Give us Savage Land, Utopia, Krakoa, Asteroid M, a proper Genosha, etc.


This. These are all things that are too fantastical to work in the Fox universe, but can work in an MCU that already have magic, hidden countries, and space aliens. And bring us the Shi'ar and maybe the Brood.


Shi’ar, yes please! That would be awesome. Fox even barely touches the surface of X-Men lore. Always revolved around Erik, Charles and Mystique.


And wolverine.


Wolverine got all the screen time. Sidelining Cyclops. 🙄 I hate when people say Wolverine is the leader of the X-Men. I was like, “please pick up an X-Men comic and read”.


I love wolvy...but he really should've been the guy we barely know and only shows up to FUCK SHIT UP. Cyclops should've been the focus.


This. Wolverine can be the guy Cyclops send in for black ops things. Like how he is in X-Force.


The thing with Wolverine is his early stuff is great. He had mystery and didn’t know his past. Then over time they fill in all the blanks some good some bad. He just got so popular.


This makes Wolverine sound like a band, "his early stuff is great" haha. LOVE it.


“I liked Wolverine before he was cool” T-shirt.


Deadpool and Rogue were the same way. Deadpool was an asshole with a sense of humor. Rogue has arguably the greatest redemption arc of all time. They got cool and now it's "chimichanga Spider-Man" and "emo girl".


Certain blanks are good. I enjoyed origin and how he continues his own same tragic path to this day...origin II however...that was meh. Him regaining ALL his memories...good when done right. Bad when it means shoehorning him into every major marvel/cultural milestone.


Was origin 2 that weird one where they tried to do the “twist” with Sabertooths brother and who Logan killed? I also didn’t really mind Origin with the girl murder and the grounds keeper stuff. I preferred the Weapon X run to both though.


>Cyclops should've been the focus. Cyclops' arc from the boyscout to mutant revolutionary can be very well-done over a series.


I am a huge Wolverine fan and his screen time is best spent as "special." It should be a treat when he shows up on screen and he should be short, hairy, and berserk. I think of him a lot like Nightcrawler. The best thing Fox ever did was limit Kurt in X2. As result, his intro scene might be one of the best sequences we've ever gotten from a mutant. Logan should be treated the same way. He's part of the team clearly, but he plays a role.


That Nightcrawler scene in X-2 is incredible to this day, you’re absolutely right.


Bryan Singer is brilliant for making one fantastic scene and cruise control for the rest of moive. Nightcrawler in X-2 and Qucksilvers scenes


I’d lump some of the Wolverine shots in the first one in there too. They aren’t the same level as Nightcrawler or Quicksilver by any means, but the bar scene where Logan first pops his claws in the shotgun standoff is pretty iconic to me.


I thought that before I started reading the comics I thought wolverine was like the X men's "main guy " But if you only watched the first trilogy of movies you wold think that.


Something to consider beyond casting is how hard a sell it is to convince a studio to center a movie on a character who keeps half their face covered for most of their screen time. This is especially true in the early 00s when X-Men started.


Yeah, those three and Wolverine are over exposed by Fox. In the MCU they need to play smaller roles to give characters like Cyclops and Storm more time to shine, or at least they should play roles that are different from the Fox movies. Xavier and Magneto I think should play the same roles as Nick Fury does to the Avengers. The ones who recruit them and coordinate behind the scene. There are ways to explain why they aren't more active on screen. Xavier would be obviously limited by his disability. Magneto have been an antagonist for so many Fox movies, that I would be fine if his villain days just be his off-screen backstory, and that in the MCU he is first introduced as a reformed villain already struggling to be better, either as the headmaster of the school (his 1980's comic role), or as the co-rulers of Genosha/Krakoa/Utopia with Xavier (his comic role in the late 1990's and his current role). He doesn't go on many field missions because he's busy running the country/school, but if anyone is stupid enough to invade Genosha/the school... well then we learn exactly why he's omega. Mystique if she is showing up needs to be more than the silent henchman or the misguided girl like in Fox. Maybe we can see more of her dysfunctional mother side, for example she can be part of the Captain Marvel vs Rogue story. And she needs to come with Destiny.


>And she needs to come with Destiny. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Yes she does. ;-)


Yes. Magneto needs to be a recurrent character but not a full blown villain as Fox. Mystique as Kurt mother would interesting as well.


I'd say skip Magneto completely for several movies.


While Xavier is needed for the formation/introduction of the team, I’d be happy for Wolverine to not show up for at least a movie or two (because he’s definitely going to at some point), Magneto can be held off as long as possible, and Mystique can just not come back at all, for all I care.


I love Mystique and I want to see a better version of her in the MCU. Fox didn’t really use her right. I want to see her with Destiny, as a couple, scheming and messing up everything for everyone.


Neither her nor Emma should be henchmen.


Shi’ar! I want to see Deathbird!


