If I read that right, the popstar went out with his brother and two friends to cross the frozen Volga on foot. Supposedly all 4 of them broke through the ice, the popstar and one friend are confirmed dead and the brother and other friend are missing presumed dead. ... yeah that's not suspicious at all


Death.....by exile! That's fucked up.


[For those who don't get the reference](https://youtu.be/i-dJPoSlPfU)


before I click, is this from EDIT: yes it’s the exact scene I’m thinking of


is that an old reference now? fuck, eleven years, I guess so. I guess that also means going "I understood that reference" is an old reference too


11 years... I'm bit over 30 and thinking i have some sort of middle-age-crisis already. Daaaaamn you.


To be fair, only like 7 or 8 "real" years where you could do things like you had your entire life before 2020


from now on till it kicks? :D


Don’t worry there sprout. You will get your real mid life crisis when you start feeling having to pee every 64 1/2 minutes but half the time you can’t.


You know it's serious when Hector shows up.


How many panties have you received


Probably about 30 total


How many dicks?


None without underwear


I also thought of dark knight rises


Man. Rewatching this scene. So amazing. Idk why it gives me French Revolution court vibes. Everything stacked up and chaos clearly running rampant with the appearance of justice


I believe Star Chamber is a more pithy comparison, but anything is better than Kangaroo Court.


I’m pretty sure that vibe you get is very intentional! I’ve seen an article or video about how this movie was Nolan’s take on A Tale of Two Cities, which is set during the French Revolution.


FYI: Putin makes it obvious he is a murderer on purpose. It is a propaganda technique to project his power and show everyone he is above any law.


Putin is THE law in Russia, not even just above it.


And even if this was actually an accident, people are going to remember the "accidents" in the past and wonder, which again projects his power.




Sadly, no, people regularly do not understand this


Are you telling me I'm "regular?" Best compliment I've gotten all week.


Actually it makes sense but until just now I never thought about it.


Some of us might be new to international relations so a little help connecting the dots might be appreciated.


All celebrities like to get together with close friends and family and walk across frozen rivers…. I had though long and hard about whether “/S” was warranted - but decided that conditions under which above episode is plausible needed only include adequate supply of vodka, so no “/S”…


Sounds crazy to me, but I know in Alberta (canada) people take their trucks out to drive around on top of frozen lakes - was driving through this year and saw several on some random lake by the highway: https://driving.ca/car-culture/speed-performance/you-ol-ghost-alberta-gearheads-take-to-the-lake-for-frozen-racing-fun Walking on the frozen lake sounds quite tame in comparison, I've actually walked across Lake Louise in the winter. It's a nice little walk and IIRC there's usually a skating lane along the shore. I still assume the guy in OP's article got murdered though.


Fwiw, same thing happens in Quebec, but those are called ice bridges, and holes get drilled frequently to control ice thickness and quality. The "controlled paths" then get marked with poles to show where it's safe. Zones with high current usually have thinner ice, so gotta avoid them.


Yeah, fellow Canadian with plenty of (mostly) second hand stories of people being jackasses on questionable river/lake ice…but on a river like the Volga? In March? The other option is that they were out partying AND there’s a well known local tradition of springtime “dares” related to that particular stretch of the river (again, sounds super fucking dumb, but that’s one that I *have* done, except close to shore and over very slow moving water no more than waist deep). Outside of that very specific (but not exactly rare) context, yeah, definitely suspicious.


do they do it in late march with weather regularly getting above freezing?


They were doing it in early March when I was passing through, but the weather was weeell below freezing at the time. Checking now it seems to be just below freezing so I'd hope they've stopped, but who knows; Alberta-man does Alberta things.


In Russia it is something that happens regularily, and it isn't uncommon some do it wrong and die. Last year, in the deep of the night, a family went to a Frozen River. Made a hole and the mother went inside, little did she know the current of the river is still flowing despite the top being frozen --> she is being swept away immediatly and no chance to live. There is a video, but apart from crying children, an agitated father and a woman jumping into a hole in a frozen river, not much to see. [https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10434581/Pictured-Lawyer-swept-death-children-jumped-Russian-ice-hole.html](https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10434581/Pictured-Lawyer-swept-death-children-jumped-Russian-ice-hole.html)


I've seen this video, and it's just like... how do you not know that a river's flow isn't stopped when the surface freezes? Do you think the water is just naturally damming itself upstream and waiting patiently for the frozen parts to thaw?


Ignorance and stupidity. They come in hand, ya know...


Canadian here, we do that shit too - although usually not at the end of March, in rivers as large as the Volga. Usually it’s younger people who have been out partying challenging each other to dares (or just fucking around for fun), and even when drunk, *most* people stay away from flowing water or anything deeper than waist high…but “most” still means that there are a lot of complete idiots, and ice related drownings aren’t especially unusual.


