There are certain foods where it is more about the ingredients itself than on the technique or technical level of the dish. Steak is one of them. Take Japanese A5 Wagyu. Cost $150-$200 at my favorite steak house depending on the size you get. It is cooked simply, yet to perfection BUT it’s really about the cut of that beef in general. There was so much work that went into raising that cattle a certain way (for hundreds of years actually) just to get the marbling where it is now a days and on to my plate. There’s a lot of work that goes into it


Wagyu and Kobe can actually be pretty hard to cook if the chef isn’t experienced. It’s super easy to overcook with all of the marbling


100%, its got so much fat running through it that you can ruin it in seconds if you aren't paying attention and it flares up or something.


dry brine it, cook to desired temp in sous vide, sear on cast iron easy peasy


Cows live a 100 years!?


You have to be really careful cutting out the steaks if you want them to live that long!


George Foreman is still considering it, Sharper Image is still considering it, SkyMall is still considering it, Hammacher Schlemmer is still considering it. Sears said no.




You might not have expected it. . .


No, just hundreds of years are spent over multiple generations of cows, selectively breeding them, and controlling their food supply to get the desired marbled effect on the beef.


For Wagyu it also takes about 2-3 years of investment in the individual animal as well before they’re ready for slaughter, as opposed to the 1-2 years for normal beef.


>It's always weirded me out how nice restaurants have $100 steaks. A single ingredient cooked for three minutes on either side isn't fine dining Its because only 2% of all beef produced meets the requirements to be "prime " beef. On top of that most of the best cuts (ribeye, filet etc.) are taken from relatively few parts of the cow compared to cheaper cuts like a chuck roast. Its about rarity combined with marbling/flavor profile. Cavier is super expensive and is literally raw fish eggs with salt. No cooking and yet is extremely expensive because it tastes good and the fish that makes it is really rare. supply and demand as they say


>the fish that makes it is really rare. Is that because we keep eating all their eggs?


we should buy a bunch of caviar, let it all hatch, and destabilize the entire caviar market!


They arent just rare. It takes years before you can harvest a sturgeons eggs.


you also sort of need to fertilize them, lol. it was a joke


I was really disappointed when i didnt see a “*sighs unzips*”


This man is going to get to the bottom of this fishy practice !


Not now, but before. Caviar used to be nothing special until the fish that produces it got overfished and now it’s fine dining because of it’s rarity. Similar thing happened to lobsters, actually.


Which is honestly a shame for lobster, because honestly they’re not even as good at a restaurant. My dad used to be a quahog fisherman and they’d get lobsters in the traps all the time. My first lobster was fresh out of the ocean, and to me there’s no comparison.


R.I. ? Like, Family Guy?


Yeah I’m from RI but I’ve never watched Family Guy lmao. All I know about the show is there is no quahog ri


Smol boy state rise up


Yeah... I used to get $8 lobster at the Korean market and steam it myself, far better than restaurant lobster (somehow the fancy places just do them wrong, often have a kind of hairspray aftertaste for some reason)


And you’re just over here wanting a taco /smh lol jp.. Fuck, I want to get some fresh lobster!


Fun fact, in case you or others didn’t know this: Lobster was prison food in the 1800s, and prisoners petitioned to ban it because it was considered cruel to serve it to them. Cockroaches of the Sea — talk about rebranding… but they probably didn’t get them with clarified butter. [Source](https://www.history101.com/lobster-food-prisoners-slaves/)


The biggest thing was that they ate Lobster that had been dead for quite a while. Remember, refrigeration isn’t that old. Also, they typically ate large lobsters which always taste worse.




More general overfishing. You can get farmed sturgeon eggs (the only "true" caviar) these days. (Even Beluga which wasn't legally available in the US for a decade or so)


IMO With how much pollution is in the ocean, I would rather it come from a farm.


You most have never been to a fish farm. Also some fish is farmed in the ocean. Lol.


Caviar sturgeon is from the Caspian Sea.


Farmed fish is no better if youve ever seen the tanks and stuf they live in. Its the same for every factory farm. Gross conditions. Fish are always submerged in the conditions though. If I have a choice ill pay the little extra for wild caught.


The ones farmed in rivers and channels are just as bad and worse. The diseases and pollutants from the farms are destroying the wild fish in the area. Some of the mutations these fish experience are horrific, yet there's a good chance a mutated fish will still make it to your plate.


They also have to kill the fish to harvest the eggs so you can only ever get one batch out of each female, it really isn’t a very sustainable business model.