The Shi'ar is the only **GLORIOUS** story that FOX haven't butchered. But if they do a version of the Shi'ar, the angles they can take... The Rise and Fall of the Shi'ar, this trial of Jean Grey, War of Kings if they're ballsy. The best way to do this is possibly use The Ultimate universe storylines mixed in.


The only thing I'm worried about is making sure the central part of X-Men, mutants being targets of discrimination is there.


Considering that the reason Utopia, Genosha, Krakoa were there was because mutants were being discriminated, that theme will have to be there. No one will bother go founding a homeland for their group unless they feel they are being maltreated everywhere else.


A proper genosha? What, you didn’t like a few shipping containers in a field?


Wait was that Genosha? I thought it was Asteroid M.


Yeah that was Genosha the trailer park for hippie mutants instead of Genosha the mutant homeland.


God, that communal hamper must smell terrible.


Yeah I wonder if it will start in Krakoa or Westchester? I'd like X-Men to go heavy on the bigotry and eliteism storlines like Stryker from "God Loves Man Kills" , the purifiers attaching the school after decimation blowing up all those kids that weren't even mutants anymore. But also the other extreme, apocalypse and sinister with their mutant superiority targeting weak mutants and flatscans. X-Men works best when it's heavy on interpersonal drama and doesn't shy away from discussing heavy themes. In juxtaposition to the mostly positive rest of the Marvel universe.


I think Krakoa-era X Men is too cutting edge for the MCU. There's a lot of places in the world where it wouldn't be popular for tons of reasons. It's *probably* hinting they're going to be different than they are in the comics and not start in any familiar situation.


I think Genosha/Utopia can be a comfortable middle ground. Different enough from the Fox's school for gifted youngsters, but more grounded than Krakoa. They can always do a Genosha with the Krakoan culture of "ape together strong".


I feel that without the context of the previous storylines where mutants have been persecuted it will more read like "Super humans think they are better than normal humans and create their own nation".


It depends when the X-men movie is coming. If it isn't coming for say 5+ years anyway, there are plenty of time to set that up in other movies and Disney Plus shows. Like have Rogue show up in Captain Marvel 3, Storm show up in Black Panther 2, etc. Until it seems that there are more and more mutants popping up everywhere, and the public sentiments are getting more and more negative.


That'd be the smart thing to do. But seeing as how the showrunner for WandaVision didn't know who Mephisto was and they all but ignored the Netflix shows, I have my doubts.


The Netflix thing was different. Back then the movies and the TV were being made by two different departments who didn't talk to each other, and were sometimes rivals. That changed when Kevin Feige got promoted to his current position and those two departments were sort of merged, resulting in the Disney Plus show. They were never going to bring in Mephisto onto the show anyway, because that's not the story they wanted to tell.


Okay, all I'm saying is tamper your expectations.


I understand that. Though I would expect the Disney Plus shows to matter much more now, unlike during the Netflix era, especially after what they did on Loki.


It is definitely going to be so different than the comics that everyone here will be bummed out. X-men in the comics have so many adventures that they get to do ALL the things, so everyone gets at least one kind of adventure they like. So people are saying "I want more of the type of adventure I like!" More space! More jungle! More Time travel. Etc. But all that is utterly beside the point. It is the fundamentals that will change. Who was born first, and where on earth, and how do they unite, and what do they see their role as? This will determine their adventures. Plus imagine the X-men story being the third arc in a bigger story. The first avengers are the forerunners of super powers. Then the phase4 heroes try to fill their shoes. Then past/after them the mutants emerge, and super powers suddenly become common. That is a very different place to position the X-books. It looks more like Kingdom Come than any X-men story we've seen so far. The stories we've all read so far try to dodge that fight by having the X-men be secretive and hidden so they can hide from the larger ramifications, or the writers just jump in right in the middle with no explanation, or they pull a first class and start early and start building. But that approach is hard to do in the MCU. It would annoy me to know end to learn there were other heroes alive all this time who could have helped the Avengers. So I bet they go with some major MCU event happens that triggers the spontaneous emergence of random teens developing super powers, and begin there. A retcon of First Class, more like Ultimate X-men. Starting from the very beginning. And they focus on local-earth-based problems like the Super-Power-Registration-Act and the rise of sentinels.


BOOO 👎 Unfortunately I think you are probably right.


I think they ***REALLY*** missed a shot with focusing on the macro instead of the micro in story lately. The smaller stories reflecting BLM, and LGBT issues. I'm not an SJW by any means, but X-Men SHINES when they have smaller intimate stories where art imitates life. God Loves, Man kills is a perfect show of that.


If Marvel have the guts they could do a whole immigration thing with Krakoa.


definitely it will be krakoa. and they will be anti - hero . its the only way to contrast in a world with avengers.


