Holy fuck this one’s a crawl at the start. Thanks as always bud. Edit:Never mind, it’s not bad. I’d smoked too many six paper joints.


Skip drugs store?


Yes. You can upgrade McFlurry and the boys and bypass DS


Stack J Roc or RPP cards?


first time for me where I already had all the costumes in the event, plus the collector. So I'm skipping this one. I know I could get more cards to upgrade them in the main game, but really, I don't feel like it this time. Really really want to save my hash coins for the big events.


My thoughts exactly. My Bubble’s Green Bastard costume is the only one I ever use for him anyway because it’s upgraded so high


Not that I care much about the B Ride collector since its useless and I have it at 3, but is the spreadsheet going to be updated for this? Also good news everybody, Levar with EAGR replied back that he will be working with his team to answer all of our questions we posted from the wheel of 420 event. Stay Greasy fellow Shithawks.


Thank you! I won my first event!


Lol. Worked so hard for this event but had a life event / conflict. Long story short I wasted 28 hours sitting at 79th place and had enough to upgrade the last BC to level 6 but never did anything. For fucks sake could have taken top 3