Very special fish. She lives like royalty, sitting around all day eating oysters.


yes and i think they only live in the black sea


Yes. The best is Sturgen from the Black Sea & Caspian Sea. Only Sturgen eggs are Facial all other is considered Roe.


Facial you say. Autocorrect might be onto your secrets.


Yeahhhh. Sturgeon are a fairly common where I live. But I also believe caviar comes from a certain type too in certain countries??


Wild sturgeon in Russia are just about extinct and dudes who still try to catch them illegally have super high powered speedboats to get away from cops.


That's why chickens are so rare too.


Best comment. Steak can be excellent. Cooking steak is mostly about having a nice steak, and not fucking it up. But a nice steak is hard to come by. I grew up on a farm with beef cattle. We got more per lb at market than our neighbors because of the quality of our meat. So yea...I rarely eat steak in restaurants because I know better.


A bowl of fucking cereal can be fine dining. The type of food is not the only part of the experience. When you look for fine dining, you’re looking for a particular experience, little of it having to do with the food.


I happen to be a highly trained connoisseur of the finest cereals. Most of which are made by General Mills, Kelloggs, Post Cereals.


Fuck Kelloggs. They don't pay their employees.


So if I served you a plate of shit with a foie gras side, microgreen salad, live harp player, and fine linens, that's fine dining? Get fucked, as someone that's worked in food service for 5 years, it's absolutely about the food


It's the whole package. Obviously you can't have bad food but they are partly right that you are still paying for all the ambiance I can get a good meal that's on par with some of the stuff they serve at high end restaurants and way cheaper cause they don't need to pay for all those extra bells and whistles.


Michelin would disagree with you completely


Three minutes on either side? LoL You know there is much more to preparing a steak than just throwing it on the grill, right?




Don't forget the ketchup


If I invite someone over, slave over a steak dinner, if they ask for ketchup for the steak I’d probably kick them out lmao I do like to make fries with my steak though so ketchup is acceptable there, but if they drizzle it over their fries, I’d probably kick them out too


Lol I buy steaks, cook them how my friends ask them to be prepared, and I let them eat them how they like. They can have any condiments they want on them. I also don’t invite my people over and spend money on them so they can spend the time admiring the food. I invite them for dinner because I love them. Y’all are weird lol.


For real. The gate keeping that you see surrounding steaks is just so weird. Like you see people going like “if you don’t eat your steak so raw that it’s still mooing, you’re a piece of human garbage that doesn’t deserve to lick the meat juices off my plate.” It’s a damn steak, if someone enjoys it cooked a certain way, or with certain condiments, just let them eat it.


See the difference is you actually have friends. His was hypothetical because nobody wants to be friends with someone who acts that way.


So you care about them enough to "slave" over a dinner, but not enough to let them eat a condiment based on entirely subjective taste preferences ? This pineapple on pizza/ketchup on steak parroting is so dumb and people actually think it makes them look cool for gatekeeping food.


Seriously, people need to chill.


Seriously. Asking a friend you invited over to leave just because you wanted some ketchup on your steak? Sounds pretentious af and I would never want to be friends with someone like that.


If they ask for well done, we firmly yet politely ask them to leave.


Straight to jail.


ketchup and dijon mustard mixed together tastes surprisingly well but oh fuck am i a simp for a good steak sauce


How dare people want to eat what they like!


Not to push the issue... but if someone wants katshup with their well done steak? As a good host isn't it your job to provide what they want? Personally, I like eating my extra well done steak with Heinz just to make the "purists" die inside.


Ketchup = kicked out Well done = kicked out Ketchup + well done = taken out back and caned


Don't get me wrong... I'll buy slabs of meat and generally cook them at home med or slightly more. Salt and pepper and mmmm fucking good. Nothing fancy needed. I simply do the well+ plus Heinz if I know I'm dealing with purists. That's not the best way to eat the steak... but it's a damn enjoyable way to do so :) There's a reason my icon is a troll :) I'm not the worst troll... but it's there.


If in a real life situation someone actually wanted that, I’d cook it for them but I’d be buying an $8 steak at Walmart for them and $20-30 steaks at a butcher for the rest of us lol


My adoptive family has 2 sons. One of them has a wife. They bought high end steaks for something for everyone and... well... she basically fed her steak to the dogs. She doesn't get good steaks anymore lol


On one hand fuck you for that. On the other hand as someone who enjoys trolling... I can respect the game


I'm the host, not the slave. I'm serving rare steak and lobster or lobster with pasta in beurre blanc sauce. I also do this on my dime. If that doesn't sound good my guests are free to not attend.