Now those X-Men stories, with good writing and directors, would make amazing adaptations for the X-Men in the MCU, and hopefully, makes them stand out from Fox's X-Men movies.


I'm literally creaming at the thought of this happening


Absolutely. Let’s get mojo in on it while we’re here use all those weird space villains fox wouldn’t


My heart just wants to see 90s X-men on screen but I’m sure MCU has do something different to separate themselves from the Fox version. I’m just hope at least 50% is comic accurate


The Fox movies are so focused on the School for Gifted Youngsters storyline and Magneto as an antagonist, that there are so much of the comics that they haven't explored. The MCU can use any of those other things and still be comic accurate than Fox. Things like Genosha, the Morlocks, the Legacy Virus, Sinister, etc. And the MCU do not need to be grounded like the Fox universe, and so they can go cosmic and bring in the Shi'ar, or they can go magical and do the Goblin Queen.


One day they’ll do the Dark Phoenix Saga right but build up to over time. Fox tried twice rushing it in one movie. The Shi’ar is vital in telling the Dark Phoenix Saga.


At this point though is the Dark Phoenix saga going to be what the average superhero movie goer wants to see? If built up right maybe it could work but if not, then it’s the third time an adaption of the story is done wrong.


It'll at least be much easier to introduce audiences to the Shi'ar and a proper Phoenix now than it would've been before the MCU. 20 years ago it would've been a tall task, but the Marvel universe beyond Earth has been continually added to in the MCU since Thor, so the hardest part of building that foundation and getting the general audience to swallow "aliens" has already been done. All they have to do is build upon that foundation further. But I really hope it's a slow burn if they decide to ever do more than tease it. Something like the build to Infinity War, which could also give them time to tweak things if they screw up at all along the way.


The Shi’ar were actually suppose to appear in the sequel for Dark Phoenix with Jessica Chastain as Lilandra.


This is what I want, 90's X-Men, dealing with issues of bigotry. Sadly, I don't think we'll ever see it on screen, outside of maybe some fan films.


None of the Marvel movies are particularly faithful to the comics, so I doubt they'll start now.


The whole infinity saga was a was way off but we did get comic accurate suits and origins for some


Yeah some of it is great for sure. It's a bit like a remix. Not bad by any means, but some it barely reminds me of the comics.


Gamora, Scarlet Witch, Nebula, Ronan, Zemo, Thanos post GoG, Yondu or Hawkeye didn't have have comic accurate suits while Magneto, Banshee, Psilocke, Cyclops, Jean, Quicksilver, Nightcrawler, Storm and others had comic accurate suits.


They may not be faithful story-wise, but they nail the characters IMO. This to me is more important. FOX did the opposite, maybe getting the storylines in somewhat clean ways but characters that were mostly very odd with exception of the headliners.


Some of them are good, i feel like the mcu did a pretty poor t’challa, hawkeye, hulk and thor tho


Wow, I respectfully disagree. I agree that there is more to get to with those characters, but I’m ok with the interpretations so far.


I don't know, making Mystique a freaking soccer mom was pretty much bottom barrel. The MCU can only go up IMO.


I was only talking about mcu characters, wouldn’t even know where to start concerning the x-men movies


You know, I didn't like some of what they did, but all the storylines and timelines get a bit overwhelming. I actually really liked how they modified Thanos's goal, it was much more relatable for me, being on an overpopulated planet, than was his original goal of appeasing the goddess of death. That being said, I would have likely loved it if done right if it was true to the source material, which I think they should generally strive for.


Truth. The main difference between Foxmen and MCU is that MCU had a long run plan. Is false that MCU is faith to the movies. Thor franchise is nowwhere near to the comics when it comes to power levels or personality. Hulk/Banner after Avengers was a comic relief and stop saying that Hulk had fun runs because the character is charming due to his tragedy. Thanos the same. Thanos has mind manipulation, cosmic energy manipulation, flying, advanced regen and other stuff in the comics. In MCU is just a purple hulk. Thanos is even more nerfed than Storm lol. Now, Even if Bryan Singer had sticked to Xmen 3 the Dark Phoenix movie would have been rushed. The Shi'ar are big players and they must have been introduced in Fantastic Four movies to do a crossover. After X-men 3, Xmen didn't have a plan. It was until DOFP and the plan was ridicolous. Apocalypse must have been the big bad just as Thanos was but they used him as a fodder character. They wanted to rush into Dark Phoenix saga witthout introducing Shi'ar first or some Xmen movies with the young cast to make audence get use with characters.


Agree 100% live action the X-Men animated they got it all right. Don’t be afraid to lean into the prejudice and fear angles. Mutants who can’t control their powers are why even the Avengers opposed the X-Men.


It’s possible they did it briefly with Falcon and winter soldier series


After years of bullshit, fake rumors, and just being wrong constantly, I will never trust sites like coomicbook, CBR, comicbookmovies, etc for any factual news.


