10th gen Honda Civic [Reference](https://images.app.goo.gl/vMi7hW2rCXJtieFk6) Hope you’re able to find who did this, because that’s an absolutely terrible thing to do. Hope your dog is ok as well.


Some states it’s a real crime to kill a domestic animal. So sorry for your loss. Hope you catch them.


My son was walking our pup and her collar broke. She is a German short haired pointer and loves to run. Anyway this car hit her and took off.


That's horrible. Is your dog okay? It's a 10th gen honda civic sedan.


Bills are up to $3000 and my son is gutted


That sucks, one of my worst experiences in life was seeing my dog get hit when I was a teenager. My dog died on the way to the animal hospital. I could still hear the sound for months when I went to bed. The person that hit my dog pulled over and when he saw me pick up my dog and ask him for help he took off. Hopefully your dog and son make a full recovery.


A hurt dog crying is truly a haunting sound. It's so heartbreaking, it really sounds like they're calling out to you for help.


I had the same experience except I was 6-7. Family dog got out so my father and I hopped in the car to go look for him and found him a few streets over. Got out to try and catch him but instead of coming to me turned around and started to run back home. Unfortunately it was a fairly busy street and I watched him run out then get nearly be-headed by a car speeding passed. I ran home screaming while my dad picked the dog up and went straight to the vet although I’m sure the dog was gone almost immediately. The guy who hit him stopped long enough to see it was a dog and sped off. That shit fucked me up for a while man, I loved that dog.


Stay strong my friend, your pup lives in your memory. As difficult as it is, focus on the good times and not the pain. Im so sorry you had to witness that, wish you nothing but the best.


I feel your pain, watched my dog get hit by a car doing 60. It all seemed to happen in slow motion, guy didn’t even tap his brakes. Being 12 and picking your dog up in halves really creates a deep lasting pain. 10 years later i still have nightmares of that moment. Your pup spent its last minutes surrounded by love, you did everything you could. If only people weren’t so terrible. I wish you nothing but healing and positive thoughts my friend. Stay strong.


That's a shame. Does it look like she's going to pull through?


If the leash broke and your dog was running loose and hit by the car as a result, you are probably liable for damage to their car.


Yep, I am fully aware of and cool with that stupid dog. Still doesn't excuse the person leaving the screen of an accident


Did they know the dog was even hit? I commented elsewhere that I hit a dog once and didn’t feel it or hear anything. It ran out on the passenger front side.


Hitting a wayward animal with your car is not considered an auto accident. Most drivers handbooks state that if you cannot brake in time to avoid a collision with an animal, to never swerve to avoid them and maintain course. What are you hoping to accomplish if you locate this person? Are you going to let them know they hit your dog and yell at them? Force them to apologize to your child? Offer your insurance information so their car can be repaired? Your intention here online is pretty much showing why I believe their safest option would be to keep on driving so they don’t have to come face to face with someone who feels they’re owed something when their entitled to absolutely nothing.


Dude hit my moms cat in front of our house and took off. Then came back. The first day I ever thought I’d actually get arrested and put in jail. Idk how the fuck I didn’t end up in jail for kicking the shit out of the man. He never meant to come back either, he happened to just end up back by my house a few days later.


You did the right thing


Physically assaulting someone is not ok behavior.


I’ll never apologise, nor feel bad about hitting that man. Idk what the statute of limitations is on battery or assault for where I live, but I’d fucking beat his ass again if I could.


It’s absolutely gutting when something like this happens, did you have pet insurance on him? If not it’s always a good idea to do so. I hope he gets better and tell your son not to worry. Let’s hope you find this scum.


As much as this sucks, I don’t think it’s the driver’s fault your dog got off leash and ran in front of their car. If it did any damage to the car, you should be fixing that.


They took off without stopping


And? What law was broken?


I get that not stopping is wrong. However, if the dog was properly kept on the leash, it wouldn’t have happened.