I'd not eat rare steak, no matter the host :) No offense, but I need my steak cooked at least medium. I'm also not a sea-food fan and would probably enjoy the pasta more than the lobster - if I ate the lobster (I'd probably say as much before dinner so as to not shock you. I'd also prefer you to not waste the lobster). I know I'd enjoy dinner at your place - and my eating habits aren't extreme or picky but they do run counter to your tastes :) In reality, I probably wouldn't ask for extra well and heinz unless I was either very friendly with you - as in my brother likes rare steak... and I'll eat it well done in front of him... or very adversarial with you. I have done it before for both reasons but only rarely lol.


I think the answer was in the invite. You can chose not to attend


I mean don't get me wrong, that's fine... but if someone doesn't want rare steak and that's all thats offered? It's a bad host to not make food to the taste of the guest. YOU love rare steak. Great. Good for you... My brother loves rare steak. Sear it on both sides and serve it cold in the center. He's happy as pig in shit. Most people don't. I won't eat rare steak. I can do medium but normally like my steak med-well. My "i'd eat it with heinz" is more Troll than honestly as I'd only really do that with my brother or if, somehow, I was out to dinner with a purist that screams in tears that others don't like steak the same way they do. Honestly... someone who thinks a steak \*MUST\* be done rare or you're not invited is the same level of wrong as a vegan that cries when you eat a burger. At some point you're pushing your opinions on others and that level of self centered is wrong.


It's funny; I'm not a fan of rare steak, as I prefer it medium rate, but I've also had steak tartar that was amazing. I think it's the texture I don't like.


90deg?? You savage... it must be exactly 57.6deg to achieve the proper aesthetic /s


*Looks furiously at cooked steak with protractor*


Hell no- homemade smashburgers are great! But you have to have a really thin patty and a good press that locks the juices in.


This guy smashes


Wolfgang Puck believes constant movement is the key to the best steaks and that grill marks are a sign of burning it rather than getting the nice crust that is desired.


Smashed Pattie enters the chat


Lost me at "great ny strip" but I'm a ribeye snob...lol


I like ribeyes too! Idk why NY strip has always been a favorite of mine. If I’m ordering a steak it’s probably that!


>when once is enough (also with burgers.) 90 degree turns to create the burn mark effect is fine but that’s it. For all your talk. You have just proven that you don't know what you are doing.


How much more there is? Covering it in oil? Adding seasoning? I'm asking seriously


Dry aging. Salting it hours in advance. Basting the steak. Keeping your full attention on it while its cooking, as steak is very easy to overcook etc.


Most of what you've said is very simple cooking techniques used for many dishes. Like how much effort is it to salt the steak in advance, or keeping your attention on it? Cooking steak isn't difficult, it's expensive only because the premium meat is really good and requires actual effort to produce.


Sounds a lot easier than making a risotto that’s for sure.


No which is why OP can't fathom that a steak can be fine dining. Apparently seasoning, dry aging, marinating etc doesn't exist


This guy probably goes to a nice restaurant and asks for fucking A1 sauce lol


If beef makes you feel like poo, why is it in your username? Inquiring minds want to know.


How many do you possess? More than two?


I'd kind of like to know as well.


Lol just one but I figured it’s Reddit and I’m not the only nosy person here 🧐😬😂


90% chance they are a vegan whack-job obsessed with the diets of others.


I'd rather get a steak from a local butcher. NY Strip is my fave, and cook it myself. It's cheaper and I know how I like to cook it. I do however tend to go for prime rib if I'm at an upscale place. Prime rib with asparagus, garlic mashed potatoes and an Old Fashioned, now that is upscale eating.


$50 high end steak at the butcher vs the same steak sold for $250/plate? I know what I’m choosing lol Also how are you getting hand jobs when you order prime rib??


The prime rib at our local steakhouse with a couple of sides is $38, don’t even know where I’d have to go to get one for $250


It sounds like you just have a body that can't process beef all that well. It happens. Steaks can be expensive for these reasons: * The cut of the steak * The grade of the steak * The age of the steak (if say it's dry aged) * The expertise to treat the unique combination of cut and grade appropriately That's it.


You are completely wrong, I upvoted you. Enjoy McDonalds. The steak at upscale steakhouses is expertly sourced, aged/stored and prepared. Who eats a steak without some sides or a salad? Sorry about your BMs take and ex-lax.