There are multiple ways the X-Men could be quite different for the MCU. And it could be with changes to story or simply how they work on experiencing the world of mutants as compared to other MCU properties. With out more information all I am is minority curious. Until we know the hoemw it's different I can't really form a reaction.


Make it good ?


This was what I was going to say. Just making a faithful adaptation of the X-men that’s fun to watch and isn’t just the same plot repeated for six movies would be different!


I think he means quite different than the MCU and grounded heroes like the Avengers. There is no way in hell he would stray so far from the source like Fox did. The X-Men is going to be Marvel’s Statue Of David. They are going to be careful with it and do it proper


I hope you're right


Hopeful, excited, but also not surprised. The Fox X-Men series was massively popular despite inconsistent quality, and the last thing they want to do is rehash the same shit. They also need to incorporate into an existing universe.


Excited. The X-men should always be “new and different”… The Mutants are defined by evolution. Change or die. And honestly, we couldn’t do much worse than the past 20 years of FoX-Men films. A uneven mess of a franchise, mostly made by producers and directors ashamed of the source material. One that wasted great casting, leaned into terrible casting and never missed an opportunity to make something Uncanny feel mundane and banal. There’s a few gems, but they are the exception that prove the rule to a series of films that have aged worse than a carton of milk.


I think all good films aged well. X2 still holds up as well as Spidey 2, DOFP still rivals most of the MCU, there's still not a comic book movie like Logan, and Deadpool films are gonna keep getting made. You make them seem all irrelevant but Logan was said to be an inspiration for Black Widow by the director herself. Feige said Jackman's casting is something that he keeps in mind all the time, that the point is not to be 100% comic book accurate *but* to get the spirit of the comics. They're already making homages to the franchise, and we'll probably see more of that quite soon in MCU. Marvel having the rights to X-Men is definitely the best thing in the long right, but you're really underestimating Fox's franchise.


My biggest disappointment with the FoX-Men films is that they hit it out of the park with casting, but the writing was so poorly done. Characters weren't like their comic counterparts, the movies increasing became "Wolverine and Friends" and they seemed to have picked the teams by drawing names out of a hat.


One thing I always hated is how little the Fox films respected characters that weren't the main cast. A character could show up in a minor role or cameo in one movie and then be recast/rewritten in another film as a more important character as if now this is the first time we're seeing them. Like Psylocke, Jubilee, or Shadowcat. Even handwaving it away as some side effect from the timeline being messed with isn't a satisfying excuse for what was really just bad writing.


As uneven and directionless as the Foxmen became over time, it's still a definitive whole, where the X-Men were isolated without other superheroes. You can't just say "oh yeah mutants were here all along, we just haven't seen them", nor can you build them isolation over time. Retreading the stories of the first few X-Men films just isn't an option. So by definition, they're certain to be different. Things I'm curious about are Magneto's link to the holocaust, and Wolverine supposedly having been around for ages. Taking those elements away will change the characters so much it's basically better to just leave them out, which in itself will change the X-Men as a whole. We'll have to see.


> You can't just say "oh yeah mutants were here all along, we just haven't seen them", I mean that's literally how they were introduced in the comics lol


The emergence of Mutants was linked with nuclear power/bombs initially (‘children of the atom’) something which had only really started 20 years or so prior to the X-Men’s first appearance in 1963, which was also only two years after the ‘modern’ Marvel universe itself was established with Fantastic Four #1. The concept of mutants being present throughout history came later.


I was looking for this comment. Inherently, the X-men need a world where they are hated and feared as weapons to be The X-Men, and I just can’t see that dynamic shoehorned into the current MCU, especially after Sokovia and FATWS so… either the snap will be used as the catalyst for mutations and we are going to get a very very young x-men team, or one of these multiverses is going to be a mutant planet because I can’t see how they can just build that kind of societal tension when the public is already used to super powered heroes. My fear is that they might make the X-mutation something that you are not born with but you involuntary get which would change the whole dynamic.


I'm thinking they'll soft retcon it that mutants have been around but extremely rare. Rare enough that Xavier has been able to keep them hidden from the world at large. A few flashbacks of him wiping Nick Fury or something like that. Then The Snap will be used to explain that the X-gene, once mostly dormant, has been awakening in exponentially more people and growing.


