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Moto Racer 3 PC: ----------------- Important note: the CD of the game must imperatively be inserted in the CD drive before launching Moto Racer 3. - If you experience problems with performance during the game you can modify the settings of the menu which can be accessed during a race by selecting Options, then Display. The following settings will then be displayed: Sight range : reduces the display range of the background Shadows : reduces the level of detail of the bikes' shadows Land : reduces the background's level of detail Bike : reduces the bikes' level of detail Effects : reduces the level of detail of the graphical effects You will now see an improvement in performance according to the settings you have changed. - If you experience any problems getting the game to run, you should check that you have installed the correct version of the drivers for your video card. To do this, you need to go to the website of your video card manufacturer and download the latest official drivers. If the problem continues, you should go to the website of the graphics chipset manufacturer for your card. You should also refer to the information supplied by the manufacturers. If you experience problems with Moto Racer 3's operation or performance, you can also try the following command line options: -nosound : disables the sound during the game -nomusic : disables the music during the game -noshadow : completely disables shadow control during the game -norendertarget : disables a specific mode on certain 3D cards -novideotextures : disables video animation during the game -notl : disables TL (Transform & Lighting) mode on certain video cards (e.g. Geforce 2 and 3, as well as ATI Radeon...) and enables software management of this mode. You can enable these options by creating a shortcut from the Moto Racer 3 application (mr3.exe) located in the directory 'Program Files\\motoracer3' and by adding the command line(s) at the very end of the "Target" field (located in the shortcut Properties window). - If you are intending to run the game under Windows 2000 you are strongly recommended to install at least Windows 2000 Service pack 1, as well as the suitable drivers for your system card. - If the game does not start properly, check whether you have enough free space available on your hard disk. Configuring joysticks/joypads: ----------------------------------- Ctrl + K : Enable/disable joystick (When the game starts the joystick/joypad is disabled by default) Ctrl + J : Switch from Config 1 to Config 2, then to Config 3 and lastly to Config 4 (Bt=Button) Config 1 -------- Right/Left : Direction Bt 1 : Acceleration Bt 2 : Turbo Bt 3 : Brake Bt 4 : Higher gear Bt 5 : Lower gear Bt 6 : Horn Config 2 -------- Right/Left : Direction Bt 1 : Acceleration Bt 4 : Brake Bt 10 : Turbo Bt 8 : Higher gear Bt 7 : Lower gear Bt 2 : Horn Config 3 -------- Analog Right/Left : Direction Analog Up : Acceleration Bt 2 : Turbo Analog Down : Brake Bt 4 : Higher gear Bt 5 : Lower gear Bt 6 : Horn Config 4 -------- Analog Right/Left : Direction Analog Up : Acceleration Analog Down : Brake Bt 10 : Turbo Bt 8 : Higher gear Bt 7 : Lower gear Bt 2 : Horn ______________________________________PATCH_&_ADDONS____________________________________________ Apart from providing more extensive support for video cards and small configurations, the MR3 patch v1.1 can also offer you: Simple access to a new setup made up of 5 sections: - Graphics settings, resolution, numbers of colors, antialiasing, etc. - Sound settings, Reverb, chorus, for motor bikes. - Peripheral settings, joystick, joypad, keyboard, etc. - Multiplayer settings, draw up your own ban list, choose the network bandwidth to suit your RTC modem, Cable, ADSL, your network card, etc. - System information, which you will find helpful, if you have the right video drivers, etc. Freestyle mode can be played from start to finish using the joystick, all the combinations will be updated on our site. Split Turbo down Split X Turbo up Coffin Horn down Twist Gear Up down Barney Horn left Aerial G Gear Up left Aerial D Gear Up right Lazy Boy Horn up Double can can Turbo left right Nac Nac G Turbo Turbo left Nac Nac D Turbo Turbo right Saran Wrap G Gear Down Gear Down left Saran Wrap D Gear Down Gear Down right Superman Turbo Turbo down Cliffhanger Gear Up Gear Up up down Double Candy Bar Gear Down down up Double Saran Wrap Gear Down left right Hell clicker Gear Down down down El cordobes Gear Up Gear Up up up Heart attack Gear Down Gear Down down up Superman seat grab Gear Down Gear Down down left Choose your own helmet, new helmets and logos. Multiplayer mode can now be accessed by non-players using spectator mode. Watch your favorite riders using the replay cameras or our tracking camera. Each rider now has their name displayed during races. You can make donations to your favorite players and ban players you don't want. For those keen on the view from inside, racing bikes now have a built-in digital speedometer. Simpler procedures for creating future bonuses, race tracks and bikes. Support for Intel SSE (Pentium® 3) and SSE2 (Pentium® 4) instruction sets. shift + / shift - (numpad) : resolution ctrl + / ctrl - (numpad) : level of detail + / - (numpad) : sight range ctrl s : engine sound Joystick settings (New default values for custom mode) ------------------------------------------------------ Turn left : Axis 1 left Turn right : Axis 1 right Accelerate : Button 1 Brake : Button 2 Turbo : Button 3 Front : Axis 2 up Back/impulsion: Axis 2 down Gear Down Button 6 Gear Up Button 5 Rear view Button 8 Horn Button 7 Rear Up Button 9
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