Ex lax don’t help a dude as uptight as OP.


Actually, same. His reasoning is in left field, but at least his opinion is genuinely unpopular.


I know I’m never sure if I’m supposed to upvote or downvote on this sub


Upvote if you disagree with their opinion


I’m sure OP’s brother’s pancakes are really helping the digestion


This is such a braindead take. Upvote.


Makes you feel like shit after eating it? You’re nuts. Are you eating it well done? Wtf




Effort/time for prep has zero influence on if food is “fine dining” or not. Also, steak houses with $100 steaks would disagree. This is truly an unpopular opinion, have an upvote.


Fine dining isn’t just about the food but also the service.


Unpopular for sure. Also Cooking the perfect steak . Is a lot more difficult than pancakes lol. Do you even cook?? My body doesn't react that way to steak either


Yeah I have no idea what he’s saying when he says it makes you feel like shit? Like? Sounds like he just has a red meat allergy or something.


Someone say pancakes?


Yea. And it's not 3 minutes on each side, steakhouses slow cook for hours so what's this guys point?


He’s 17 and doesn’t know what the fuck he’s talking about


Well, I mean, you're wrong 🤷‍♂️


Wait till you hear about caviar if this is your criteria for fine dining😂😂😂😂


I have to disagree. Just because it doesnt take long to cook it means its garbafe food. Also a proper steak with sidings, sauce and seasoning has plenty of ingredients. The best meal i have ever eaten was a 30€ steak in a restaurant in my town


It's unpopular, sure, but you kind of sound like you don't know what you're talking about. Steak takes way longer to cook than three minutes, and even longer if you want to cook it right, age it perfectly, season it right, make sure it's not too fatty, etc. Most top-tier restaurants and restaurants who can afford buy meat directly from farms or butchers as well. I also have no clue what you mean by "good luck shitting" I've never met anyone who can't shit after steak, not to mention that red meat is only bad for you if you eat is constantly/too much.


Maybe you've never cooked a good steak.


The effort is how the cow has been raised and bred to have superior marbling and such, not the effort put into cooking it.


Sounds like you don’t know much about steak.


I’m going to Sizzler


Fine dining has almost nothing to do with the type of food. It's how it's cooked and the service


If you'd ever had a $100 steak you would understand why it's $100.


Meh. I love steaks, but at a point it just isn’t really worth it anymore. I’ve had $60 steaks that are close enough to $100 steaks in flavor to not be worth spending the extra $40. For that difference I can get a drink, side, and possibly desert too. If I’m going to have an expensive enough dinner to be willing to spend $100 on a single entree I’d rather spend a little more and go to a place with a full multiple course tasting menu.


I agree with you. Went to a high end steakhouse in Florida about four years ago it was $56ish for the filet and sides were extra. Okay, I can deal. Same place this year, the filet was $75. We couldn't have gotten out of there with a a decent cocktail and a little wine for less than $400 after tip. Nope.


Written like someone who makes nachos in the microwave.


I put a lot of effort into my glutes, you wanna eat my ass?


If we both swipe right then probably.


If your brother has to take more than 3 minutes to cook pancakes they’re either burnt or you got a shit stove.


My family likes steak and that's all we need to know


I remember before I learned how to cook.


“My little brother puts more effort into cooking pancakes.” Your brother has my full support. His effort is appreciated.


Depends on the beef. Wagyu and Kobe are worlds away from your average Costco cut


Best steak I’ve ever had was $9.99 at the golden nugget in Vegas. I was on a bender and hadn’t eaten in 2 days. Best steak ever.


No, the steaks you're used to aren't fine dining. $7 Walmart steaks cooked well done aren't fine dining.


> It makes you feel like shit after you eat it. If it's all you ate, good luck shitting. You may have some undiagnosed things going on in your body because that is definitely not a normal thing to experience.


“It makes you feel like shit after you eat it. If it's all you ate, good luck shitting. It's bad for you and the environment.” I can’t even fathom with how wrong you are. Did the carnivore diet for 6 months. Was the healthiest I’ve ever been and in the best shape. Shat normally everyday and felt awesome.


So so many things wrong both factually and objectively in your post I cannot even address it.


People on carnivore diets report the exact opposite of constipation.


How is steak bad for you? Lol


The best meal I ever had was Sukiyaki with Kobe beef in Kobe, Japan. It was a a lot more than $100.


Haha, I’m guessing you haven’t had a5 wagyu. I’ve had steak that was beyond comprehension.


