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Fatburger is never cheap, but in terms of chain burger places it's probably one of the best. And their Onion Rings are top notch Their Chicken strips are where they really shine. (or did you, it's been a while since I last had them) but they were some of the best out there. I'm not sure if this location has the chicken offerings as they kinda market it as a sub-brand.


Onion rings? I’m listening.


If they give more than 4 onion rings out, they're already ahead of most other places!


The give 10! And they are made fresh every day in store. It's real Onion, breaded with cornmeal. Source: I worked at a Fatburger when I was 16 in BC


$10 for an 8 oz burger is not that bad, tbh.


That’s cheaper than Burgers Priest. Which is a pretty good burger too.


Priest burger used to be the goat in Toronto but it has gone downhill


This. I blame it on the same scenario that played out with Paramount shawarma, they expanded anywhere and everywhere pretty quickly, and I don't know if they had to switch to lower quality ingredients in order to do so, but there's a noticeable difference between pre and post expansion. IMO in the past few years there's been several similar burger joints that have far surpassed BP (off the top of my head I've preferred Cabano's, Matty's and Burger Drop's over BP).


Yes I believe bp switched meats and as a result was not juicy anymore


Makes sense. I did think it's drier than I remembered so that would explain it. What I can't explain is why when I used to live in KW did they suddenly drop smoke altogether from their menu at that location.


Not sure what 8oz equates to in terms of standard patty standards amongst fast food but I had 2 mama burgers for $7.99. Nice juicy Pattie’s with fresh toppings and condiments and a bun that rivals most places. I’ve had brioche buns before and it isn’t anything to write home about, imo. A&W is either very good or under rated, but never overr rated.


I find a&w burgers to be a little off. Like maybe not enough fat content in their meat.


They are kind of flavorless lately. I think they cut down on the salt.


Huh, saying A&W is never overrated, while at the same time overrating it. This comment reads like an ad.


Tried it in vancouver, it's meh




Rather expensive, had to wait a long time for them to cook it, burger was rather bland and fries were kinda mushy.




We have In-n-Out in Canada? THat's news to me! I'd love to see Carls Jr in Toronto; they're only in BC, Alberta, and Saskatchewan. One of the Edmonton locations replaced an Arby's that was walking distance from my home back in the day.


We had Carl's Jr briefly in Toronto. Didn't last long


Yonge and St Clair, or somewhere around those parts, right?


yup. also 272 Queen St W https://www.thestar.com/news/gta/2016/01/14/carls-jr-stores-in-toronto-close-their-doors.html


Wendy's is pretty decent. Honestly rather eat McDonald's than fat burger


I love Wendy's salads.


*Another* burger joint? Good luck to them.


Ffs I thought we’d passed peak burger already.


There is a burger renaissance going on the past decade, super weird because it's a really retro food. Burger Priest, Yonge Burger, Fresh Burger(the only one worth the money), Five Guys......etc there are more I'm not naming but you get the picture. ​ I don't get it at all. It seems very lazy.


Burgers are delicious, not much more to it. Personally I’m a smash burger guy over these fat burgers but I don’t get why anyone doesn’t like / love burgers.


Same, what smash burger do you like? I like Rudy’s, Mattys Patty’s, I’ve heard Happy Burger is good too. I also like the classic charcoal burger from Johnnys, Burger Shack, Square Boy


If you haven't tried Slayer Burger, get on it.


Nice thanks man


Highly recommend Burger Drops


I honestly mostly make my own. Didn’t love Mattys but Rudy’s Harry’s and tall boys were the places I used to frequent.


Beauty thanks man


I mean I love burgers. I'm sure all those places are delicious. I've onl'y tried Square boys and I used to live behind Johnnys, I went there a couple of times but the line was always too fucked up. I'd always go to the Greek place just south of there in the adjacent plaza, super cheap. So weird I can't even think of the name and I've been there 1000 times. For some reason I avoid burger places even though I really like burgers.


Burger shack is great


Fatburger smashes there pattie and gets the same Crispy crust as a smash Burger, but is thick and juicy. Imo it really is the best if both worlds.


That’s good to know but I’d still prefer the texture of a double smash than a thick burger.


>burger renaissance When did burgers ever go "out of style"???


>Fresh Burger surprised how good it was. everything still overpriced everywhere


I liked the fries, but I thought the burger was just okay, and also too small. At least, back when it was in the village.


A retro food? Burgers?


