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THE LOST REGIMENT SERIES BOOKS 1-8 BY WILLIAM R. FORSTCHEN NOTE: Officially there are only 8 books in the ΓΓé¼┼ôLost RegimentΓΓé¼┬¥. William R. Forstchen wrote a nineth book called "Down to the Sea", it was intended as the start of a new story, I do not have this book. Rally Cry: The Lost Regiment, Book 1 UNABRIDGED by William R. Forstchen Narrated by Patrick Lawlor Rally Cry is the first Alternate History novel in The Lost Regiment series. The 35th Maine infantry regiment has had a glorious history, the first to receive the Congressional Medal of Honor as a unit for their stubborn resistance to Confederate forces at Gettysburg. Now, they and the 44th New York Light Artillery board the transport Ogunquit to participate in an amphibious assault, but sail a day behind the other ships of the flotilla. The Ogunquit is caught in a storm, flounders in high waves, is sucked into a funnel of blinding light, and is then dropped elsewhere. In our timeline, neither the ship nor any of those onboard are ever seen again. This novel introduces an alternate world which has been ruled by an alien race who traverse fixed routes around the world, harvesting humans as cattle. The Tugar is only one of several hordes and the Rus is only one of many human groups who have come through the gates of light to leave descendents upon this world. The regiment is faced with a monumental task, but the 35th Maine has fought tougher enemies and survived. This novel is alternate world SF much like Turtledove's Misplaced Legion. The 35th Maine is a historical reality, credited for saving the Union forces at Gettysburg and lost at sea a few months later. The author is a historian and Civil War reenactor, so the historical details of the regiment are as accurate as they can be. The Rus are also true to their ancestry, medieval Russians, but their presence on the alternate world is not attributed to any historical event. LENGTH: 15 hrs and 29 mins NUMBER OF PARTS: 15 ___________________ Union Forever: The Lost Regiment, Book 2 UNABRIDGED by William R. Forstchen Narrated by Patrick Lawlor The Book Union Forever, the 2nd book in the Lost Regiment Series, begins with a good start. The new president, Kalencka, and the leader of Roum, the Consul Marcus, sign a treaty that will allow the new railroad to extend into Roum. The Republic of Rus is beginnign to form, and the Suzdalians have adopted Democracy and rebuilt the northern part of Suzdal. The action first begins when an army of Carthaginians led by Tobias Cromwell, who has converted the Ogunquit into an ironclad, lands and destroys the town of Ostia to the South of Roum. The veteran regiment of the 5th Suzdal led by young Vincent Hawthorne attacks and is thrown back, and the city is besieged. Hawthorne sends a message back to Rus, and with quick actions, an Army of 25,000 men led by Keane goes to Roum. However, when the Army arrives, the Carthaginians pull out, and using their ironclads they block off the army from returning to Suzdal and they set off to besiege it. LENGTH: 19 hrs and 5 mins NUMBER OF PARTS: 15 ___________________ Terrible Swift Sword: The Lost Regiment, Book 3 UNABRIDGED by William R. Forstchen Narrated by Patrick Lawlor The Merki, evil creatures of the Horde (or Chosen People), are invading the nation of Rus. It is up to Colonel Andrew Keane of the Union's 35th Maine to lead his troops into battle and defend his new country. The Merki are enemies who consider human beings to be nothing more than cattle and/or pets, they must wipe out Keane and his Union soldiers. Interestingly enough, the Merki are also fighting for their way of life. As twisted as it seems, you almost feel sorry for them, if the Merki were a little less gruesome you could come to admire their culture. However, the Merki dine on human flesh and perform weird ritualistic murder/torture on their human cattle. In order to defeat the Merki, Colonel Keane must drag Rus into a mechanized 19th century industrial society. To make matters worse the Merki create their own invention, a dirigible like balloon. This leaves the humans behind the technological curve because the Merki's airforce can perform airborne reconnaissance and aerial bombing raids. One of the best chapters in the book revolves around the invention of the balloon by the human population. Forstchen adds a lot of interesting ideas to the war. LENGTH: 15 hrs and 15 mins NUMBER OF PARTS: 15 ___________________ Fateful Lightning: The Lost Regiment, Book 4 UNABRIDGED by William R. Forstchen Narrated by Patrick Lawlor Lost in another world and time, a regiment of Union soldiers find themselves part of a tactical retreat from the onslaught of the mysterious Merki hordes, reenacting the classic Russian retreats from the French and Germans. This book picks up right where the last one left off. There is a 30 day lull in the battle with the Merki due to the assasination of the Merki leader. The Merki have a ceremonial 30 days of mourning when the leader dies. During this time, the humans begin there final withdrawal and buildup. They leave behine a scorched earth. The Merki do not know how to handle an enemy that will not fight in the open. There is no honor in this battle. They look forward to a single big confrontation and swift decisive end. The humans have several tricks up their sleeves, including traps, guerilla warfare and deception.... And as usual, new surprising weapons. LENGTH: 15 hrs and 21 mins NUMBER OF PARTS: 15 ___________________ Battle Hymn: The Lost Regiment, Book 5 UNABRIDGED by William R. Forstchen Narrated by Patrick Lawlor This is the fifth novel in the series, and the original concept, "Union Army heroes fighting hordes of aliens in space" is starting to wear a little thin. There are several problems. By this time, the hordes are all giving up horseback and swords for rifles and cannon. Thus the excitement of the combat is limited. The alien hordes have a new leader Ha'ark (The leader of the Bantags) He doesn't seem to have the classic warrior dignity of Muzta in the first book. And he doesn't have the sinister backstabbing style of Tamuka in book four. He has his own strengths, because he also come through the tunnel of light with his own knowledge of advanced machiens. Ha'arkΓΓé¼Γäós home world is far more technologically advanced Colonel KeaneΓΓé¼Γäós (earth of 1865), they had nuclear weapons and jets. Also, we keep stirring in more and more human races, Chinese Zulus and so forth. This book introduces a number of new characters and resolves some plot lines. This is not one of the more popular books in the series. Many readers do not like changing the viewpoint of the story. Some of the new characters and plot resolutions were unpopular too. However, this book makes real contributions to the story line and the development of characters. LENGTH: 12 hrs and 27 mins NUMBER OF PARTS: 12 ___________________ Never Sound Retreat: The Lost Regiment, Book 6 UNABRIDGED by William R. Forstchen Narrated by Patrick Lawlor With Tanks and machine guns Ha'ark has attacked the Republic, and the Republic buckles under pressure. This time both armies are modern and their leaders understand modern war. Also, expect the unexpected from Hans, who will turn the tide once more. A very interesting aspect of the series is how fallible Keane is. He inspires his people, but makes terrible mistakes that must be payed for with lots of blood later on. This destroys him little by little. Forstchen manages to make him very human, very far from a legend, and closer to what people really are. This book is transitional. Not as spectacular as those before, it still is very good and sets the stage for more to come. Also, a new major character is developed: the tank commander Timokin. And since Ferguson is dead, the technological edge that the Republic could always count on seems threatened. Read on. LENGTH: 11 hrs and 7 mins NUMBER OF PARTS: 11 ___________________ A Band of Brothers: The Lost Regiment, Book 7 UNABRIDGED by William R. Forstchen Narrated by Patrick Lawlor Keane is hurt and that changes him. The leader of the humans becomes the most deeply human of the lot, forced to face his fear and his guilt, while a vicious street by street fight erupts in the city of Roum, from the sewers to the buildings. The Redeemer shows himself as a less than ideal tactician, reacting to the circunstances more than creating them, which is actually what has been documented as real war, where combat is changing and fluid. Hans will end up leading "his" people, the Chin, into battle against the Bantag with little more than their hands. This is stirring writing, which appeals to our emotions as much as to our rationality. This alien world is very possible, and the technology to get there is part of theoretical physics, with wormholes between universes and/or galaxies, or sectors of galaxies, and the reversion of the hordes to primitive nomads after their ancestors "walked between the stars." "A Band Of Brothers" manages to keep the suspense alive just at the moment (the seventh installment) when most series that last this long wind down and either die, or crawl ahead to ever-diminishing interest. By shifting the focus and by making his characters more fallible and, therefore, more human, Forstchen has written a dark, different winner. LENGTH: 11 hrs and 27 mins NUMBER OF PARTS: 11 ___________________ The Men of War: The Lost Regiment, Book 8 UNABRIDGED by William R. Forstchen Narrated by Patrick Lawlor This final novel in The Lost Regiment series finds Colonel Andrew Keane and the soldiers of his 35th Maine preparing to wage war against the alien hordes for the last time... It has been over a decade since Andrew Keane's Union regiment was mysteriously pulled away from the Civil War and marooned in time on a hostile alien planet. But now it appears as if everything the Lost Regiment has fought and died for has been in vain. The unrelenting war against the hordes has taken its toll on the fatigued humans, and the Bantag horde's latest siege has broken the Republic's will to fight. Keane resigns his position in the Republic's government when a peace parley is declared. Gathering the remaining veterans of the 35th Maine to his side, he plans a campaign that will take the Lost Regiment into the heart of the Bantag Empire to annihilate their ability to wage war once and for all. The outcome of this suicide mission will decide the fate of the human race on a world far from Earth LENGTH: 13 hrs and 18 mins NUMBER OF PARTS: 13 ____________________________________________________ Note: I am not the original ripper of two of these works (Books number 2&3). Complete credit for those two books is due to originator and his hard work. To those books all I did was to combine them with the ones I ripped, in to a set. I also Chaptered the books, which makes the set much easier to listen to ____________________________________________________
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