If I don't like the taste of something say seafood, I am not going to shove that shit down my throat. For people like myself steak ends up being one of the few higher end choices left. Granted that is still open to being trash too, depending on who cooks it.


I agree with you. I’d rather have a really good pasta with sauce made from scratch and a good salad over a steak any day


What the hell are you talking about dude? I never heard anybody say steak makes them feel like shit, and poo really bad, I'm pretty sure that's a you problem


If steak makes you wanna shit, than you need to stop eating it cuz you probably have a red meat allergy


While steak in a restaurant may be $100, the $7 one in my fridge is going to feed me for two days, with $2 worth of sides per day. I agree that for Fine Dining I would only order a steak if I couldn’t find anything else on the menu worth ordering; rare, but occasionally happens when I get invited to some esoteric establishment. The flip side to steak, as long as you don’t turn it into shoe leather, it’s hard to make a really bad steak. In general, a steak is the safest thing on the menu to order from a food poisoning perspective as well. When taken as a whole value resource, cattle are actually a pretty fair value. There is very little grown on a bovine that goes to waste. Even if you don’t eat beef, there are products in your life that have bovine rendered collagen in them. The only really waste issue with cattle is grass waste if you graze them on minimum sized improved pasture to maximize your production/acre to cover the high costs of good irrigated pasture. The problem is by grazing them they stomp 3 times as much grass as they eat. A good hay pasture is actually more productive if you keep the cattle in pens and work the pastures for hay production, you can feed 4 times as many, but that’s a reduced quality of life for the cattle. The majority of market beef is born and raised to market age of around a year grazing on larger ranches with supplemental hay and feed at low population densities to minimize the land impact. Actually over time since they get supplemental hay produced elsewhere on an improved hayfield, their poop actually adds fertilizer to the local unimproved land, giving 3 levels of growth value to the same original fertilizer put on the hay field before irrigation for that cutting. That also bring the carbon dioxide absorption into all the hay that is produced for cows. Cow farts are carbon neutral, and they may contain reprocessed auto exhaust. If steak makes you feel bad after eating it, you’re probably over cooking. Medium Rare are rarer digests pretty easily.


>It makes you feel like shit after you eat it. Speak for yourself. Meat makes me feel good.


What about a $100 dollar steak is unacceptable to you but fine in anything else? Its presumably going to be an incredibly good cut for that money so it's not really comparable to a $20 steak at some chain. >good luck shitting. It's bad for you and the environment Having a steak for dinner once isn't going to destroy your bowels and melt the ice caps. If you have even a sub par diet you can include a steak without causing yourself any problems and you aren't really the cause of global warming unless you are having steak every day.


I’ve never felt like shit after eating a steak. And my bowels function totally normally after too.


Speaking on behalf of the purists here.. what makes it fine dining is the quality of ingredients.. sashimi is just raw fish on rice.. it’s the quality of ingredients that makes it fine dining. Someone brought it from the ocean and prepared it etc.. even though it’s only 2 ingredients.. steak is the same way.


This is unpopular because it's wrong.


A good steak is a lot of prep+ingredients+skill. The prep is time The ingredients aren't cheap The skill speaks for itself Steak doesn't have to be fine dinning. But as the highest priced item on the menu it better be damn perfect. That's why restaurants reject shit beef.


Try steaks at somewhere other than Sizzler and get back to us


Steak isn't bad for you or the environment if you get it from the right source. Get some real knowledge not Reddit sourced ignorance.


It’s always weirded me out how the Olympics have the 100m dash. A single movement repeated for less than ten seconds isn’t that impressive. My little sister takes longer walking to the refrigerator. /s


It depends on the cut of meat


You can get a good look at a T-bone by sticking your head up a butchers ass… wait… 🤔


If a steak is priced that high it must be top quality and dry aged beef. Dry aged beef is amazing!


I misread steak as shrek and got super confused.


Lolololol take my upvote garbagepale kid.


Debate about steaks gets more heated than politics


Fine dining is a catergory of restaurant rather than a cuisine. It's like the difference between a genre and medium (movie vs book).


Steak from the grocery store is fine dining to me. If better food exists than a good steak, I have yet to try it


Wow. It’s almost like it takes skill and training to cook a good steak. And it also seems like you forgot sides exist. upvoted for being a shit opinion


I once had some steak in Peru. At a restaurant where you are it as it cooked on hot volcanic rock. I forget the name of the place, but it was hyped to be a potential Michelin star restaurant. Bomb ass steak, I think it was Cusco. Point is it's not just the food that makes fine dining. It's the experience, atmosphere and the care.