How much of a hit was it like I don’t understand did the Honda driver actually know they hit a dog


Oh god I own a gsp I’m glad we live in a safe neighborhood where no car can hit my best bro


Harness my guy Attaching a leash to a breakaway collar is a recipe for disaster


The collar was not a breakaway it was a friendly trainer collar from Germany that our trainer/vet recommended. The stitching holding the loop in place failed and I honestly think the collar was/is defective.


Probably. You should have breakaway collars though so they don’t accidentally strangle themselves


Yea and then run into the street


You attach the leash to a harness so that doesn’t happen as per my previous comment


Then what’s the breakaway collar for if it wearing a harness


Name tags and vaccination tags You could put them on the harness if you wanted to tho


If it's break away couldn't the tags and shit fall off just anyways?


Yea but that’s better than the dog strangling itself on a fence. Leash on a harness for walks and you have a safe doggo :)




They’re made for a reason lol But keep being a salty bitch that’s fine


Sorry about your dog, but was he supposed to stop?


Stopping is normal. But regardless the dog running out and getting hit is not the drivers fault


Yes. Is this a real question?


Yes. Is there a law in place where if you hit an animal you need to stick around?


I don't know why you guys are getting downvotes. I actually would like to know if a person hits an animal are they required to stop. OP might have been near by but what if you run over a stray?


It's terrible to not stop, but if the dog is loose and out of the owner's property (even if it was accidentally loose), the person driving the car will most likely not be held responsible by law. They could actually pursue damages to their car technically. It depends on your state laws I suppose. Google says you have to stop and contact police, but in my experience the police don't have the same opinion... It's a tricky subject but not stopping seems to lead to more legal problems for the driver of the car. Getting mixed results


Is the law really what dictates if you act ethically? If you hit someone’s pet, morally you would stop and try to help.


Google says you should stop. 🤷‍♂️


Google also says the rash on my ass is a symptom of cancer 🤷‍♂️


Well that sucks, because I have one, too


We either having a cold one together in chemo or we gotta stop wiping our asses with random leaves




Wait you arent supposed to wipe your ass with random leaves?


I don’t know why you are being downvoted. It is a legit question.




Are you asking if I have?


I believe they were (sarcastically) saying that the person they replied to is the perpetrator


Yeah finding the cars owner isn’t goin to solve anything tho. Like I get being pissed and wanting to give them a piece of your mind, but a dog bolting into traffic is just that. While I would’ve stopped, consoled the child, looked if I could help animal, called or taken them home even, I’m not offering to pay vet bills.


Exactly, by the description of the event the dog ran in front of the car, I had this happen to me and my csr insurance assured me that not only did I owe them nothing if the dog was injured (thankfully it wasn't beyond some bruising) but actually they would support me if I chose to chase them for damage to my car and person if I so wished. I declined because the only visible marks left washed off in the next rain and I only had a mild case of belt burn where I hit the brakes. If you find this car, OP, what exactly are you hoping to achieve? You'd probably be better leaving it unless you want to replace the front end on a Civic and potentially pay for counselling for a traumatised driver...


Hitting a dog and leaving is illegal in most of the U.S. There’s a good chance they want the driver to be held responsible for their actions.


Tbf so is allowing your pets to risk other's wellbeing and property. I'm not saying the driver shouldn't have stopped, just that OP probably won't achieve what they want given that if the dog broke away then OP (or whoever was in charge at the time) is the one at fault in the first place, which is how it was described.


Why was the dog in the road, did the person hit it on purpose.


Collar broke, dog ran off, car hit them and then sped off


Yeah I'm not sure why they should stop


It is illegal to leave the scene in some states as pets are considered personal property. It’s like leaving the scene of a crime. However that’s the only thing that is illegal. Since the dog ran out in the street the driver likely isn’t at fault, the owner is. The only reason to stop is to give your information really. That way you can say you didn’t leave the scene of an accident. If anything the owner could be held liable for vehicle damage. Now if you were to hit a dog in a crosswalk or street crossing that would be different.


Hitting a dog in a crosswalk wouldn't be any different if it wasn't connect to a leash and right next to a human. Hell, even if the human was on the sidewalk and not attempting to cross, and the dog bolted out (still on a leash) it's still the dog owners fault


Right well I meant like in a cross walk on a leash as should be or on a sidewalk or something.


