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Kanjia Quan Yilu (Warders Boxing 1st path - Opening the mountain)

Kanjia Quan 2lu (Warders Boxing 2nd path - Welcoming at the door)

Kanjia Quan 3lu (Warders Boxing 3rd path - Three recommendations before the lady)

Shaolin Babu Lianhuan Tui (8 steps chained kicks from shaolin)

Shaolin Bafa Quan (Shaolin Eight Methods Boxing)

Shaolin Baiyuan Tanglang Quan - White Gibbon Praying Mantis boxing from Shaolin

Shaolin Bao Cuan Quan - Shaolin 'running Panther' Boxing

Shaolin Baozi Chui - Shaolin Panther's Strike

Shaolin Bu Quan - Shaolin step boxing

Shaolin Chuojiao Quan - Shaolin Piercing Foot Boxing

Shaolin Xiao Hong Quan (from Cyberkwoon.com)

Shaolin Cuan Gong Quan - Shaolin running away from the Palace boxing

Shaolin Da Meihua Quan - Big Plumflower boxing from Shaolin

Shaolin Da Tongbi Quan - Major traversing arms boxing from Shaolin

Shaolin Disha Quan - Shaolin Earth Goblin Boxing

Shaolin Duanda Quan - Shaolin short range boxing

Shaolin Feng Huo Quan - Shaolin Wind and Fire Boxing

Shaolin Gunlong Zhang - Shaolin rolling dragon palm

Shaolin Heihu Quan - Shaolin Black Tiger Boxing

Shaolin Hou Quan - Shaolin Monkey Boxing

Shaolin Jingang Quan Yi Lu - Shaolin Vajra Boxing: 1st set

Shaolin luohan shiba zhang - Shaolin Arhat 18 palms

Shaolin luohan Quan 1-4 Lu - Shaolin Arhats boxing 1-4

Shaolin Luowang 18 Zhang - 18 Palms catch the King

Shaolin Meihua Tanglang quan - Plum-blossom Praying Mantis boxing from Shaolin

Shaolin Pigua Quan - Shaolin Chopping and Deflecting Boxing

Shaolin Polian Zhang - Shaolin Elucidating the Lotus Palm

Shaolin Qixing Tanglang quan - Seven Stars Praying Mantis Boxing from Shaolin

Shaolin Yilu Liuhe Quan - First way of Six harmonies Boxing from Shaolin (2ppl set)

Shaolin Erlu Liuhe Quan - Second way of Six Harmonies Boxing from Shaolin (2ppl set)

Shaolin Silu Liuhe Quan - Fourth way of Six Harmonies boxing from Shaolin (2ppl set)
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