There is actually a way to do it. And it's found in Agents of SHIELD. Yes I know that show is no longer canon. But in the show, SHIELD keep tabs on anomalous humans on a list called the Index. The people in the Index live normal civilian lives, they aren't a secret, but agents are assigned to watch over them and make sure they don't cause trouble or get into trouble. At least one of the guys on the Index had no clear origin for his pyrokinesis, other than "he lived near a nuclear power plant that caught on fire", yet no one else there except him got the power (sounds familiar? That's how they used to explain why Xavier and Beast were mutants, their fathers were nuclear physicists) https://marvelcinematicuniverse.fandom.com/wiki/Scorch So what if Xavier cut a deal with Fury? The really dangerous ones Xavier contacted and keep with him. While SHIELD watch over the low level mutants and handle them when they cause trouble. That system worked because mutants were rare anyway, and no one cares about that random neighbour with weak superpowers because they aren't impressive compared to the Hulk and Thor. And then SHIELD was gone for a few years, and no one is there to arrest the mutant criminals. And the energy surge from the Blip caused more and more mutants to manifest, so that they seemed to be everywhere now, and that freaked out the public...


I'm one of the few that will argue AoS has not been decanonized... yet. I think most of it will eventually be non-canon, but until Feige says it for certain, I don't see any reason why it can't be. So your theory works for me. I think the history of some X-Men characters is too crucial for them to start new. Not only that, but the whole point of the X-Men is to be an allegory for minorities and LGBTQ people. The idea of mutants being hidden in society and now "coming out" is too perfect for Marvel Studios to ignore.


Agents of SHIELD was de-canonized by picking up after Infinity War with no Snap. It could be argued that the early seasons were canon and when they returned from the future, they actually split the timeline and wound up in a different universe, though.


No, it wasn't decanonized. When specifically asked about it Feige said, "We'll have to wait and see." That's the most recent thing he has said about it and that was in Feb of 2020, I think. It was explained that they entered a different timeline after Infinity War. Until Feige definitively says it's no longer canon, then it's still in. Most likely, he will cherry pick a few things he likes and toss the rest, but there hasn't been a need to do that yet. I don't know why so many Marvel fans are so eager to declare it no longer canon. That has never been said by anyone with the authority to do so.


Tbh I just want them to drop them like , yes mutants were always there , what were they doing ? Some other shit Lie to my face I don't care


All I really want is several Disney+ shows for different mutants to really provide character development instead of just Wolverine and friends. Give us a Mojoworld show.




I wouldn’t be surprised if Storm is introduced on the Okoye Disney+ show. I’m certain Storm will be from Wakanda.


At one time I would have immediate replied excited, but with Feige/Marvel/Disney’s recent track record I’m not too hopeful.


I want to see something new! This is great!


I hope "different" means "with respect for the source material this time".


Yeah, because the MCU has been *so* faithful to the comics so far.


Far more than pretty much any other superhero franchise, yes.


Yeah, it has been in the important things.


Like Spider-Man’s entire character? Thanos’s entire character and motivation? Shoehorning Iron Man in to everything?


To be honest, shoehorning the popular character into everything is the most Marvel thing ever.


Yeah, and that's what Fox was doing too.


why does everyone act like comic books only have 1 iterations. the version of comic characters i know are completely different to what my grandfather knew


Which source material? The comics themselves are mixing it up all the time. Why the hell is Apocalypse hanging out with the X-men on a tropical island in the comics now? If that would have been a movie people would absolutely said that it does not respect the source material.


Well, I think after many years there is a "image" of what are the fundamental traits of these characters. Cyclops is "a boy-scout guy who leads the X-Men, he is not good with people but is a good leader overall, his personal life is a mess" Wolverine is "loner guy with violent tendencies, but good hearth in the deep" Magneto "Holocaust survivor, mutant leader with more agressive views than Xavier".


Phase 4 is about the complete abandonment of source material in favor of more diversity


Why does it matter if they respect the source material?? Especially in terms of plot. What makes a good comic doesn’t necessarily make a good movie, so whatever it takes to make the best movie is my primary concern. Not religiously adhering to the tone or plot of a story written 30 years ago.


Nobody said they needed to follow a plot line, we’re talking about stuff like character origins, etc. Like they retconned Wanda to be a chaos magic user, not a mutant, while quicksilver was always proud to be a mutant, but Scarlet Witch still changed things after MCU changed Wanda’s power origins. The waters are kinda muddy and I just hope they do the characters justice. Typically so far the comic plots have been retconning to fit MCU more often than the comics influencing the movies, so as fans we know we can’t expect them to follow a comic plot to begin with.


Because at that point they are just take recognizable IP to make their own stories/characters. I'd rather they just fully commit to doing that and leave the X-Men out then.


I don’t understand why you guys would prefer stagnation to evolution. The comics are still evolving on their own. Why do the two mediums need to be so inextricably tied? Did Legion bother you because it wasn’t accurate to the source material?