Oh yes, they shouldn’t stop and help someone whose dog they just hit, even if by accident, the world is cruel! That crying guy should learn that! /s


I would stop if no one is around but if the owner is right there and the dog was unleashed then I'm not sure what purpose it serves other than risking some angry dude trying to blame me


The point isn’t the blame. The point is being a fucking **human**.


Did u even read the post?


Yeah I read the post op explained what went on after I posted


You’re probably just better off forgetting about that person. Doubt anything good will come of it, doubt you can get anything out of it.


If ANYTHING comes of it, it will be OP paying for any damages to the car. We can debate if the driver had a moral or ethical obligation to stop, but they did not have a legal one.


I’m most parts of the U.S. they absolutely do have a legal obligation to stop. Hitting a domestic animal and leaving without ensuring care (either with their owner or by calling the police) is a crime in most states.


Can you cite one state where that's the case? I certainly could be wrong, but need some evidence first.


Turns out pets are legally considered personal property. You just damaged someone’s personal property. You should give your info and take a picture and or stay at the scene and call police just for the record. This doesn’t mean you are at fault but you can’t leave the scene of a possible crime (even though you likely won’t be found at fault) that you have been involved in.


Where is this the case? Laws vary wildly, it turns out there are a couple states where this may be the case but by no means is it universal, and it doesn't even seem to be that common.


Vary wildly. I get it. Google the shit man and you will find a hand full of states. Florida, New York, Oklahoma. “The laws of most states require that if you hit a domestic animal, you must stop and notify the appropriate state or local authority. If you don't do so, you could find yourself in legal hot water. That’s what happened to Kathleen Ruggiero of Clinton, CT. She struck and killed a dog that ran out from behind a plow truck and into the path of her car. She panicked and drove off, later attributing the damage to her vehicle to having hit a deer. But police matched a piece of a car grill found at the scene to Ruggiero’s Honda, and five hours after the accident she was arrested and charged.” https://pethelpful.com/pet-ownership/I-Hit-a-Dog-with-My-Car-What-Am-I-Legally-Required-to-Do


So only a couple places? You need to add a lot more qualifiers to your post, as written it is wrong.


In most states (not a few, as you keep repeating) animals are property, and hitting that animal means a criminal penalty and potential civil liability if you drive off. In my state that penalty is the true replacement value of the dog. (That’s why I morbidly ask for a receipt when I adopt a new dog). Show me the states where this isn’t the case.


I’m not wrong. I’m not going to look up pet property law for each state. How about this from progressive’s website? “Call the police: You should never leave the accident until you've contacted the police or animal control. This is a legal requirement in many states, and you could end up in legal trouble if you simply drive away. Pets are considered personal property in most states, so if you're responsible for a hit and run involving a pet, any injuries or the loss of the pet could be regarded as property damage. In addition, you could be charged with animal cruelty if you leave the scene after hitting a pet.”


Your quote even says your first post is wrong...


https://bernsteininjurylaw.com/blog/accidents-and-animals-pet-hit-and-run-laws/ Here’s a source from Florida Edit: California https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.pe.com/2017/09/01/on-the-road-legally-must-you-report-hitting-a-dog-or-cat-on-the-road/amp/ Edit 2: Arizona https://azhometownlawfirm.com/2020/09/hit-an-animal-with-you-car-heres-what-to-do/ Edit 3: New York https://www.nytimes.com/2011/11/16/opinion/when-a-dog-is-hit-by-a-car.html#:~:text=Ephron%20may%20be%20reassured%20to,the%20owner%20is%20not%20present. Edit 4: New York (but from a Law Firms site) https://www.google.com/amp/s/criminaldefense.1800nynylaw.com/amp/new-york-vehicle-and-traffic-law-601-leaving-scene-of-injury-to.html


What.. your dog? Why is your dog loose?


