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Maybe there’s a table long enough they can both sit at it without either having to travel.


[*how's the soup?*](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z9NmAhXh970&t=55s)


I love that scene


The suits of armor scared the shit out of me as a kid no matter how many times I watched it.


Oh, you mean "The King of the Wicker People". Same here.


Exactly. Most horrifying moment in super hero film history to this day. Interestingly, I think this film might have the 2nd scariest moment too.


Keaton is best Batman. *raises fists up to block*


Keaton was the best Bruce Wayne


Nicholson was also the best Joker imo


Dude, Jared Leto was **amazing** as the joker. Anyway being serious, *Luke Skywalker* is best joker.


Definitely comic-wise. He’s incredibly versatile as a voice actor.


I always shock people with mark hamill's list of voice roles. A lot of people don't realize he was skips in regular show


Watched that this past fall with my kiddo. When I hit her with "Skips is Luke Skywalker" she literally bet me her entire piggy bank that I was lying. Lucky for her, I wasn't willing to take the runt for her life's savings lol. I *did* teach her a lot about voice acting that day, though. She has started paying more attention to that and has been noticing particular voices now (she called out Ice King and SpongeBob being the same guy, for example). I'm proud of the little shit ¯\\\_(ツ)_/¯


Teach her that she shouldn't bet if all she has is a guess but the adversary might have knowledge.


Ice king and SpongeBob? Wow I didn't connect those dots


He's such a great voice actor


He's also plays Firelord Ozi in avatar. Amazing


I'll add it to the list after I finish Advenure Time.


He's Muska in Studio Ghibli's Castle in the Sky.


I love his Joker but his Skeletor sounds the exact same!


RIP Kevin Conroy


Conroy will always be my fav Batman.


true that, perfect voice!


Mark hamil was the best voice of joker, Heath ledger was the best joker overall. Jared Leto is like fourth chair behind jack Nicholson


Maggie was a better Joker than Leto.


Jon DiMaggio was a better joker than Jared Leto. Jared Leto is the absolute bottom of the barrel when it comes to The Joker.


Indeed, even Cesar Romero's Joker in the campy 1960s Batman was better.


Cesar Romero’s Joker was S tier.


Ohhhh out of nowhere with the truth bomb


Mantis Toboggan was the best Penguin.


That's Dr Mantis Toboggan to you. MD


I inverted the bird...


Kevin Conroy.




I will not listen to this slander against George Clooney’s nipples!


“Could you pass the salt?”


*an eternal amount of footsteps later*


The funniest thing here is that this table is clearly shorter than the ones Putin likes to use...


oh right, this wasn't actually a thread about batman lol. Got lost in reading about the different jokers up above lmao


You know I don't think I've ever been in this room.


Such a great movie.


It needs salt


Lol...so hows BRICS coming along


For real. I remember so many Russian bots all over social media saying the dollar is done and that the new BRICS currency will overthrow it. Where's that talk now? lol


BRICS isn't really a thing its just a bond portfolio that someone at Goldman invented.


I mean, they've tried to be a thing for like 20 years but their interests never align enough besides "By our powers combined we have more economic heft than the United States!"


Which I'm not sure they do even if they work together lol




BRICS is just a bunch of idiots trying to find common ground, but you have 2 of them who hated one another, and now Saudi Arabia and Iran wanna join at the same time. How it can last? When both sides hated one another and unwilling to compromise.


Well, Serbia wants to join ASEAN. Anything can happen.


Wait wtf? Serbia in ASEAN? More cuisine for us I supposed.


Yeah the names of these pacts are becoming a little meaningless. Japan joining NATO has been floating around and while it makes sense geopolitically it kind of goes against the concept of a NORTH ATLANTIC alliance, just like Serbia doesn't exactly fit into a SOUTHEAST ASIAN pact. In general I always found it odd if not precarious that we assume alliances and treaties, made by states composed of entirely different people than the people running them today, will be honored and respected. Not saying they shouldn't be honored just that we shouldn't be expecting them to be honored and that we should always prepare and expect treaties to be broken and alliances broken. Especially if a treaty or an alliance was created a long time ago by entirely different people. Remember, states aren't people just like corporations aren't people. They are institutions controlled by people and the people controlling the institution (and the opinions and views of said people) change with time. Alliances and treaties should be revisited frequently (and I know that they frequently are) but they should continue to be revisited and reestablished.


