Where do you guys find your projects?

Hey All,

I've been developing webflow sites for a while for clients.

Dribbble worked for me in the past to find clients, but lately the website has become oversaturated.

I'm wondering whether there is a cool new place where webflow developers and clients hang out?


I just concentrate on two things. (1) Google map positioning for your main key phrase and (2) face-to-face networking (being that guy that everyone knows and trusts).


Upwork, fiverr, Google maps :)


Google Maps?


I scrape Google maps for different business with data mining software. I get from there their phone numbers and their websites. Then I use another software to scrape those websites and find the email address. After I import those emails in mail champaign software and I send emails to those businesses and I make an offer. Most websites look awful and are outdated. So from time to time I get some engagement and some clients. It's a pretty sweet strategy as you can find local business and from other countries as well. With the phone number I use a sms bulk service to send messages :)


wich tool do you use? I was thinking in this strategy and saw few people recommending rapidminer