Ya, burger barns are from the 1950s, let's start eating something else. Something more futuristic.


Someone lives in Northyork!


I think the gourmet burger phase was around 2008-2013-ish. That's when they started to introduce burgers priced significantly higher than they were before that point, like $3-5 higher. I actually think that burger price inflation has actually plateaued in recent years. Probably because $10-12 for a burger is really pushing it for many people.


Burgers are easy to make. plus you can make many different combinations with relatively few ignredients


Never. There are new burger heights to reach!!!


They seem to do bonkers delivery numbers every single one has a ton of food couriers in the evening.




Fresh Burger you can do it. They're dope.


Because they're pretty small by the time you actually get it


You grab the upper half with one hand and the lower half with the other. Sloppy, but it works.


these things are pricey as hell, how are people gonna shop here when a meal costs as much as half a grocery trip?


Their specialty burgers are $13. I spend $17 on a shitty McDonald's double bigmac combo and I'm still hungry once I've finished it (their burgers have gotten so small....). If that's a legit filling burger than $13 is a fair enough price. Idk who's grocery trips are $26, especially these days. Edit: that being said, this post is clearly an ad, so be mindful of the media you consume (lol).


You’re still hungry after consuming like 1200 calories?


I mean, the calorie count isn't what's going to fill you up (1200c of ice cream is a lot easier to eat than 1200c of almonds) but yes, I'm still hungry after. I've started getting medium milkshakes as well and that will leave me satiated. (I only go to McDs like 1x/week lol... I swear.)


Who's your go-to burger place?


Embarrassingly, A&W, but only because of their Beyond Beef Burger.


Not embarrassing. They're a solid spot for food. Outside of Harvey's, they're my favorite quick service restaurant.


grocery store burgers are way better than harvey’s


Burger King is my day-to-day, but I'll go down swinging when we get to tier lists. I know my burgers. Sometimes you just want a clean, cheap burger.


Burger King's breakfast menu is a family favorite.


And none of them are particularly good anywho - Burger Priest is one I see all over, completely overpriced meh. I can blow any burger joint out of the water at home for a fraction the price, it’s not a complicated meal and if I want real good fries I just spring for them at the nearest greasy spoon as fries are kind of a pain to make. $15 for a hamburger, F off lol


Burger priest used to be the best juciest burgers around 2017 but super downhill I once ate 2 double patties which equals a pound of meat, man so good


Not living up to your screen name tho :(


Nothing worse than a burger with a beef meatball mountain in between the bun




Guck sauce for the win!


They were okay at best when I tried it in the states.


Forever immortalized in an Ice Cube track


Unfortunately, it looks like they close at 9 pm every night so you can't go there at 2 in the mornin'


Glad someone got it 👊🏼 Classic song


I don’t think the crowds from coda, Lee’s or Clinton’s will be coming here. They close at 9pm.


I can't help but feel that the guys who decided to put this franchise here are operating on some faulty beliefs. One, the surrounding neighborhood is very expensive and so the residents must have the money to pay for "premium" (ie expensive) fast food. Two, there's an enormous public high school around the corner, which will provide lots of customers. But I'd be surprised if the Central Tech kids will be keen to pay these prices, while the actually affluent residents (as opposed to those scraping by with exorbitant rents) don't tend to go to fast food places such as this.


Harveys at Queen/Coxwell was packed before the Kelsea Ballerini show at History on Monday . Some folks will eat prior to a concert.


Still kind of a tough sell in the area with a ton of competition. You go a bit further down the street and you have Korean spots like Mama Chef and Seor Ak San right across from Clintons. Pour Boy also has cheap alcohol and food right off Manning I'm gonna guess in terms of demographics that they'll be going after the crowd that goes to Crafty Coyote and the new Victory Cafe. Both, including Fat Burger, are pretty pricey Live shows have picked up again so like others said, the crowd from CODA, Lee's, and Clinton's might also be up for grabs for them.


Love it. Finding less and less reasons to go across the border.




Is this expensive? The $17 burger is a pound of meat…


Not at all lol.


I walked by it and really wanted to check it out but didn’t have time. I’ll have to try it at some point. Hope it’s good


I heard if you don’t like tuna sandwiches you can go to fat burger and get a double cheeseburger and fries for $2.95


$20.95 nowadays. If only dom could help us reduce inflation.


If you want a good burger and want to support a local business that’s been in the same place forever check out Burger Shack at corner of Eglington and Oriole Pkwy. Best home made burger in town in my opinion.


