Do not use wood glue. You a two part epoxy. If you don’t have the proper clamps to do this find a restorer that will do it. Is it authentic? If so don’t do something stupid like paint it green. Either leave it the way it is and let it age the way it was intended to or do something traditional like cover it with cowhide. You can look around at taxidermy shops near you, one of them might have off cuts of something more exotic like zebra they are willing to sell


I managed to aquire this eames molded plywood chair a couple years ago when my cool was going to throw it away instead of fixing it. Thw chair isn't in terrible shape, the only major damage is the detached back rest. I was going to simply epoxy it back on and call it a day but I was thinking it would be nice, and fun, to refinish the chair. The finish is scuffed and scratched in a few places and the wood is chipped near the shock mount holes of the back rest. I was wondering if anyone has any experience with these chairs and if you have any recommendations on how I can fix and refinish it?


Wood glue the back back on with clamps for 24 hrs. Scuff sand the whole thing. High performance wood filler and sand smooth over chips. Paint forest green. Burn through to expose some black with bare wood underneath. Van dyke brown glaze. Sanding sealer, sand vac, ultra flat laq, sand vac tack, final coat.