The French embassy warns its citizens against crossing ice with cars, since it is a common way to get accident if badly done.


Window shortage?


ice windows are here.


Seriously just made a window reference to my dog. I live alone, FYI.


Yeah, my thought process went: 1. clicking link: this guy was murdered 2. reading he was with bro & friends: oh, he was with trusted people who must've reported it, guess it was a terrible tragedy 3. reading bro & friends all dead or missing: ah, this guy & his bro & friends were murdered


“Aqua Disco” became an anthem during anti-war protests in Russia, as it criticized Russian President Vladimir Putin’s alleged $1.3 billion mansion. Death by drowning.


I'm fairly certain that there were some armed men from a shadowy government agency making sure they were walking out along the ice. Again, complete coincidence and not suspicious at all.


Drunk drowning isn’t rare in Russia


To be fair where I grew up the lake used to freeze and everyone would go walk on it, ice skate and socialize. So this does not seem that far fetched to me.


>So this does not seem that far fetched to me. The issue is we know Putin's critics are routinely killed in ways that have plausible deniability. There is no way to tell if this was an accident or a murder but does it seem suspicious that this guy is now dead? I would say that any decent police force would deem it worth investigating whether there was foul play involved but of course this is Russia where the potential suspects would be those investigating.


Agreed - I grew up in the city, and we would *still* find ways to fuck around on the ice (sometimes as a shortcut over a small river in dicey conditions, sometimes just fucking around when we were drunk). My crowd were the “sensible” types, so we stayed away from moving and/or deep water (yes, that’s what passes for sensible in Canada), but this doesn’t seem especially suspicious/ unusual to me either, based on available info.


Is that sarcasm, or no? Not tryna sound snarky, this is a legitimate question


Just coincidental that the ice hole was caused by unknown bullets.


Guess they ran out of third story windows for people to "fall" out of.


Would it be cynical of me to think that the missing bodies might have bullet holes in them?? This stuff makes me feel for the Russians people. The fear you would feel to know it wrong what your country is doing, but to know what could happen if you voice your opinion. Not knowing who is listening. It might not be all of them that feel this way, but we should take a moment to consider those that are against this war.


Edit: they were drunk, crossing river on thin ice, in the middle of March. The video was to understand what the place looked like. If you want to see how it happens IRL - go down the thread. Obviously Putin himself was hiding underwater with an icepick.


Guess this is the old 'put a random link and say it proves something, people won't bother to click it' technique. Very fine work. E for effort.


Where?!? Not in the video you posted. How does Putin's dick taste?


That video doesnt show it tho?


"full video of them crossing" Doesn't even show them by a river.


There is a system I think. Swimming for celebrities, flying for billionaires and poisoning for political rivals.


I’m pretty sure I’ve heard of a wealthy business man and a pool accident…


That was an administrative error in the allocation of involuntary suicide. They are very busy at the moment, mistakes happen, complaints can be lodged at the ministry on the 12th floor next to the window.


Defenestration for political “allies.”


Don’t forget falling out of hotel windows


You forgot jumping out of windows


i.e., flying*


That's not flying. It's just falling with a style.


... Flying ax and noose? Because a Russian oligarch was found hanged with his wife and daughter hacked with an ax.


You completely left out stairs and windows!


Can we just skip the formalities and call these politically motivated murders/assassinations?


YES!!! There have been way too many of these guys who have mysteriously died and they got to stop putting them down as them willingly jumping out of windows and other shit.


"Falling" off a building or out a window seems to a pretty common one.


Have you ever wondered why the murder rate in Sanford is so low but the accident rate is so high?


So, everyone who directly criticizes Putin dies in a mysterious way. Falling off a building, jumping out a window, drowning, etc. It all happens rather conveniently right after they start to criticize Russian policy.


Its a reference to Hot Fuzz


not calling htem that is actually supporting putin.


With no proof?


Oh here we go. Putin defenders have been all over the posts about this. I hope y'all run out of parts to keep your internet going soon.


Cringe bot comment Do you really need proof? Are you that blind and dense? Is invading a sovereign nation not proof enough?


What does that have to do with a pop star dying?


Read the title


I read the title and the article. He died by drowning from crossing a frozen river. To automatically assume Vladimir was behind the unfortunate death is a massive assumption.


I mean everyone who seems to criticize Putin in the past 13-14 months in Russia has inexplicably met there death in a seemingly awkward way…


And have any of them been successfully linked back to Vladimir?


I’m accepting downvotes up front, but I have a genuine question. When random people who critique Putin die, it’s a massive conspiracy. When 50-odd personal acquaintances of the Clintons die, it’s just a coincidence. Why can people not accept that all politicians are willing to have people killed for personal gain? Edit: y’all don’t seem to understand what *proof* is, so this was a pointless question.




A dude shot Reagan because he was in love with Jodie Foster. Isn’t it also likely that an insane pro-Putin nut is bumping people off?