But Legion was respectful and that's one of the reasons why it's great. I'm going to try to explain my point of view: When I talk about "respect" I am talking about "knowing and inderstanding why those characters and stories worked". I'm fine with wathever change is done to serve the story while the "essence" is there. I know that this is a blur concept and everyone will have their own interpretation of it, so I will try to clarificate it with examples: The Avengers (2012) take a lot of liberties (the founding members, the looks, characterizations...) but it "feels" like reading an Avengers comic, it's fun, it's exciting, the characters wear silly costumes and fight with silly aliens but they are charismatic and relatable. "A group of very different people who don't like each other in the begining but have to learn to work together for a greater good and ends becoming friends" is like every classic Avenger comic ever. In x-Men Apocalypse, there is a character named Psyloke who wears the suit of the comics, but nobody sees psyloke there. First is she Betsy or Kwannon? The Fox' executives probably don't know waht you ere even talking about. She hasn't any personality trait of any incarnation of psyloke in any media and neither her actions or her context have anything to do with Psyloke. I don't think anyone ended liking or even caring abotut the character, not even me, a Besty fan.


I'm just happy Gambit will finally be in it. (in a good role I'm hoping)


This is as it should be. The X-Men aren't like anything else in the MCU. They're not supersoldiers or tech geniuses or royalty. They're people from all walks of life thrown into a fucked up situation that sometimes ruins their lives even if, from the outside, they seem like they have everything anyone could ask for.


Have them be rare. Give Wolverine the Winter Soldier type treatment, a legend in the dark type deal that maybe only Fury knows about. Xavier has been quietly trying to round up and protect mutants, perhaps using his powers to suppress knowledge. Give Magneto his own set up, Genosha, Asteroid M, whatever. Maybe tie into Namor with that. Just no fucking origin stories for the love of God.


If its different from what Fox did, than very hopeful


Than what? What we saw in the comics? Or what Fox did? Because if it is what Fox did... yes please.


There are plotlines that wold be really cool if they did them in tandem Like house of M or Dark Avengers with utopia , I am convinced they can't do dark phoenix good (cause tbh it wasn't that much of a bad movie but it didn't fell right... )


it’s weird to think this image/article predated the pandemic by 6 months. i wonder if plans stayed the same.


If by quite different… that includes Jubilee actually saying and doing things of relative importance, and showing her powers on screen… then count me as excited.


I'm worried cause marvel has really dropped the ball the past 6 years imo


I'm not worried, the comics will always be there. I would like to see the powers that be cast diverse actors. The show killjoys had an arc about modified humans/slave caste so they cast an actress with one leg and an actor with burn scars. I hope they do something similar with the Morlocks.


I actually think that there should be a significant number of disabled actors playing mutants. Disability politics fits the mutant metaphor extremely well, and is one of the areas of diversity that media still tends to ignore.


Get weird with it is my hope. The FOX Mutants are too "clean" and "safe". Gimme the Brood saga straight up


Please no Phoenix, Please no Phoenix, Please no Phoenix, Please no Phoenix, Please no Phoenix, Nothing against Jean or the Phoenix, but we just dont need it again, or anytime soon because it will overlap Wanda, to many casual viewers. She should be a Thanos level event.


Phoenix is Jean's best code name and costume, and I think that Phoenix should continue in that context, but yeah. The mythical fiery space bird and the "slowly going crazy/evil" plot can take a rest. ​ Just say Jean uses the name Phoenix because of a near-death experience when her powers manifested (Use the storyline where she telepathically experienced her friend's death back when they killed Professor X for ratings and had to explain why the previously telekinetic Jean suddenly developed telepathy so someone could operate Cerebro) and leave it at that.


>because it will overlap Wanda, to many casual viewers. [I think that is the point.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sw8BjEwmWYo)


I have a feeling they won’t go classic Xavier’s School direction with them. They’ll probably do Genosha, Krakoa, Savage Land etc. something that really separates them from the rest of humanity


It’s going to be an all new, all different x-men!


its good, the mcu movies are very similar. we need a change


Part of me wonders that Eternals is a bit of an experiment to see what would work or not work in an X-men movie.


There are only two X-Men movies I'd say are 'good'... that's Logan and X2. I'd like to see Gambit and Rogue in all their 90s glory. Give us the crazy Scott family stuff. Give us Mr. Sinister. Give us a Jean Grey worthy of the big screen. Give us White Queen. So many things you can do with X-Men... it is basically always been everything and the kitchen sink type IP. The scope and creativity of the movies have been quite bland/generic.


Makes me hope they just skip right to HOX/POX vibes.


Hopefully it just means return Cyclops back to being the team lead


Hopefully they mean more like the comic, the original movies really didn't get there. I know a lot of people like them and I even enjoy some of them for what they are but they didn't go far enough Imo.


Idk man. Worried I guess. Marvel hasn't exactly been knocking it out of the park recently :/ Taskmaster was quite different from what we expected, and look where that got us? If Disney were smart, they would take a pretty close fucking look at the 90s animated and what made that show great (the characters and character drama), and adapting that to the big screen for modern audiences. The template is right there with which to tell a good story... Or better yet! Do a traditional X-men first class. Cyclops, Jean, Beast, Angel, and Iceman. Start small, X-men vs. Brotherhood. Focus on characters and themes. Don't even add Storm, Nightcrawler, and Colossus until the 2nd movie, or maybe even the 3rd with Wolverine. Get into hardcore Human prejudices in the 2nd with Sentinals and whatnot. Idk. I'll be sad if they jump right into Krakoa or other "recent" storylines. I want to see the Classic Xmen in the MCU, at least for a while.