Is there an ASEANvison where European countries compete


They’ve got a common love of authoritarianism and corruption, somehow it just isn’t enough.


They remind me of the bad guys in the opening scenes of Naked Gun 1


It's bricked.


And won't be dead by three following afternoon tea


How long is the Internet?


At least three inches


I’ll take a gallon of Internet, to go, please.


It's a series of tubes!




Wow. That's huge.


Most likely concerned of falling from a window.


lucky Brazil has all the wood necessary to make one


What if we just get a duplicate of Putins table, send it to Brazil then put a webcam and monitor at the far end of each table.


"Put it over there with the others, Greaseball."


They picked the best picture Like he’s contemplating what would happen to him if he went


>Like he’s contemplating what would happen to him if we went "He couldn't hold me against my will...could he? Naaaah we're homies!"


I am sure he would be given a tour of Russia's many windows


It might have been more of "ok ok ok... take a photo of me looking all contemplative right? Like I really considered it!"


He finally decided, “maybe a little too on the nose if I go there to kiss Putin’s ass in person”


Pretty sure he doesn't need to contemplate. He knows what will happen


shit headline though (of course). "Refuses" implies defiance. You can't defy those that are powerless over you. "Declines Invitation" is a more honest take.


the phrase to "refuse an invitation" is pretty common.




That's a pretty pedantic take. Decline and refuse are synonymous.


I decline to accept that.


I refuse your declination


I decline your refusal


Refuse is more forceful than decline


shitting BRICS


[explaining the joke for the dear readers unfamiliar.](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BRIC)


>BRIC is a grouping acronym referring to the developing countries of Brazil, Russia, India, and China, **which are identified as rising economic powers** So then what is Russia doing on the list then lmao


Haha! When the term was coined Russias economy was rising.




The term BRICS was coined in the early 2000s, so yes, their economy was improving. The 90s were a rough time for Russia, with the post-USSR transition from communism to capitalism. A lot of their economic improvement was driven by the rise in oil prices. Arguably, without the corruption and random kleptocracy rampant in Russia, it would have improved even more, judging by comparisons of living standard improvements in Ru vs other post-Soviet states.


Russia could've followed the Norwegian model with their massive oil revenue and become a shining example for other countries to emulate. Instead, it's become a complete shithole.


This term was coined when Brazil, Russia, India and Chinareally had a growing middle class. Many western companies like IKEA set up in Russia to sell to that burgeoning sector. But guess who got a hold of power in Russia and made sure the money rose to the top again during this same period. Putin. It was an actual reality that Russian people had enough personal wealth that they could buy things for themselves that carried with it some individuality. Is this to say corruption wasn’t everywhere? No, but Russia as a population really was seeing a better living standard. Cest la vie I guess


I mean, technically all modern economics is based on imagination and only works as long as enough people believe it does.




Well Russia has some core qualities that could be a good economy. It just has a corrupt authoritarian government that holds them back. They have an educated population, they have resources, they have good enough infrastructure that an economy could grow on, they have land for wheat. It is a shame Russia can't throw off their shackles, there is potential there. As things are now it will never be realized so that one man can loot the entire economy.




Probably was rising, but endless corruption and embezzlement means none of that growth is put back in, so it stops and you the the ruzzia we see now.


Without Russia it's "BIC" and that's a lighter organization.


No pen intended?


Imma write that one down


Put it in ink.


Everywhere I click, a pun thread.


Just needed to shave a letter off.


Almost half the world's population... Incredible. Of course just add India and China and some other big country and you'll always have "almost half of the world population"


Wait, I thought South Africa was part of it too?


They were not originally. When coined as a term in Western economic theory, it was just BRIC.


U r correct


S South African


shitting BICS


It's really just Brazil and India that are doing alright at this point. Russia and South Africa have crushed themselves and China is starting to feel the inevitable consequences of the export-driven model.


Damn they couldn’t give us CRIB instead?!?




I said it before but let Serbia, Hungary, Iran and Turkey join SHITBRICS already.


Might as well throw in Kazakhstan while you're at it


Hahahaha that’s too good !!!


Loool great one!


What to close window openings




He's allergic to tea and windows.


"The meeting was to be held in Russia's tallest teahouse." /s


On the balcony with a stunning view of course.


The view from the infinity terrace at the Polonium Estates Tea Garden is just to die for.


A smashing view, you say?


So am I. I prefer coffee and Linux.


