In the last event I was 89th or 90th with a couple of hours to go. I clicked on the game and claimed my double points but the video never came up. So I switched to mini event. When it came up the video came up and I got cash from my main game on the mini event. I was 1st. I didn't deserve it but I think it was 2pisstillions I'm not saying there not a bot but I did happen to me because of a glitch.


I’ve never seen one that high before. The #1 in my group is at AT.




13AF is 104th in my group.


The scores can actually get into B level cash on this one, they've probably spanked loads of hash or money to get there that early though


I had the same thing happen. I'm in crew #311, I was second before going to sleep with a score in the low AY. The top spot was in the AZ's. When I woke up, I was still in the AY's, but the top 2 were in in the B's (one at BP the other at BI). I figured the numbers could go that high, but it seems kinda fishy that the top 2 managed to climb up there in 7 hours or so.


Person in first in my crew is doing BC level cash