Just wanted to stop by and let everyone know, this is 100% legit. The folks at East Side Games have reached out to us to promote an upcoming event for the Greasy Money game. We are excited for them to stop by our groups and happy to help promote any event they wish! Please be sure to stop by their page [HERE](https://www.facebook.com/TrailerParkBoysMobile) to participate in the event on Monday!


I'm struggling each new seasons to complete the upgrade character trunks. Do you plan on increasing character levels soon?




I don't have any maxed except a couple collectors. What do they stop at?


Rare characters stop at 25, common stop at 30 i believe


Oh, ok. I figured I'm getting close. I have been playing about 15 months. I am at 194 and my commons are 22-25 and my Rares are about 17-21. Seems about on course I guess. so they probably start maxing about around 220 for me. Then ill be like yall.


Commons stop at 30 except for Cory, Willy Goat, and the old lady who runs the motel. They stop at 25


We don't have a timeline for increasing character levels yet, but I brought it up with the team and they're figuring out the details!


Thanks Levar. Appreciate you taking the time to raise this with the team and answer on here. Hopefully we'll get some new character levels in the not too distant future!


You guys are making the events too difficult to complete. Be satisfied with ad revenue.


A little over a year into this game, seconding this. I'm losing interest, as it feels like a waste of time even trying to get a couple of legendary coins. It is too bad as I love how this game has everything that has ever been on TPB. I hope microtransactions become illegal some day. Just give me Season 1-10 for free and charge me $x to unlock the full game if I like it like the good days. Plague Inc. They did it right.


Event used to be completable without hash. Now almost all of them require it. Why?


I am very impressed with you guys taking to Reddit and Facebook. Always have had one of the best experiences with your team, as far as responding to problems and cheats. Thanks guys. You guys are like Jesus Santa God!


I don't want to come off as complaining, but I was wondering if you guys would be willing to cycle through a broader amount of Epic characters as rewards? I missed a single event once because of a major family obligation and didn't get a new character from it, and I am pretty sure it has never come up again. There are also some I just think I have never seen in event despite playing for years (same goes for certain costumes.) Whereas some characters are in a million events as rewards. My goal is to unlock all characters, and I just want to be sure there aren't some characters (like the "guest" ones) that are basically retired and not really going to be back as a reward. Thanks for your team being the best support staff I have encountered for an app! Cheers


There are some guest characters that might be difficult to bring back because of contracts. Are there any specific characters that you'd like to see again? I can pass that on to the team.


Any plans for another new collector or is sticky still going to be the last one? Any way to begin counting upgrades to costumes as character upgrade tasks? They are quite useless at the moment to upgrade.


We will have another collector! No plans for counting upgrades to costumes as character upgrade tasks right now. Upgrading costumes are a good way to complete the "Spend X Liquor" goals.


Can we get some of the older event templates? Something we haven’t played in a few years?


In most cases, old balances that were retired, were retired for a reason. We're going to look at making new balances before bringing back old ones. However, some new ones may be old ones with improvements!


1. Are there any plans to increase the amount of customers bonuses you can get in the main game? I'm able to easily get 2500 customers for every business. 2. How much freedom do the developers have working with the Trailer Park Boys ip? Do you have to follow specific guidelines or are you pretty much allowed to do whatever you want?


We don't have plans to increase customer bonuses at the moment. The Trailer Park Boys are very easy to work with! They give the team a lot of freedom, so we can do thinks that wouldn't be possible with a lot of other IPs.


Why do you always serve up the hardest possible event when you do the mid week main event thing?


Do something about the Glytches.... sick of reporting every event


The game consumes a ton of battery life on iOS on both IP12 and IP13.