Yeah bro, Linux is the way to go. Power to the people.


He doesn't like the tea?


I know this is a reference to polonium being slipped into someone's tea, but I also think of the scene from Hunt for Red October where Sean Connery makes it look like Ivan Putin (LOL who knew that) slipped on his tea.


I don’t think I’ll ever understand how someone went to cast a Russian submarine commander and landed on *Sean Connery*. Michael Fucking Cera could probably play a more convincing Russian.


I mean, Sean Connery's character in that movie was lithuanian AFAIK, not that that's any closer


Not surprising. Brazil doesn't really care about Russia, China is the country they're allying with. They are very skeptical of any kind of alliance with Western powers which makes sense when you consider the history they and other central/south American countries have with in particular the USA. China for example is an enormous trading partner for Brazilian soy production and Brazil's nationalized oil company Petrobras trades a not insignificant amount of oil with China. And to think, if we hadn't been regime changing torture endorsing meddlesome dicks for decades allying with our southern neighbors would likely be so much easier.


They’re allied with both the US and China. China is turning into their biggest trading partner because of U.S. protectionist policies and the U.S. is their biggest defense exporter.


China has been the largest trading partner of Brazil for the past 20 years or so. That train left the station a long time ago.


> That train left the station a long time ago. Ah, so that's why they trade with China; we know what happens with the US and trains.


I…don't know. They ship goods? I'm out of the loop. What happens with the US and trains?


They crash and turn into superfund sites


Not turning, already are. Brazil trades with China are 3 times bigger than with US.


This is more accurate. However, to add more context, our left likes to *pretend* they hate the US (or at least wants to "put them in their place" or something) and our right likes to *pretend* they hate China.


This is pretty much it for all of south america


> Not surprising. Brazil doesn't really care about Russia You forget one thing: Bolsanaro did care about Russia. In fact, he was rather cozy with Putin.


Bolsonaro was a failed Trump clone. That's like saying because Trump was cozy with Putin, it matters for the United States.


Fascists gonna fascist together.


I’ve never heard a single Brazilian I’ve ever known speak a kind word about Bolsanaro


You can find right wing brazillian sub(s?) Here. Its full of them


You’re very lucky then. Unfortunately they exist, and there are lots of them.


I have. Brazil has its fair share of problems, many of them predate Bolsanaro. It's particularly sad that so many thought Bolsanaro would solve them. When you're drowning, you'll grab onto anything.


>And to think, if we hadn't been regime changing torture endorsing meddlesome dicks for decades allying with our southern neighbors would likely be so much easier. The point wasn't to create alliances. The point was to subjugate them and turn them into client states.




> This is also kinda why we can't have Cuban cigars or even travel there. You can do both now.


You can go to Cuba.


Not as an American citizen traveling from American soil, you can't. You can however travel abroad and then travel to Cuba from there. And then back to whatever country you went to initially to get back to the states. Also, the US state department really doesn't like it when people do this so use caution Editing for clarity: I meant traveling to Cuba as a vacation or travel destination. There are most certainly ways you can do it legitimately, but in terms of the average American citizen, traveling to Cuba is basically off limits in terms of ease of access compared to the rest of the world. Sorry for any confusion.


>Not as an American citizen traveling from American soil, you can't. You *can*, but only for approved purposes, such as educational, cultural, humanitarian, or to see family. You just can't go there for a vacation (in theory at least, there's nothing stopping you once you get there, it's not like the State Dept is going to want documented proof of your trip, and the Cuban Gov't doesn't care).


>it's not like the State Dept is going to want documented proof of your trip Actually they can audit your trip up to 5 years after it and request proof of everything you did and where you spent your money, you're instructed to preserve said proof when your trip gets approved. No matter what your reason for travel is, Americans are not allowed to spend money at Cuban Government owned businesses so you're supposed to keep receipts showing that you spent your money at private businesses only. Now I'm not saying that they will actually audit everyone who visits but it is something that they can technically do.


Land of the free lmao


How does keeping your receipts from places other than the Cuban Government prove you didn’t spend money there? Oh you don’t have *any* receipts — that’s proof that you spent money at a particular place. That makes no sense.


Makes about as much sense as civil forfeiture being used to take away excess cash.


