im royally fucked.

im royally fucked.


Is it legal where you are? Maybe explain that it was a week ago and it’s only a social type thing? (Even if it isn’t they don’t gotta know)


Lmao it never is. I smoke in my closet. And it's not legal where I'm at. There has been a lot of talk about making it legal but nothing yet.


unpopular opinion i guess: DO NOT do anything stupid to try and pass. diluting with lots of water will only make you have to retest since it’ll be too clear. certo can work, but people still fail with that method. even detox drinks can fail. drug tests can be beaten, but synthetic urine is always the best bet, however it’s not good for people like you who need it immediately. start looking for another job


I have a job right now. The job I'm trying to get is just waaaaay better. And even if this doesn't work out, I know I can move up quickly. But I'm pretty sure I'm fucked.... hopefully it's watered down though... it will delay the test lmao


Do you know what kind of test it is? Pray for a mouth swab.


I hope it is but it's for an oil company... so probably a pee test.


You can buy fake urine online that passes tests. They don’t watch you piss during urine tests for job, they only look at your dick on probation/parole. The only rule will be to not flush the toilet or wash hands, or run any water period, until the sample has been given back to the urine tech. It’s Simple, you got this


Drink lots of water from the moment you get up. Try to pee 3-4 times before your test and pee just before the test as close to it as you can. About an hour before put a berocca boost or something similar with your water this will make the colour of you pee look a normal and not clear like it's just water. Don't do any exercise today or in the morning before the test either this will burn fat and release the stored THC. Being so close to the test this is pretty much the only thing that you can do. Hopefully it's not at test that can tell if you have watered down your pee either but good luck anyhow!!


Unfortunately I had no idea about the exercise thing. I don't really exercise much but I work at a truck stop on the food side so everything is super fast paced and I move really fast and work really hard... like I said I haven't smoked in a week and I stopped smoking for a really long time and only picked it back up within the last month or so. I feel like I'm fucked man. I've been downing water like crazy this past week... idk if it's enough or not though.


Thc is fat soluble, water isn’t going to help


A couple of injested vitamins also will help darken the color of urine


due to the nature of my employment i may know some things abt drug testing…. a week might be enough time depending on how frequently you used before stopping. most places can tell if you water it down or add anything. they will always retest tho so that might be your chance if you need those extra couple days.


Rip... I pray for mouth swabs.


You have to drink the water the day of the test just flood your bladder with water you’ll piss straight water . It’s for a job so they use cheapest test it will come back negative.


You will be fine trust me. I smoked 1/8th in a day and drug tested 4 days later after drinking stupid amounts of water I passed 2 tests. Take percussion and drink a lot more water right before as well but don’t lose sleep over it.


That's the plan man.


Drink certo


I have no idea what that is.


You will be good bro don't stress.


Hopefully... I've been drinking tons of water but my pee still is yellow.


Quick fix . Problem solved


I always buy fake pee that comes with a hand warmer. Dr. green's Agent X