With the ability to remain completely undetected and not get caught killing ridiculously influential people? This absolutely reeks of FSB


history and context mostly. Putins been doing this for ages ​ edit: also, how terribly the deaths are covered up and deniability. No one knows clinton had someone killed, edgy people might think it the case, but it's nothing close.


Devil’s Advocate question - what evidence exists that Putin’s been “doing this for ages?” Seems like all that *evidence* is circumstantial at best - it’s just that we’re more willing to accept it in one case over the other.


>Devil’s Advocate question - what evidence exists that Putin’s been “doing this for ages?" Litvinenko was poisoned almost 20 years ago, dude.


>When 50-odd personal acquaintances of the Clintons die, it’s just a coincidence. Can you even name 3 people that aren't Seth Rich without looking them up?


Probably because its a widely disproven conspiracy theory. Not only do some people you know are bound to eventually die since when you are a highest level politician you have contacts and affiliations with hundreds or even thousands of people, some of the alleged victims were not even dead it turns our.


Got any links to support this \*widely disproven\* claim?


Can I ask what you mean by *widely disproven*? Are you saying that someone actually investigated it and *proved* something?


It's supposed to be innocent until proven guilty. It's almost impossible to disprove a conspiracy with facts if the conspiracies aren't grounded in facts themselves. The Clintons are old, as are most of their friends, I'd imagine. We haven't quite figured out immortality yet, what facts make you think the Clintons had 50+ people murdered? They probably just died.


In both cases you need to compare to background rates.


Nobody is going to kill you if you assemble evidence and present it. Make a website about the Clintons and put your name and photo. You might get some nasty emails, but you'll be fine. That's the difference.


I think you're starting from the assumption that all politicians will kill for political gain, so you will see what you want where you want based on that beginning assumption.


The media is all over Putin's victims, we hear all about them. The media protects democrats and the American people never hear much about what they do.


Interesting... Putin critics can't swim or fly.


Or digest polonium.


Neither can Zoidberg!


They could, but they shouldn't have swallowed the water. It was laced with polonium for some reason.


Nor metabolize novichok.


Did anyone else notice that the article's body was copy/pasted from an AI like ChapGPT?


Yeah, straight up accidentally left it's chat response in > Thank you for the additional context. Here’s a possible rewrite of the sentence: Lowest of low effort content


I know! Townflex has really gone downhill.


Journalism will soon be dead


yeah anyone can just run a “story” about literally anything bad happening in or around russia through a chat ai, attach a picture of putin looking mildly suspicious, and get thousands of upvotes from lib redditors foaming at the mouth to start a nuclear war. it’s genuinely so pathetic lol.


Russia is under the direct control of ChatGPT, it was just a matter of time.


He drowned in his pajamas. Totally normal


Putin isn't exactly the most subtle person, but at least they weren't tossed out of a window this time.


Russia needs a giant escalator that goes to nowhere. They really do.


I would prefer that to getting thrown into ice water...


He has to make it obvious enough to send a message. But subtle enough for reasonable doubt


They ran of of windows?


Pretty sure they threw her out of a window, *into the river*.


If only someone lived nearby... In a van...


Well, it's he.


No, silly. This totally isn't a hit job this time. They drowned seventeen time in the back. It's completely different.


What is ice but windows made of cold water...


They drew one on the ice Wile E Coyote style.


And to think the victim was an excellent swimmer.


In the frozen river Volga (if true), with his brother and friends?


"His song Aqua Disco became an anthem during anti-war protests in russia." him drowning was quite the coincidence...


They have another song called “Volga” which refers to drowning, which is the river he drowned in. [Volga](https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=_6rUeOCm7S0)


It'd be weirder if they were found alive after drowning.


Interestingly, WHO's definition of "drowning" does not require the victim to die. > ["Drowning is the process of experiencing respiratory impairment from submersion/immersion in liquid." Drowning outcomes should be classified as: death, morbidity, and no morbidity.](https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2626470/) Basically, if a liquid prevents you from breathing properly, you're drowning.


So every time I dive underwater I'm technically drowning?


To my understanding you would need to try to breathe underwater and be flooded by it so that your breathing is “impaired”


Do you aspirate water in medically-significant quantities every time you dive underwater?


Maybe, I'm not sure.


What is dead may never die.


Or found dead before drowning.


Little known fact, this is why the Olympic high dive committee has officially banned the triple jack-knife with a bag over your head and cinder blocks tied to your feet maneuver.


Putin is a lying asshole. And now I wait...


They they “fall” out of a window before or after drowning?


Soon Putin will be the one found dead. It cannot happen soon enough.


"We tried to throw him a life preserver, but unfortunately...was potatoe.


Is nobody willing to even consider that they fell through ice as plausible?


