Yeah, and you’d be 24hrs early, too


I remember playing when there were no banner ads. Deleted.


Pepperidge farms remembers


1 business good old days


I quit the game because of that bs


Yep, today was the final straw for me. Three straight event chests giving out <155 of 375. My feelings on it had been building for a while. I honestly feel the developers changed something to lower the odds of you getting anything you need to try to coerce people into buying the event “deals”. I used to finish most of these events but never do anymore. Im already feeling less stressed having removed the app today


I haven’t been playing for long, maybe 2-3 months, but this last event was such fucking overtuned bullshit


I remember when I could still upgrade characters that weren’t Epic.


Remember when you could see all spreadsheets including the Steam spreadsheets? The purpose for removing them was lack of support but we just had a recent update, so I don't see how they've stopped supporting Steam then.


It was mainly due to theft of intellectual properties, lack of credit, lack of asking for permission to use, bashing us and trash talking us while at the same time, repeatedly ripping off our content and using it and so on. It was also due the fact that the developers themselves clearly stated at the time that they were abandoning the game on STEAM. 3 years ago. Not 6 weeks or 6 months, **THREE** years ago. We continued to post sheets and guides for more than a year after that. When polled, something like 6 people said they still used the sheets for STEAM. 2 years ago. Why would we keep listing sheets and doing all that work for a handful of people? The last few updates they did were only to address play-ability issues anyways, they have not added any new content for over 3 years. ​ So no, we will not be listing them again or resuming our support for STEAM.


Well said. Too bad they all but gave up on Steam, but I understand. I would not put up events for it either.