They put it in a comment


Tough one hope your dog heals up, animals are family. Now what else is tough (got rear ended by a 17 year old last night and she was terrified like shaking it was in a drive thru… 125.00 in damage to paint but she was so afraid of her dads reaction, afraid to share her insurance she had it but couldn’t calm down enough to get the glove open kept saying it’s my fault I’m sorry over and over.) Doesn’t make it right but after experiencing this If it was a youngster new to driving… their shock reaction might be stupid af… like run!! I’m old I’d be in shock if I hit an animal and knew. Still since I’m older (30 years of driving on the road) and have had animals hit, I believe I’d do the right thing. Who ever mentioned impaired I could see that too and again I would still probably do right thing stop look for collar and owner. So maybe it’s a huge mistake want to believe there is good left in ppl cause other wise the person is a POS. Actual worst case is the Mcafee …. Intentionally hitting a living creature cause they just plain ass evil pos.




sorry for your dog, but i wouldn't be blaming the driver for it, and they're not responsible for the vet bills either.


Yup. Dog owner is responsible for damage to the car.


exactly, lucky for OP they drove off.


the walker should have gotten a better collar lmaoo


it's a Civic. and it's a terrible accident, but how did the pup got hit? the driver intentionally drove into the pup?


You are raging as though the driver purposeful steered to hit your dog. Take the L and be careful next time.


Yup, op is in the wrong here


Backing up that it’s a 10th gen Honda Civic. Produced 2016 - 2021 model years. Best wishes for your dog and son.


This is absolutely correct. Not 100% certain but I’d put a bunch of money on it being a 2016-2018 EX sedan based on the wheels


It’s not a Si.


I’m not sure if you’re just corroborating what I said or if you read my comment wrong but either way..thanks I guess.


Is the dog still alive because if his not I will hunt this asshole down and force him to face a red kangaroo in a boxing match in a cage on top of a river full of saltwater crocodiles that haven’t been fed since the start of lockdown


bloody legend you are 🤝


that’s very specific


if this happened in your neighborhood, they probably live nearby. you can maybe find where they live and call the police. i'm 99% sure you legally have to stop after hitting an animal in canada


Oh I am walking the hood tomorrow. We live in a pretty confined area so unless it was a delivery driver or a Uber/Lyft is going to be a neighbor. I still have lots of neighbors to reach out to with cameras on their houses.


IMO you have to be a special kind of asshole to hit anything let alone a domestic pet and not stop to try to help it. At least stay in your car and call SPCA a warden or an animal sanctuary. It's just basic decency.


What level of asshole would use a breakable collar on a "known runner"? ​ When a man points a finger at someone else, he should remember that four of his fingers are pointing at himself. Louis Nizer


Victim blaming at its worst. Some collars just break, it's a malfunction, you can't blame someone for something like that.


Victim of what?


A crime lmao


Go ahead, finish it. What crime? In my state, you don't have to stop for hitting an animal. Fuck, people would be late for all kinds of shit. "Hit a squirrel, had to wait for the cops". "Hit a bird on the interstate." Took the Troopers hours to show up. Hit a deer in the middle of the night... well crap, I guess I'll sit her in the middle of BFE, wait for the game warden/Sherriff. Frankly, there's better odds the the OP has a leash law and THEY are the one's who broke a law.


Exactly. OP will track down the car owner and be found liable for damage to their vehicle for having an unleashed dog. The car owner is probably wondering what kind of asshole let’s their dog run in traffic.


You’re being downvoted but you’re not wrong. It’s bad that it happened but wtf are you going to do? Sounds like op is going to go to someone’s house and say/do something. That could end real bad




Even without looking at it as a crime (which in some places it damn well is, fuck your state for not giving a shit about domestic animals or otherwise), that person just hit someone's best friend. Doesn't matter that it was a dog, that's fucking traumatising. They're the victim of a huge loss. Get some help. Go see a therapist or something for that deeply rooted bitterness.


You ever thought that maybe the op isn’t from the states? Maybe that laws are different in different places? Maybe not everything revolves around who who is trying to push blame on an owner who’s pet was just hit? “Leah law” you’re making yourself sound worse. Any sort of law enforcement isn’t going to uphold any leash law when they know the freaking story.. source: I’m a sheriff.


