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VaticanCity and some one else who shall remain annonamous unless they feel they want to use thier name with this endevour. ARMI PROJECT - VTBS-FSX 2010 Brought to you By VaticanCity add the lower file first to your scenery than add the Higher Priority File. You may need to do some tweaking as to get better FRPS also delete anything you have to do with VTBS or this scenery will not function properly.Regards PUBLISHER Armi Project FILESIZE 51MB ARMI PROJECT - VTBS-FSX 2010 Suvarnabhumi International. Airport is the largest airport in Thailand. The airport project was first established in 1973 to replace Don Maung Airport which was already congested and no way to be expanded. It took more than 3 decades to complete because of obstacles in politics. It was officially open in 29th September 2006. Nevertheless, the airport itself is beautifully constructed with glass, metal and modern fabric canvas roof. Design by Murphy/Jahn Architects. The airport has 2 parallel runways. It has a total of 120 parking bays (51 with contact gates and 69 remote gates) and 4 of these are capable of accommodating the Airbus A380 aircraft. VTBS armi project was released in 2009 with full of detail. I modified it to make it more frame rate friendly. But it is still only for FS9. I have upgraded this scenery for full compatibility with FSX. It has been done from inside gmax, to incorporate new feature of FSX including bump mapping, specular map, reflexion, airport vehicles, road traffic etc. Make this scenery much more beautiful than FS9 version. Features Main terminal and concourses are made in detail with 3d metal frames. Interior decoration has been added. You can see through the glass wall of the concourse and main terminal. But the interior decorations cannot be visible in front of the main terminal. Nevertheless, there are rotating doors provide some view that you can see inside. Visual Guide Docking System by Arno Gerretsen, provide guide when parking to the gate. Real 3d ALSF-2 landing light system. Fully detail jetways and bridge to concourse. Animated ground service vehicles. Custom made lines, taxiway and taxi lights. Custom Gmax ground texture from satellite photos will make you feel like being in the real airport. Moreover ground texture will change with season. Animated Thai Maintenance Hangar doors. You can open them by dial Nav2 to 112.00. You need to wail 10-15 sec. until the doors opened. Turn runway guard light into green by dialing NAV2 to 113.00 Runway guard light can be switched to red or green by dialing Nav2 to 113.00. Surrounding area including Thanacity Golf Course, King Mongkut Institute of Technology, Logistic Center, Airport link station and Burapha Vitae Expressway. Charts are not included but you can get the real thing from http://www.aerothai.co.th Incompatibility This scenery is incompatible with Jan MartinΓΓé¼Γäós VTBD and Bangkok. It may cause runway and taxiway disappear. Other scenery regarding VTBS should be removed, including VTBS photoscenery by myself (Jirayu Tanabodee) VTBS by Jan Martin, VTBS2006 and VTBS2008 by Siamavsim. This scenery is fully compatible with PrasongΓΓé¼Γäós VTBD from Thaiflight.com. (but it is FS9 not FSX). Performance IMPORTANT!!!! The lowest spec. PC should be at least CoreII 2.53 Ghz RAM 2GB. Video card memory should be at least 512 mb. Our beta-tester can get 10-15 fps. without any AI and clear sky. We recommend new CPU such as i5 or i7. FSX is CPU bounded program. If youΓΓé¼Γäód like to upgrade your computer try the faster CPU not graphic card. Graphic card in mid level should do the task with decent frame rate. My 9800GTS is still working with newer CPU. I would recommend not to run FSX at full spec. You need to tweak it to get decent frame rate. How much to tweak depends on your hardware.Regards Tic. Please Seed this. Point installer to your Main FSX Installation,Files will load under SimMarket File than just add to your scenery.Add the lower file first than upper for the top.Make sure no other VSTB scenery is on your FSX Installation.Be aware that the Docs are FS2004 but the files a TRUE FSX files.From FSX Installer.Be aware that this airport is very Frame unfriendly so you best have a FAST PC.This is a very ,very nice airport.Thanks to the annonamous individuall who placed files in hand for you Guys.
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