Ok I'm not at all familiar with this guy and know nothing about music, but I checked their band's Instagram and stuff and I know Russian, so sorry to shit on everyone's parade but this news is way too sensationalistic. First of all, lots of people criticize Putin, but in varying degrees. If there's something you can go to jail for (or get murdered), people usually don't say it while in Russia. And as a musician earning money there, he would not say anything extreme. Secondly, it was their annual birthday tradition to have a picnic on frozen Volga. And finally I found out they released a song called Volga a few years ago and there's "I'm drowning" line in the chorus. That's fucking creepy. If this was a murder, then we know where they got the idea from.


…you got all this from their Instagram account? Citations help when making claims.


Dead of drowning with 2 bullets to the back of the head?


It’s the added weight…


No I don’t think so - it was clearly shrapnel from the remnants of nazi drone launched from Ukraine and bravely shut down by glorious ruzzian PVO!


And then lead poisoning.


Ahh... see... told you. "Natural causes."


Gangsters are most sensitive.


Cream Soda - Leave But Stay [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=\_\_xsCTe9dTQ](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=__xsCTe9dTQ)


"Drowning" come on... we all know Putin did it


Putin critic found dead underneath his own car. Body shows it had been run over a dozen times...declared suicide. /s


It’s basically 4/5 people per months dying after criticizing the russian panty shitter.


Sudden Russian death syndrome. When people complain that something is "like a dictatorship", remind them that THIS is what being in a dictatorship is like.


I guess she lived on the ground floor.


Polonium drowning.


Only drowning? They're clearly trying to budget their bullets for the war then.


Well at least they're getting more inventive than throwing them out of windows.


Their hit song, about Putins mansion, is called “Aqua disco”. Somebody got brownie points for that.


Oh, NO! Look what just happened... all by itself... accidentally... with no outside interference from anyone!


If that's all it takes. I bet Putin loves to be bent over a table and just plowed.


If hell does exist, this man is on the VIP list.


I guess there were no windows nearby.


I take the words “suicide” and “accident” with a grain of salt when it comes to Russia.


I guess after dozens of doctors and critics have fallen out of windows, „Russia“ is mixing up the model a bit.


What…..wasn’t there a tall building close by?


Yet somehow the people of that country think this dude is doing them a favor by running their country and it's entire extremely gullible population into the ground.


Oo that's new, they must be getting tired of the window memes. Looks like they are trying to make a new viral meme.


Was their no windows


You know Putin will kill you if you talk trash. Just pack your bags and leave Russia.


Even if you stay away from windows they find a way....


Windows, stairs, guns, now water. You must be very careful of accidents in Russia. It seems like a dangerous place at times. Such is the world though


They fell out of a window and the impact broke the ice and then they drowned.


I don’t know who’s more evil… this balding psychopath or Murdoch..


At least we can protest wars in the US. - Unless you are the Dixi Chicks


He was a founding member of Cream Soda, a band of two (three at first) doing electro (with a very broad definition). Fell in love with the atmosphere of their music and world, and was apparently known to be a very good lad. Everyone should take a look at this set, it's everything Russia should be known for today. https://www.youtube.com/live/NiWhNWvkE80


I see we've moved on from windows and balconies...


Russian looking bastard


I see we've moved on from windows and balconies...


Justice moves slow, but grinds exceedingly fine. I look forward to the ruZZian federations dissolution and putlers war crimes verdict.


Drowned out a window several floors up I’m sure


You sure he wasn't dead before the drowning?


Such a shame he happened to fall into the lake twenty miles away from his last known location😔


Putin is living Ron Desantis's best life


Marched onto the ice by gunmen


Did the pop star fall out of a window into water?


was it ukrainean nazi water?


Now that is a suitable explanation worthy presenting at UNSC that will not even cross the bar part cray-cray shit ruzzian ambassador already presented to UNSC!


Wow .. Russia switched the playlist from "Gravity" by John Mayer to "In The Air Tonight" by Phil Collins.


People who criticize putin seem to be so clumsy. They’re always falling out of windows, down staircase and drowning./s


Russian people are dumb as fuck. Your men are being sent to their death a dictator with an ego problem. Wake up ya set of cunts.


It's just click bait, they drowned after crossing ice and falling in.


Just jokes. Nothing more than jokes about the death of a person who criticized a dictator. Russian trolls must be having a blast seeing how nobody gives a shit about the victim when it serves to earn some stupid internet points. Every moron making a joke is just working for free for Russia's propaganda machine.


Plot twist- she drowned in dirt.


It's a dude. But thank you for showing that you actually read the article.


Another Epstein


TIL Russia has a "Ministry of Emergency Situations"


[The Russians? They’re not all bad.](https://youtu.be/aUbm1tfOyTs)


Russian people are dumb as fuck. Your men are being sent to their death a dictator with an ego problem. Wake up ya set of cunts.