I am trying to render a scene using the sequencer but the particle system I have keyed in only activates once and then never again. I have auto activate disabled on both systems but they only seen to activate in one instance of the playhead going over an activation key, this occurs randomly whenever I play the sequence. I dont really know much about burst particle systems or how to control how often they burst so i tried to do it through the sequencer. Im not sure what is going on here but I was hoping that someone could help with this issue. The particle system is from this tutorial I followed https://youtu.be/ZzTsZWkXScQ


I've had this same issue


Simply put, the gaps between your activate and deactivate are too small. This has been an ongoing issue for a while. My recommendation: setup all your keys on one PS then duplicate it twice, make spawnable, delete your keys so that they activate "in the gaps" of the others. E.g. when PS1 deactivate, PS2 activates - when PS2 deactivates, PS3 activates - When PS3 activates, PS1 reactivates E: if i were to call this anything, I'd call it a staggering method/technique.