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William Buhlman - Adventures Beyond the Body; Induction Music for Out-of Body Travel 2 CD Set

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William Buhlman - Adventures Beyond the Body; Induction Music for Out-of Body Travel 2 CD Set


William Buhlman - Adventures Beyond the Body; Induction Music for Out-of Body Travel - FLAC

"ADVENTURES BEYOND THE BODY: INDUCTION MUSIC FOR OUT-OF-BODY TRAVEL", a 2-CD set William Buhlman Presents: Music For Out-Of-Body Travel

This 2-CD set combines hypnotic ancient rhythms with the latest psycho-acoustic mind technologies. This music will help to transport the listener from the beta to delta brain state. Please avoid using this 2-CD set while operating a vehicle or anything that requires external concentration. For maximum effectiveness, headphones should be used in conjunction with your favorite out-of-body induction technique. For proven techniques, please refer to William Buhlman's book "ADVENTURES BEYOND THE BODY".

1) Lay down (back straight), take several deep breaths and completely relax.

2) Reaffirm your clear intention, "I will now have an out-of-body experience!"

3) Begin your favorite out-of-body technique.

4) Let yourself become completely immersed in the music.

5) Allow your body to drift into total relaxation, as your mind remains focused on your technique and intention.

6) Hold your intention and technique as your last conscious thought as your body drifts to sleep.

"Waves of Light" is an exhilarating yet profoundly peaceful musical journey into the mind, body and beyond. By combining the ancient knowledge of harmonics and recent discoveries in brain research, "Waves of Light" produces specific frequencies (for alpha, then theta) to create whole-brain consciousness and tunes the body to the natural harmonics of the earth and sun. A relaxing ride to Nirvana.

"The Power of 7" is a magical sound sculpture (tuned to the color green) which energizes and balances the heart chakra (thymus) by resonating the subtle energy levels of the listener. Combining hypnotic ancient rhythms with the latest psycho-acoustic mind technologies, this music will transport the listener from the beta to delta brain state. "The Power of Seven" is used professionally for healing, inducing altered states of consciousness and out-of-body travel. William Buhlman has trained out-of-body travelers in his workshops for more than a decade, teaching people how to project their consciousness outside the limits of their physical bodies and to explore dimensions and worlds beyond everyday life.

William Buhlman presents, "ADVENTURES BEYOND THE BODY", "INDUCTION MUSIC FOR OUT-OF-BODY TRAVEL", a 2-CD set created by Brian E. Paulson. "Waves of Light" and "The Power of 7" are used exclusively by William Buhlman in his out-of-body workshops.

Everything in the universe is energy. Its pulsating rhythms are outside and within us all. This energy moves in waves or cycles, never resting and appearing in endless variations from the waves crashing on the shore, to the ebb and flow of patterns within our minds. These vibrations (or energy) can manifest themselves in many forms; from the forms of sacred geometry (the soul and shape of nature) to the colors of consciousness as evidenced by photographs of auras revealing moods of the psyche. Therein lies an infinite array of vibrations, from the micro cosmos to the macro cosmos.

True healing is in accord with these primal and omnipresent energies. Although we are all unique and vibrating individuals with our own special needs, there are certain "key frequencies" which strike a resonance deep within to facilitate the alignment, healing and attunement of our minds, bodies and spirits.

William Buhlman is a leading expert on out-of-body experiences. The author's thirty years of extensive personal out-of-body explorations give him a unique and thought provoking insight into this subject. During the last eight years he has conducted an international out-of-body experience survey that includes over 16,000 participants from 32 countries. The provocative results of this survey are presented in his latest book, The Secret of the Soul. As a certified hypnotherapist, William incorporates various methods, including hypnosis, visualization and meditation techniques in his workshops to explore the profound nature of out-of-body experiences and the benefits of accelerated personal development. Through lectures, workshops and his books the author teaches the preparation and techniques of authentic spiritual exploration.