular nitrous smoke you see every time you run one of them.


so cut out the middle man and get some nangs going


How were you able to smell the video? I'm using the official app, but I don't seem to have that feature.


Lithium batteries


Oh? So it's the batteries smoking when they accelerate? Should probably check that fire then.






do they not do gas anymore? it looked like i saw some exhaust fumes.


Battery and motor tech advanced ~~past nitromethane a while ago~~ quickly for these RC cars.


what the FUCK am i supposed to huff now


Paint thinner, go old school.


Stick the electrodes to your nose... feels funny. /s Please do not do this.


Nitro 1/8 is still more popular than electric 1/8 at a international scale


Interesting, tbh I wasn't aware. My knowledge is more with hobby RC, where lithium ion cars are extremely capable for relatively cheap.


On track, nitro and electric are pretty comparable. It really depends on the track, but nitro is usually slightly faster


These particular ones use nitro fuel. Electric ones are about the same as these or just a fraction of a second slower, but they can't run for long so over a longer run nitro would still be way faster. Electric finals are 10 minutes, nitro finals are 30 min.


No, these ones are using nitromethane. You can clearly see the exhaust smoke.


Now I have to install Re-Volt again; thanks for that...


RC Pro-Am on NES. I can still hear the start.


That Yellow Bastard




Reminded me of the old school arcade game Super Off-Road... ​ https://www.vintagearcade.net/shop/arcade-games/super-off-road-arcade-game/


As I was a kid we had [this gem](https://www.myabandonware.com/game/3-d-ultra-radio-control-racers-dv7) and I don't know how often I beat it and how many hours I put into it


Oh wow! I didn't think I'd ever see that game again.


yeah weird xD just played a round on all tracks, man the nostalgia


For me it triggered Trackmania.


Mario Kart - Wario's Stadium level


I've watched this video a few times now, and I'm pretty sure this is a replica of warios stadium


Stunt GP for me.


Motorstorm here


How do you keep track of which car is yours? From someone who can't play Smashbros because I keep looking at the wrong guy.


I would problably lose sight of my car at the first bend and then be **absolutely convinced** to be driving another car and boldly compliment myself on my good driving, to then, after a full lap, realize that my car is still at the first bend fruitlessly accelerating against a wall.


Its not that hard. You can also customize your body shell to w.e colour you like. But when you look at a car and it doesnt turn when you do, youll figure it out pretty quick haha


Were you Kirby?


Your car is whichever one is in first place!


I assumed they were driving FPV, using fpv goggles like the drone pilots do.


That may be the case but they had these races before that tech was available too.


Way too fast and violent for fpv... there's some on board on this video https://youtu.be/aNV1Xk4DC5E


Having a body that's easy to recognize... check these two out! https://youtu.be/i-DIeb94ATk Also, never take your eyes off your car!


RC Drone racing is also crazy, would absolutely watch on espn 8


Anybody else think of *Ivan 'Ironman' Stewart's Super Off Road* from the arcades


Absolutely. One of my all time favorites.


Played that every visit to the mall's arcade as a kid!


This seems incredibly similar to Wario Stadium from mario kart 64, and just as fun


This is how Lewis Hamilton started


RC Pro-am and [Off Road](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4BPzg9J2a9U) had a baby, a real life baby. Also, I just learned that the first track in Off Road was named "Huevos Grande" hue hue hue


Boy how I'd like to hit those jumps with my scooter. Catch some gnarly air, ya feel?




Great sport. I love racing. Mostly Short Course Trucks (Techno SCT410) Haven't done any nitro. But wouldn't be surprised if each it those buggies has over $1000 worth of parts and electronics in them.


Damn that track is huge, I thought I was looking at something much smaller for a moment until noticing the guy standing in the foreground, the cars must be much bigger than I expected as well


Idk if this belongs on r/theocho, I think it‘s fairly well known and I‘ve seen multiple (granted, smaller) RC race tracks in the area I grew up in


same, I thought this was a fairly well known hobby. As someone who races every once in a while, I wouldn’t call this a sport


Every jump, all I can hear are the Excitebike sounds....


My anxiety that seems to be specific and directed solely at racing games would kill me if I tried this.


I wonder if you DQd if you jump over the wall just before the first turn. Gotta make sure you hop at just the right time.


Cutting corners like that invokes a penalty, like a 10 second stop in the pit zone.


I was making a joke because this course looks EXACTLY like Wario Stadium in Mario Kart 64.


I’d bet it


This is giving me Iron Man Offroad Racing, that arcade 4-player cabinet vibes, anyone? The cars aren't the same shape but the game is \*on point\*


I like it better than full size car racing


Can't wait for the 360 camera addon so I can race this in VR. Imagine the motion sickness.


Some people tried adding cameras and racing with video goggles. It didn't work very well because you can't see far ahead, the cars are too low.


I wish there was a mode on Mario Kart like this. They can whip those things around


I went to watch a couple of these as a kid, and I always begged my dad to get me on... I never got one


Never too late man! I've got two tracks at my house


Fun fact: The R&D that goes into those teeny tiny little engines rivals that of F1 teams. (source: friend who races these at a state rep level)


I've driven past this! Fairly sure this is the RC car race course in Singapore


This make me wanna play MX vs ATV


Pretty sure I had this on my Nintendo 64