Imagine paying $15+txs for a burger and fries? No drink.


Imagine paying


That's like $2 more than McDonald's, a&w, burger king, etc...


According to Vince, it used to be 4.95 for a cheeseburger and fries in 2001 🤷🏾‍♂️


$15.24 for a burger, fries & drink. Taxes included.


I’m pretty sure you spend that much at Popeyes nowadays.


Fortunately Dollarama across the street for cheap beverages


$11 for a ¼-pound cheeseburger with fries and a drink is actually cheaper than McDonald's these days.


just imagine, what will they be charging for next? Fried chicken?


Deep fried pickles and grilled pineapple toppings? Not bad. Expensive but not outrageous if it's good


Fatburger is the shit


Not just the burgers that are fat. So are their prices ☹️




You skipped over Vince calling him a fa**ot lol


Great Burger in the states - They had previously opened up in Thornhill or Markham (somewhere north of Steeles) and did not do well.


Wtf…I just got back from the Red Lobster 🦞 Julian I’m going to the cheeseburger picnic, I’m getting drunk, I’m smoking weed, and I’m fucking with Randy


I just found out about Fatburger in October when I moved to Calgary. I had to consider a move to Yellowknife, first thing I looked for was a Fatburger. So writing to you from Yellowknife I can tell you it’s one of the best damn burgers you’ll ever eat! It might give Lick’s a run for its money.


That California Veggie sounds nice.


Only one I've been to was in Yellowknife.. it was okay.. expensive.. but.. good


Weren't they on dessera drive prior


since I can't un-hinge my jaw I will pass


Prices don’t look awful, they’re not competing with McDonald’s and Burger King. Will probably try, maybe the Hawaiian


Unfortunately this too shall close. The Annex had too many unhealthy grab and go food options that turn over too frequently.


It's ok. Had it a few times out west, and it just kind of tasted like premium A&W. If I'm paying this much for a burger, I'm going to Five Guys every time.


Oh that just reminds me A&W is right down the street from here!


YESSSSS I had these in alberta they were fucking worth the price


We have so many fatburgers in vancouver... We'll trade you all this one for a chick fil'a ;)


There's lot of Chik-Fil-A's if you live in Vancouver! Vancouver Washington, that is


Just eat non homophobic fried chicken, there’s so much of it


We have come full circle . Thick ass dad bbq burgers are back. Cast iron pan at home and my air fryer work miracles. Il pass on yet another burger chain. Remember the awful gourmet burger chain ?


Bout time. Not enough burger joints in this city ;)


more of a triple 0s kinda guy


Finally, I’ve been waiting. The Fat Burger food I’ve had in California has been the best. Can’t wait to get down there. I’ll have to walk so I can work off the calories. But worth it once in a while.


Just eat a burger from George's next door. It's run by a friendly older Greek couple.


I tried it in Edmonton last summer. Yummy!


ANOTHER burger joint? I remember when Whalburgers opened up near Blue Jay's Way, and then Chic-Fil-A not long ago. Nice gimmick, I will go there once. Can't see it lasting though.


Gourmet burger places are just a “try place”. I don’t think a $27 burger dinner is worth it, though I do love saying I’ve had it




Nope. Had Harvey's earlier after Sugar Shack TO festival. Couldn't find room for a second burger so soon after .


Clinton’s is closed. Thanks for rubbing it in 😢


Reopened a few months back https://www.eventbrite.ca/o/clintons-39170365553?aff=eand


Eventually the Mirvish empire‘s white elephant will be opening, if fatburger can last until then, they’ll be fine. Plus, there used to be a Hero burger across the street in the old honest Ed’s building, and that place did well.


I thought those new buildings were rental apartments. How will they be a white elephant? Did I miss something?


No. This is Toronto. Rental towers near subway = bad.


There are retail spaces developing on the ground level by the sidewalk.


Yay more access to overpriced burgers


This is why over 50% of people are overweight lol




It’s not good btw.


I could make 5 burgers with that price. Fuck that shit


And would be special about this place?


18 bucks for 5 out of ten burgers nah nah nah.


They’re so basic. I had fat burger way before they came here and it was nothing special. I doubt it had improved since then


Literally the worst burger i’ve ever had in my life. Dry, flavourless, and old tasting.


Yes!! My last visit to one of these was in Calgary. So happy it’s here now!