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- Youtube Video View Increaser
- Youtube Channel View Increaser
- View Increaser(Other Video Websites, works for as well)
- Friend Requester
- Message Sender
- Channel Voter
- Comment Poster
- Subscriber
- Rater


About Tube Bot

Tube Bot is a program designed mainly to bypass the freeze mark(generally the freeze zone is 200-300 views) and automate youtube tasks, such as subscribing, looking for channels and sending friend requests. What makes this tool unique is that it is the only youtube bot on the net that accommodates a working view increaser, all the views generated are real. YOU HEARD RIGHT!!!! We created a method that will send real visitors to your video.
With millions of YouTube users uploading their videos each day, it is almost impossible for your videos to get the exposure it deserves.Without the right promotional techniques and marketing, your videos on YouTube could and will eventually disappear along with the million other YouTube videos.Thanks to Tube Bot, we now have an easy solution to give your YouTube videos the exposure it deserves!

Think about this, most users can\'t make it pass 300 views, with that said, when you use Tube Bot you will be pass that amount and on top for your search category. For example, if your title is "dogs," well if you type it in youtube search search engine, even if there\'s 200 other vids listed as "dogs" yours will come up first under the most viewed category for "dogs" for that day or week.

When your copy of Tube Bot gets activated for the next 30 days you will be able to use all the features(except for the View Increaser)without any limitations, ONLY on your current computer so you make sure to activate your copy of Tube Bot on a computer that you will not be formatting anytime soon. The amount of days you currently have left for the View Increaser will be replaced so that you now have 60 days left on the View Imcreaser. Having 60 days on the view increaser does NOT mean that for the next 60 days you will be able to use the view increaser as many times as you like. Having 60 days on the view increaser means that you will be able to add your urls to our database for a total of 60 days.

View Increaser
The View Increaser works for Youtube, Myspace and any other popular video sharing website, all the views generated from it come from real people, no proxies are ever used. You could say it is the software version of Viewtubetrain so if we have 1000 users for example, 1000 views will be generated for all users per day. This feature can only be used if you have activated your copy of tube bot or purchased View Increaser days, additionally it can only be used once per day. To use it copy and paste the video/channel/profile link to the textbox that has "urls:", then using the drop down list below, select the website of the url then select how many days you would like your url to stay on our database and click Increase Views. Tube bot generates an average of 400 - 600 views per day, so that is how many views all submitted urls will be getting per day. Additionally, when buying view increaser days please note that they do not allow you to use the view increaser for the amount of days purchased. If for example you buy the view increaser for 10 days then you will be able to add your urls to our database for a total of 10 days, NOT use the view increaser as many times as you like for 10 days.

Import Accounts
Most of the features tube bot accommodates require youtube accounts, to import youtube accounts to tube bot open notepad/wordpad then type in the youtube accounts you want to import in the following format - Username:Password, then import them to tube bot. After you must go on SettingsAccounts and click the "All Accounts Mode" option so tube bot will use your imported accounts for all the features. To get youtube accounts you can either create them yourself via youtube, use you own ones, or buy them.

Gather Channels
The gather channel feature automates the whole process of looking for youtube channels. It can be used to gather channels through keywords or gather channels from someone else\'s subscribers, subscriptions or friends. To gather channels from keywords select the option, "Gather From Keywords", then enter the keywords you would like tube bot to look for. To gather channels from someone else\'s subscribers, subscriptions or friends select the "Gather From User" option the select the features you would like to gather from the channel.

Friend Requester
The Friend Requester works by sending friend requests to all the channels you have imported or all the channels you have gathered, it will automatically detect if you have reached the friend request limit set by youtube, once you have it will only send more friend requests if it detects youtube is no longer blocking you from sending friend requests. As you gain more friends more and more people will watch your videos and subscribe to you when you upload them.

This feature can be used to subscribe to a lot of people or increase your subscribers by creating dummy accounts(Fake youtube accounts) and importing them. Import the channel/s you would like to subscribe to. If you want to use one account to subscribe to imported channels or use your imported accounts to subscribe to a few or your youtube channel then you must change the Account Settings to One Account(Only main account will be used) Mode or All Account Mode(All imported accounts will be used).

Message Sender
The message sender will use your account to automate the whole process of sending messages to people, all you have to do is create your messages, save them then import the channels you would like to send the messages to, or use Tube Bot to automatically find channels you would like to send the messages to.

Comment Poster

Videos imported to the comment poster most be in the following format:**********
Youtube is very strict with captcha when it comes to posting comments so avoid using a low delay when using the comment poster.
Rater(Normal Mode)
Videos imported to the Rater(Normal Mode)most be in the following format:**********
In normal mode only imported or main account will be used to post ratings.
Rater(Auto Mode)
In auto mode accounts donated by other users will be used to post ratings, this means you can increase your ratings without the need to create a lot of dummy accounts. This feature only works once per day, even if you have activated your copy of Tube Bot.
Comment Voter
Tube Bot will automatically vote comments you want, through the use of the accounts you have imported or through your main account. On the Commenter textbox only enter the first line posted by the commenter but make sure not to make any spelling errors.
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