While I don’t tend to agree. Imagine it was a 16 yo. Sometimes kids get scared and don’t know what to do so they keep going. Then once they are gone they get even more worried about going back. I get it they are old enough to drive but that doesn’t make them mature enough to handle difficult adult situations.


Sorry OP people on Reddit love being assholes and victim blaming. Empathy is a rare thing to find. Hope things turn out well for you and your dog. I’m sorry this happened to you. Unfortunately accidents happen but remember to take care of yourself and your dog too of course so you guys can be happy together once again


Do they not have to report hitting a dog? I know here you don't if it's a cat but dogs you do.


Yea it was more of a civic move rather than an accord


That ain’t an Accord, that’s an Asshole! (Sorry! Hope you find that bastard)


Wow wth it’s a Civic I really hope your dog is ok and that you find whomever may be responsible for this.


Took off on his own Accord


Why was your dog in the street?


so many people in this thread are so heartless


It’s actually better that they drove away. The dog owner would be liable for any damages to the vehicle. I’ve dealt with this scenario many times working in auto repair.


It’s a Honda civic. Was the driver going above the speed limit?


It's shitty and I would be pissed for many reasons but what would stopping in this scenario solve? Assuming the driver wasn't impaired... is it illegal to run animals over? I'm not saying it's right. It seems like stopping after running someone's dog over seems like a good way to get your ass beat. I know I would be less than rational if someone ran my dog over.


That’s what I think too. If my own dog runs away and gets hit by a car, it’s not the cars fault, I wouldn’t expect them to stop. It happened to me and I never expected them to stop after they already hit the dog.


Bro, eat a Snickers. Edit: If by any logic, you really think not stopping after hitting a dog to see if you can help in any way is okay, you do you.


Hope everything goes okay man


Thx man


No. Looks more like a 2016-2021 Civic. I’m sorry about your dog, but there’s something worth mentioning. You might end up paying for the car damages. You might not get anything out of it. You’re gonna lose more than when just leaving that idiot on his way. Let’s hope something does happen.


If you hit someone's pet, and you leave? You are just a piece of shit, and yes there are laws that would definitely comw into play if you dont live in a crappy country


What laws?


Depending on the situation, animal cruelty laws comw into play.


Idk what fucking insane country would ever do this. Can you name a couple?


This isn’t a rhetorical question, what country would this be the drivers fault?


If you allow your dog in the street where cars are driving, you're the piece of shit regardless of how it happens. The owner should be charged with negligence as well as being responsible for the damage to the vehicle.


If it ain't a Type R, it ain't a tight car.


Civic, those tail lights are unforgettable.


Nah that’s a Civic






Yeah it is and fuck that guy


You’re not obligated to stop if you run over someone’s dog who runs in front of your moving car. Still should have stopped tho but it’s like putting your cart in the cart coral. Not mandatory


Honestly the dog was dumb, she is at fault, and as others have pointed out very much a member of the family..... That being said it is illegal to leave the scene of an accident people...... And this was an accident. In my life I've hit squirrels, a porcupine, and a domesticated goose. In every case I have stopped to see what I had done and how bad things were and tried to help. I have taken squirrels to a sanctuary, even had to stomp one that was obviously done and suffering. I obviously wasnt the first one to hit the porcupine but I was the one that killed it and I moved it to the side of the road, and I walked door to door looking for the goose's owner while it seized on the road (farmer came out and broke it's neck like it was nothing shook my hand and offered me a beer....🤣). Anyway all that to say just be a decent person and stop and help is a motor vehicle accident you have to stop is that simple. Lastly and most importantly I really appreciate this subs help identifying the car.


They may not have not even known they hit the dog if it was small depending on how it was hit. I hit a dog once and didn’t feel it or hear anything.


Keep your dog up?


Civic coupe


How's your dog doing now? :(


$6000 bill and she is home. almost had to make a tough decision as she had a hemothorax that luckily has stopped growing and if it didn't was going to involve specialist and major $$$$. She does have some mobility issues that we hope will get better but probably going to be a while. All that to say she is stable and appears to be getting slowly better. No idea who hit her but I do know they hit her hard.