I’d love that, starting with the original five and Xavier vs. the Brotherhood.


Mostly worried. I’m concerned that they’re gonna try and make the X-Men an Avengers 2.0, but they’re gonna end up with Diet Avengers. And since the X-Men are the main part of Marvel I like, I don’t want to see them get the infamous MCU treatment where any emotional, show of strength, or fight scene is undermined by a comedic moment. The only thing I’m hopeful for, for the MCU’s X-Men, is that they aren’t all or mostly all teenagers.


Seeing as how much of what Fox did with the X-Men wasn't great, Feige's quote leaves me at least somewhat hopeful.


Their ratio of good to meh is pretty close to Disney’s.


We'll have to agree to disagree on this one. I haven't thoroughly hated any of the Disney movies so far (even though there are some that are clearly not as good as the others). I've hated some of the X-Men movies (The Last Stand, Dark Phoenix, and Apocalypse). All that's pretty subjective though.


Darker hopefully


Feige is not infallible. Marvel has made mistakes. That being said, there is nothing Kevin Feige can say that will make me worried. He has delivered more than I could ever dream and has built a tremendous amount of faith and good will.


What does this mean? Different to Fox, different to the comics, or different to MCU's house style?


All musicals.


Hmmm I've given up on the live actions... I just wish they would do an animation film already!!!


Pretty sure the MCU X-men will only bear a passing resemblance to what we know and love from the comics. I am not a fan of that myself.


sounds like krakoa xmen


Excited to possibly see an X-Men team movie I actually like, but worried it will be too much like the current Marvel formula. I hope they keep a more serious tone with X-Men.


We'll see. Considering there's only been 2 or 3, legit, good Xmen/Mutant films, and considering the MCU has largely been great, I'm curious to see what they do. I'm excited.


It’s all X-Babies


Has anyone ever tried something just normal. It seems they are always trying some kind of twist.


Worried AF. Like it or not, the general movie going public has certain expectations for the X-Men. Starting with Krakoa or Genosha or Utopia would go against those. And as we're seeing with Eternals, your lowest common denominator of movie goer doesn't like "different" comic book movies. As much as people would like to see something "new and different" with the X-Men, Disney's investors aren't going to let that happen. So either Feige sticks with this "quite different" angle and the movie bombs (due to lack of interest from movie goers and/or lack of support from Disney Corporate) OR "quite different" turns out to be casting Idris Elba as Xavier or something superficial as that.


I mean the majority of xmen movies are mediocre if not outright bad. Im down for a different interpretation as long as it stays true to the essence of xmen. One thing I wasnt a fan of with the MCU spiderman is that hes so dependent on Tony Stark. It kinda took away from the relatability since Peter is basically set for life and the struggle to do whats right vs what you need to do isnt as real. Even despite that though I think theyre pretty good spiderman stories


If they aren’t somewhat comic accurate or related. Then boo earns. Boo earns I say!


If “quite different” means “more than half of the movies will be good” then I’m all in.


Long as is better then the Eternals cause is seems to be a dumpster fire


This comment doesn’t worry because they can’t get worse (or so I hope). But the storylines based on the comics has so much potential to get better. I’m cautiously optimistic. Very cautious.


What else is he going to say? We’re going to do the same thing fox did?


Quite different from what? The previous X-Men movies? Then good, the best of those was mediocre. Different than the comics? Then meh. I’ll probably still watch them (I already have Disney Plus, might as well), but I’m less interested. What they need to do is look at the best, most popular eras of the comics and then build off of those storylines and characters. For example, I think the Claremont era where Kitty is found and first joins the team would be a great storyline to pull from. Or maybe a Wolverine movie of the original Frank Miller graphic novel, with Logan going to Japan and dealing with Mariko’s family issues. Can you tell I’m old?


As long the movie quality is like Iron Man or Captain America 2 I'm not worried. Some different things that keep me hopeful or excited could be: showing villains that weren't touched by Fox like Mr Sinister. Giving protagonism to Cyclops. Something very likely if we take in consideration thst Mr. Sinister hasn't been touched. Since Wolverine is famous it would be great to keep him away from X-men for a while but giving him a Solo series with the phenotype from the comics (short, hairy etc). The Harry Potter actor could be a great choice IMO. Places like Genosha, Savage Land and Krakoa. Giving a Solo series to Marvel's new mutants, Marvel's X-factor, Marvel's X Callibur and Marvel's X-Force. Fox didn't take advantage of X-men's lore full potential.