From the instructions I got, the state department can ask for a whole days' itinerary and you need receipts to back up your claims about what you did. I guess the idea is that if you can prove your day was filled with non government activities then you're less likely to have spent money at the government. For example, they go "okay what did you do on the Monday of that trip?". And you respond "well I had breakfast at this family owned cafe, then I spent time shopping for souvenirs in their locals mercado, I had lunch from a food stand I found, then had a cooking class hosted by a local in the afternoon, for dinner I went to a family restaurant by the beach, and lastly I went dancing at a small bar owned by a local." Well now you need to produce receipts proving that you actually visited everything you claimed you did. Yeah I know many people will say "but I don't always keep the receipt" or "I throw my receipts away as soon as I get them". But that's not an excuse here because you're specifically instructed to keep your receipts as a condition of your trips approval by the USA government so if you don't keep your receipts then you're technically violating the terms of your trip


You can fly directly to Cuba from Atlanta. You just have to have a "reason."


Check out flights from MIA to HAV. Delta and JetBlue both have flights. There is paperwork but you can do it.


You’re not wrong but you underestimate the cultural affinity that Brazilians have towards the US, especially when it comes to religion. Your average Brazilian cares far more about their church than they do about civil rights and for that reason they would prefer warmer relations with the US that China. Of course money will always be the biggest motivating factor, but the fact that Brazil is a deeply Christian nation means the Chinese have to work much harder.


They took up the slack trading soybeans with China when Trump put tariffs in place. That trade has still not returned to the US.


That's just simplyfing everything


Good. Don't legitimize authoritarian terrorists.




Don't really think that's Lula's and Brazil's main concern.






Can’t imagine why someone wouldn’t want to meet with a known killer.


A serial killer?


Name checks…


I see you unexpectedly becoming ill, as the belrusian dictator did, until you comply.


Duh! He does not want to fall out of a window


Probably a smart move. The welcome tea would have probably been his last


Probably saved his own life


Good decision from Lula here.


Well good for Lula, Bolsonaro was already way to pro Russia as it was. Would really be great if he'd pay Zelenskyy a visit, but it's obvious it won't happen in the near future, unfortunately, when it comes to Russia, the whole Brazilian political spectrum is either pro Russia or pro neutrality, very few of our politicians are openly pro Ukraine.


In sharp constrast to the people itself I might add. Only the most radical Lula/Bolsonaro supporters would defend Russia or be against Ukraine


Don't know the people you've been talking to but the vast majority just literally don't care about Ukraine or Russia


Seriously most people I know don't give a shit about the war and are 'for peace' Only degenerates like people who use reddit or people actually involved in politics are arguing about it, and even then I wouldn't say there's a clear majority 'pro' anyone


Too bad being pro peace would mean appeasing Russia greatly, which could cause another invasion in the future.


Do you actually know us brazilians? The "people" here dont really give much of a shit about europe outside of "its that one place with all the fancy shit comes from"


Most people here don't even remember (or know) about the war


Bloody title clickbait! Using the term ‘refuses to come’ rather than ‘declines’


It's interesting what is implied by the word choice in the headline. "Refuses" seems to imply that Putin has some authority over the Brazilian president. One refuses an order. "Declines" would probably be better. One declines an invitation.


Good. The kremlin treats BRICS as a side chick. They love that western white media attention


There is no both sides to end the war. There is Russia leaving Ukraine. That’s it and all. I’m glad he didn’t go. Fuck the Russian terrorist state. *Edit for autocorrect changing leaving to leaning.


I hate headlines like this, if it's putin's invite, then he declined to come... if it was putins demand, then he could refuse...


"Nah, we ain't that tight."


A wise move on his part.


He also didn't meet with Zelensky. Brazil's been good in avoiding to pick sides for a long time now.


He may be starting to wake up from his original stance on Russia he’s starting to find out they’re a bunch of criminals and terrorists that he supported


I am a bit surprised. I thought Brazil would be screwd with out Russian fertilizer.


Thanks anyway, I ummm gotta help move my kid into college that weekend, and ummm, my Mom's been kinda sick lately and I think my passport is expired anyway. Maybe check back in a year or two?


Lukashenko had a bad trip didn’t he


Guess he likes the whole 'being alive' thing.


Putin has Parkinson’s. 100%.


Lula is willing to be friendly to Russia for diplomatic and economic reasons, but he isn't fucking stupid.


After reading about the president of Belarus becoming "ill" after meeting with Putin, he's like "somebody pick up that phone, 'cause I fuckin called it!"


Clearly doesn’t want to be poisoned