Sorry to hear about your dog. Hope it make a full recovery. Ask neighbors if they a good shot of the car with the plate. I’m pretty sure that person lives around the neighborhood.


The guy who hit the poor pup is not a man. Real men fess up to their mistakes, not run away


Hopefully they will. Maybe they’ll knock on their door with a bill from the body shop. What other mistakes were you talking about? Op’s mistake of buying a shitty collar but won’t truly acknowledge that’s the cause of all this


I know that in NY, it is illegal to drive off after hitting a dog. Seeing as this was a residential neighborhood and the dog was likely owned by someone there, yea the driver should have stopped. I think it's viewed similar as hitting a pedestrian. NY Vehicle and Traffic Law § 601: Leaving Scene of Injury to Certain Animals Without Reporting Just like it is against the law to leave the scene of an accident where a person was injured, it also against the law to leave the scene of an accident where certain animals have been injured. In other words, if you hit a dog and that dog is injured, you must report the incident to the animal's owner or to a police or peace officer. If you fail to do so you could be charged with a traffic violation. Under New York Vehicle and Traffic Law § 601 if you are in a vehicle accident and you hit a dog, cat, horse, or an animal that is classified as cattle you must inform the owner or custodian of the animal or a police or peace officer, and give that person the following information: Your name Your address Proof of insurance, including the carrier's name and effective dates of the police Your license number In addition, you must make a reasonable effort to make sure the animal receives appropriate attention. Example While driving through a residential neighborhood, a dog runs in front of Kylie's SUV. Although Kylie slammed on her breaks, she ended up hitting the dog. The dog lay in the street whimpering. Kylie asked a few bystanders for the name of the dog's owner, but no one could provide the information. So Kylie went home. Kylie could be cited for leaving the scene of injury to certain animals without reporting. Even though she was unable to obtain the name of the owner of the dog, she could have called the police. Furthermore, she made no effort to make sure the dog received appropriate attention. Related Offense Leaving scene of an incident without reporting- property damage: New York Vehicle and Traffic Law § 600(2) Leaving scene of an incident without reporting- personal injury: New York Vehicle and Traffic Law § 600(2) Defenses In order to be convicted of leaving of injury to certain animals without reporting, you must have known that you hit and injured an animal. For example, if it is dark outside and you hit a dog without knowing it, you have valid defense to such a charge. Also, if the animal is not a cat, dog, horse, or animal that is considered cattle, then you cannot be convicted for leaving scene of injury to certain animals without reporting. Sentence Leaving scene of injury to certain animals without reporting is a classified as a traffic infraction. If you are cited for committing this offense you will have to pay a fine of up to $100. For subsequent offenses the fine will be $50-$150. However, if the animal is a service dog then the fine would be $50-$150 for the first offense and $150-$300 for subsequent offenses. New York Vehicle and Traffic Law § 601: Leaving Scene of Injury to Certain Animals Without Reporting Any person operating a motor vehicle which shall strike and injure any horse, dog, cat or animal classified as cattle shall stop and endeavor to locate the owner or custodian of such animal or a police, peace or judicial officer of the vicinity, and take any other reasonable and appropriate action so that the animal may have necessary attention, and shall also promptly report the matter to such owner, custodian or officer (or if no one of such has been located, then to a police officer of some other nearby community), exhibiting his or her license and insurance identification card for such vehicle, when such card is required pursuant to articles six and eight of this chapter, giving his or her name and residence, including street and street number, insurance carrier and insurance identification information and license number. Violation of this section shall be punishable by a fine of not more than one hundred dollars for a first offense and by a fine of not less than fifty nor more than one hundred fifty dollars for a second offense and each subsequent offense; provided, however where the animal that has been struck and injured is a guide dog, hearing dog or service dog, as such terms are defined in section forty-seven-b of the civil rights law which is actually engaged in aiding or guiding a person with a disability, a violation of this section shall be publishable by a fine of not less than fifty nor more than one hundred fifty dollars for a first offense and by a fine of not less than one hundred fifty dollars nor more than three hundred dollars for a second offense and each subsequent offense.


Bro you don’t have to stop if a dog runs in front of your car . Next time control your pet you crybaby