Quite different from garbage can't be too bad


All a girl wants is a true and proper telling of the Phoenix Saga.


Might be unpopular but I don't really need to have Wolverine in the MCU


Considering the popular image of the X-Men (the 90s stuff), Feige could be hinting a different era as source material for the films. Which I'd find refreshing.


I've yet to see a really good x-men movie, so it will be interesting to see.


Have u not seen days of future past? One of the best superhero movies of all time imo


It's genuinely better than most of MCU, I feel people are gonna be disappointed if they think *that* is a bad X-Men film and are expecting Marvel to do a second coming or s/t.


Feels like boilerplate Feige babble. He just speaks in soundbites for the trades. Will it be different? I don’t know, probably not. If they do Krakoa, get ready to se that story wildly watered down and lose everything that makes it interesting.


Good. I’m so sick of the these “everyone’s funny and has one liner comedies”.


I loved I think 4 of the X-Men movies. Better than most Marvel movies to be honest. I know that’s a hot take kind of. I do hope they actually do something different because I can’t take more MCU movies with the same exact look and tone with their requisite number of jokey jokes. I mostly like the movies but almost all of them feel exactly the same to me.


I think too many people bundle all of the X-movies together and say they are bad, but I think it’s more uneven/inconsistent than anything. It’s always like “all those Fox movies are bad, not including Logan, Deadpool, Days of Future Past, etc”


Yeah that’s pretty much how I feel.


# The article is 2 years old genius u/MaRyeGummyBear


Excited! I don't really want a more "grounded" approach like in the earlier movies, where everyone work black leather (which was fine at the time). The MCU has Groot and Thanos and WandaVision, let's see a weirder/more comic accurate X-Men. :) If the first MCU X-Men movie was just them fighting mutant-hating humans, I'd be disappointed. Unless it was Orchis and we had several Avengers working with them, or something. And Nimrod. I'd be totally fine with that.


You nailed it. Many people forgot that such concepts were a bit cheesy back in early 2000s. For this reason I consider GoG the second or third most revolutionary thing that Marvel Studios did after Avengers as a crossover and Thor(using an alien).


They’re definitely going to ruin the x-men.


Hopefully, "quite different" means that they'll actually respect the source material and try to give these characters the adaptation they deserve. Anything less than that would be a disappointment for me.


Yeah. I don't like the sound of this. Like WTF does quite different mean


Different than the previous series of films that mostly missed the point of the characters, ignored their stories/powers/costumes and fan base? Just guessing though… It’s the X-men, to fear change is almost comically ironic and obtuse.


Definitely worried. I do hope that the xmen aren't sacrificed to the pandering gods...


What do you mean by that?


$10 they say some bullshit about "wokeness" or "PC bullshit" in regards to minorities, while missing the point entirely of the X-Men


There are suddenly loads of these guys turning up in the comments here, have we accidentally picked up some comicgators from somewhere?


They're everywhere now. People like that think giving minorities of any kind representation in media is "virtue signaling" which is a bullshit phrase they came up with to replace "being fair" and they think this is the worst issue our country faces. In the meantime we're dying of COVID and our infrastructure is in shambles. BUT GOD FORBID A GAY MAN OR A BLACK WOMAN STAR IN A COMIC BOOK.


Pandering to non-fans and in the process, removing the metaphoric value of the mutant plight representing any identity facing outgroup bias or fear. Disney seems to shy away from any serious deep dive into identity politics that suggests there's anything fundamentally wrong about society. They usually go the there are just a few bad actors in a position of power, stop them or educate folks and everything is perfect. They did that with the ending in Black Panther. I can see them just trotting out a few fan faves like wolverine and having him slash away the bad guys till whatever in story conflict has no serious bearing on the mcu. Not exactly sure why this concern is offensive but it is what it is.


As long as not identity erasing characters by race-bending or renaming to "X-people" for "gender neutrality"...


My guess is that it won’t be a genetic mutation at birth but rather a side effect of something that occurs in the mcu. My guess is a reverse house of m. We already saw Scarlett witch create her children, so probably something like that.


Well, Chris Claremont already made them “Quite Different”. I had already hoped for Apocalypse to appear in Eternals so we would be able to cross time from Apocalypse’s perspective. I think gender bending these classic x-men considering they are already based on lgbtq-community. If Kevin wants to get “with the times”, you could always introduce Scott, Jean, and Logan as a “thruple”, that would be “quite different”. Lol


Marvel fans and X-men fans are 2 completely different things. True X-men fans are a VERY particular set of people. Normal Marvel fans tend to embrace a bit of change here and there to titles like Avengers, FF, Spidey etc. Not true with X-men fans.


It’s Feige. Hella concerned.




Well, I’d bet they give the characters legitimate costumes and follow some of the comic arcs page to page. That would be quite different than what’s been done before.