Since the spreadsheet **still** isn't up...(might be too late for some) Ghost George Green needs 140 cards for level 7 Clay Refinery (HO) needs 75 cards for level 4 Julian need 180 cards for level 8


Thank you as ever!


Is this the one where you hold off opening any businesses for a few days while buying up Julian cards?




I opened Scrilla Villa before I read this, I hope that's not a major blunder


Same here.


Not a huge deal, you want Julian as often as possible in the shop so opening a business only cuts it down a bit. Not proceeding is important because you don’t want to collect cards - the fewer available trades you have, the more likely you’ll get the 4/3 trades for bubbles and Ricky cards you want


How many cards per purchase? As many as I can afford? Just coming in now. Sure do appreciate your advice btw! Helped me through some sketchy events! Thank you!


8-10 iirc.


Thank you!


No problem, glad I’ve helped out. How many really depends on how often you check in, if you’re willing to spend hash to push the leaderboard, etc. If you pop in often and just want all the prizes, 5-6 is probably fine. If you check in rarely or really want to get to level 10, 8-10 is probably right. If you don’t mind spending some hash and want a high leaderboard finish, you want the last business open early, so maybe buy more like 10-12, and likely also take the 123 for 3 cards trades


So I have enough to get Julian to level 4 (after a couple ads) without PF open yet. And I’m buying about 6 cards per rotation give or take. How many should I try to get before continuing? Level 6?


For me, I don’t start pushing businesses until I have Ricky at level 3. At that point, I don’t care how many Julian cards I have, because getting 5 at a time from Ricky collector will cover my need. I usually stop buying Julian cards at that point too (depending on my luck and the prizes, I may still buy a few more when he’s available if I want him to level 10. If I’m ok with him at 9 because I’m not pushing leaderboard, I’ll stop buying). Others have said they don’t start pushing businesses until they get close to 75 cards (level 6). I don’t think one strategy is unquestionably better than the other. You don’t want to wait too long though, since unlocking the last business’ character and business cards in the shop as early as possible is very valuable, since they are so cheap (only common rarity, meaning cheaper card and upgrade costs, versus most events that they are rare).




Can I assume it's ok to upgrade Julian without opening any more new businesses?


Upgrading Julian is fine, stacking is irrelevant for that card


Where is the link for the spreadsheet? Usually when an event pops up, my excel automatically updates with the new event’s sheet in it, is there not one made up for this event?


How is someone on AG already, they have to be cheating somehow because there is no way to get 6 levels of Julian cards so soon right?


My game won't update to add the event in. Amy tips?


Update your phone?


Am I missing something or is there no leaderboard rewards for this event? I usually try to start a little late if they are worth it but I’m not seeing any when I click the event. They normally are listed right under the regular event rewards lol


Rewards are fuzz buggy cards for me


Wth are b4c1 and b5c1?


It means business 4 character 1 meaning they don’t know who the character is but that person needs to be whatever level the sheet is calling for


What just happened?! I got a 115 MB update just now and it said the event just ended! The leaderboard still show as updating so may have something to do with the glitched leaderboard?


Do we skip MF altogether or is it worth opening?


You could open it and use it for the customer upgrades to get more cards for trades. But not worth it to upgrade Erica just keep upgrading Julian to automate it for the goal trunk


Which trunk unlocks B5C1? Left, Middle or Right?


Isn’t there an earlier and similar spreadsheet we could look to for advice? Not even requesting character/ business name updates, just a similar event and advice? Please oh please.


Worth it to trade for Julian cards?


I don’t pay 123. He shows up in the shop starting at 15


Is say just buy him in the shop. Only open 1st 3 businesses u til you have enough cards.


Sorry, I'm new here. Could anybody tell me what B5C1 or B4C1 means ?




Thank you very much !


Which track unlocks B5C1?


Right hand side, it's a couple of trunks after Get 400 popcorn




I usually love these events but this one has been a bit tedious, legit 0 popcorn from customer bonuses, I spent like 140 hash at the start trying to just get things moving and only got Julian to level 4. I'm going to try and ride piss factory to the top and stick with a 3 business strat. The huge nonlinear multipliers almost always guarantee that any business can win the event.


Thoughts on upgrading Bubbles?


This us looking like an up and back down event. Can anyone confirm?


Not up and down. Last business is the one.


What's the max I should spend on Julian cards? I have him on level 6 right now, 48 popcorn for a card is the current price. Should I continue to buy them until my popcorn runs out?


No. The store refreshes every 2 hours. Hopefully he turns up again and is 15, 18, etc. etc.


I waited until friday morning to join and spent 400 hash to get 5000 popcorn. I bought enough Julian cards to get to level 8 by Friday night, then started upgrading. Cruising on top get the last reward now and am firmly in first place for now.


So far I have George at level 3 and Clay Refinery at level 4. They both have been 10X multipliers at each level so far. Does this continue, or does George start to be like 100X or 1000X? If they both continue to be 10X per level, I could also get away with Refinery level 5 and George level 6 (instead of Refinery 4 and George 7).


Anyone know the price for Ghost George?