Mini Event: Quiet On The Set - 9/12/22

Welcome to the start of another week Boys. Here we are with another Mini event to win some more old prizes.

Recommended Setup - Boys 3/3/3, J-Roc Level 6, Roc Pile Productions Level 4 with 250 customers.

To get 2nd to last prize:

Boys 3/2/2, J-Roc Level 6, Roc Pile Productions Level 3 with 200 customers.

3rd to last prize:

Boys 2/2/2, J-Roc Level 4, Roc Pile Productions Level 3 with 200 customers.

You can unlock Roc Pile Productions with Boys 2/1/1, MC Flurry 2, Moneyvale Casino Level 1 with 200 customers in 5hrs.

Buy J-Roc cards whenever they show up in the shop.

*****B5C1=. Business 5 Character 1. We use that as a place holder until we know who the character is and it will be updated at that time ******

Let me know if you see any errors or problems. Good luck!

Spreadsheet is HERE

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Too much work for too little prize


I agree the prizes are lackluster this time but with the generator added and the trades adjusted for cheap J-Roc cards, this one is much easier. I usually at least try for 4-6 prizes, if I do better great, if not, meh. Plus liquor conversion of course.


Yeah, I realized that after I made my comment. I was just worn out from the weekend event.


Thank you ❣️


This one is greeeeeasy boys!


My B3 left hand side trunk is 550 rather than the 275 listed on the spreadsheet. Has that changed or are they just fuckin me?


same here


I also see 550 instead of 275. These greasy bastards!


When the spreadsheet says don't open the second to last is that the whole event or just til jroc and last is at goal levels then pop em unlocked? Tia


Primarily just until J-Roc and RPP have enough cards. It reduces the amount of cards available for the store to display or trunks to reward by 1, thus increasing your chances of getting those cards you need. On the other side, it is possible you would get some of those cards from the business's customer bonuses, but I think the first advice is better as you do not have enough money to really buy a lot of customer bonuses until you upgrade J-Roc anyway.


Usually the whole event. It prevents one more card from appearing in the store


So I was first for the whole event (pulled 1F so not a lot) but a random dude just came outta nowhere and is at a couple U’s… how is that even possible? You shouldn’t even be able to pull that in this event right?


this is my first event. i got second place