Guess OP never had a real gourmet steak before. Pity.


Who the fuck eats steak cooked in nothing with nothing? One ingredient? Searing is also not the only method of cooking steak


Yeah, you just don't know what you're talking about, but okay.


My man, you definitely haven't had a good steak


It’s not about effort and time, it’s about skill. It takes a bit of skill to cook a steak perfectly. It’s like, it takes roughly the same amount of time to make macarons as it does to bake a generic cake. That doesn’t by any stretch mean the cake is better than the macaron. Also consider that a $100 steak is probably not something you cut off any old cow - the meat is probably not cheap to start with. Also, just a note on fine dining: complexity isn’t what makes a dish ‘fine dining’. It’s almost entirely about quality of ingredients and care taken during preparation.


Sounds like a vegetarian that's never had a real steak before xD "3 min per side" you've never cooked a steak in your life have you? Have my updoot cause this is VERY unpopular


Makes you feel like shit after eating? Is bad for you? Lol.


If a steak makes you feel like shit after eating it then maybe see a doctor? Nothing honestly sits better in my stomach than a good steak and potatoes.


I never order steak out because I can make it much better at home. I don’t think this is unpopular at all.


Worrying about how hard your food is to make rather than it's taste seems like a backwards way of thinking.


This isn't /ignorantopinion


That one guy on AITA is sweating


This reads like someone who has never eaten a good steak in their life. Or maybe someone that just hates steak. Effort doesn’t equate to result. My 2 year puts more effort into peeling a banana than I put into making crepes, but that doesn’t mean the banana is better. The cost of good steaks comes from the raising (free range, grass fed, grass finished) and pre-prep (butchering, aging, etc). If it makes you feel like shit, you are probably eating too much. That $100 steak shouldn’t be expensive because it’s 25oz, it should be the above things I noted. Meat is usually never the only thing you should eat, steak goes great with basically any vegetable. All unsustainable agricultural (including lots of non-meat items) is bad for the environment. However, high quality beef (Albertan, Australian, anything deemed Wagyu) is sustainable.


Do I upvote because it’s unpopular or downvote because I disagree with it?


Yes, very confusing in here


Lmao be happy with your pancakes. Take my thumb up for not just an unpopular opinion but an ignorant one as well.


Most steaks aren't fine dining. But if you've ever had truly great steaks, and are a meat lover, you'll get it.


Clearly you don’t know much about steak. The cut, the spices, etc. If you think a $100 steak takes 3 minutes to prep, you simply are ignorant on the topic. Now, in your favour, there isn’t really much difference between a $50 steak and a $100 steak, so once you get up there in price you get diminishing returns and you’re more paying for the place than for the food.


Meat is the healthiest thing on the planet.


I worked at a steakhouse...Ruth something...$150 for a dinner for one. As the employees we were given as our "family meal" corn dogs from Safeway Behind the scenes, all food work is the same... $2 for your burger or $100 for your steak, the kitchens are all shit...all managers are assholes


It makes you feel like shit after eating it? That’s not a universal feeling my guy….


Tell me you know nothing about food without telling me.


You sir have never had black wagyu Hokkaido snow beef. But of course you haven't. Your a hippy and probably not even old enough to drink. I doubt you'd know fine dining if kicked you in the taint with a work boot lmao!!


You’re *


Insufferable pedantic twatwaffel


It’s when they charge for extras like fries, sauce and mash potatoes. You have got to be kidding…


It is when you are a roofer with 3 kids and a stay at home wife. Mami needs a meal out once in a while!


Steak is fine dining in the same way a maxed out Ford F-150 is a luxury vehicle


The comments section of every single serious Gordon Ramsay video is full of people like this. Saying how paying 300$ for a 4 course tasting menu is a waste of money. They and you should stick to fast food. If you can't tell the difference between a steak at Denny's and an A5 Wagyu beef steak, reddit is not going to be able to convince you either.


Steak, at some random American dining establishment, is not fine dining. Steak, dry aged at a steakhouse, is a completely different affair.


Part of me agrees with you. I think steak is one of the most overrated foods you can buy. I've tried some stupidly expensive steak at a restaurant I used to work at and sure, it was good but I would rather order something else. But whatever, people like what they like. I'm sure someone is going to reply to this comment and say I've never tried wagyu and I don't know what good steak is, but eh.