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The Horror Movie Collection

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The Horror Movie Collection

Movies : Horror : DVD Rip : English
16 Horror Films of old and newish horror some rare.All Dvd rips but quality not the best on some of the older ones.take what u want if u dont like the look then walk on by.
Campsite Massacre
A group of forest rangers go camping in the woods, and trespass into an area where a
backwoods mama likes to kill people who come onto her turf.
Starring John Friedrich, Adrian Zmed, Ernest Harden Jr., Lewis Smith, Rachel Ward, Daryl
Hannah, Akosua Busia, Joe Pantoliano, Mark Metcalf
Director Andrew Davis
Run time : 1 hr 21 mins
Certificate 18
Genres Horror
Language : English
Production year: 1983
Skinned Deep
An horrific, disfigured killer is on the loose. The Surgeon General is an abominable figure,
whose stretched skin is framed by his bear trap mouth. Wielding a formidable blade,
absolutely no one is safe
Starring Karoline Brandt, Jay Dugre, Aaron Sims, Kurt Carley, Peter Iasillo
Director Gabe Bartalos
Run time : 1 hr 37 mins
Certificate 18
Genres Horror
Language : English
Don't Look In The Basement
When Nurse Charlotte Beal arrives for work at a sanatorium, one of the doctors has been
murdered. The asylum has been overrun, and not even the doctors can be trusted.
Starring Bill McGhee, Jessie Lee Fulton, Robert Dracup, Harryette Warren
Director S.F. Brownrigg
Run time : 1 hr 29 mins
Certificate 15
Genres Horror
Language : English
Production year: 1973
Don't Ring The Doorbell
Ellen is left to care for her mentally impaired younger sister Cissy following the death of
her father. When Ellen's boyfriend visits, however, it is not long before he discovers
Cissy's murderous tendencies... Based on the play by Eric Wesphal.
Starring Lee Grant, Carol Kane, Will Geer, James Olson
Director Karen Arthur
Run time : 1 hr 35 mins
Certificate 15
Genres Horror
Language : English
Production year: 1981
Eat And Run
An alien from outer space named Murray Creature lands on Earth and develops an appetite for
Italian...not the food...the people. It's up to a wily detective to put a stop to his
monstrous appetite in this inventive comedy.
Starring Ron Silver, Sharon Schlarth, R.L. Ryan
Director Christopher Hart
Run time : 1 hr 20 mins
Certificate 15
Genres Comedy Horror
Language : English
Hell Penitentiary
A famous physician goes undercover as an inmate, and infiltrates a female prison in an
attempt to expose the truth behind her sister's suspicious death. She soon falls victim to
the prison's sadistic wardens, however...
Starring Ajita Wilson, Rita Silva, Linda Jones, Alex Freyberger
Director Gianni Siragusa
Run time : 1 hr 28 mins
Certificate 18
Genres Thriller,Horror
Language : English
Ghoulies 4
Jonathan is now a policeman and has a new girlfriend. But his past is about to catch up with
him in the form of Alexandra and Faust...
Starring Bobby Di Cicco, Stacie Randall, Peter Liapis, Barbara Alyn Woods, Raquel Krelle
Director Jim Wynorski
Run time : 1 hr 20 mins
Certificate 15
Genres Comedy,Horror
Language : English
Flesh For The Beast [Uncut]
Almost one hundred years after the death of Alfred Fischer, an occultist who conjured up
evil demons that hunted human prey, a group of para-psychologists enter his manor and they
don't have to wait long for evil to re-emerge...
Starring Jane Scarlett, Sergio Jones, Clark Beasley Jr., Jim Coope, David Runco
Director Terry West
Run time : 1 hr 30 mins
Certificate 18
Genres Horror
Language : English
The Dead One
A voodoo priestess brings her brother back to life so he can kill her cousin's bride. The
confused zombie kills the wrong woman and is bought back to life a second time to try and
finish the deed.
Starring John Mackay, Monica Davis
Director Barry Mahon
Run time : 1 hr 27 mins
Certificate 15
Genres Horror
Language : English
Production year: 1961
Silent Night, Bloody Night
A new mansion owner discovers that his home was once a mental institution. He sets about
investigating the crimes that took place in the mansion, whilst scaring the surrounding
Starring Donelda Dunne, Jay Garner, Patrick O'Neal, Fran Stevens, Walter Abel, Mary Woronov,
Debbie Parness, Astrid Heeren, James Patterson, John Carradine
Director Thomas Gershuny
Run time DVD: 1 hr 21 mins
Genres Horror
Language : English
Demon Under Glass
The pursuit of a serial killer leads to a deeper evil
Starring Jason Carter, Garett Maggart, Jack Donner
Director Jon Cunningham
Run time: 1 hr 51 mins
Certificate 15
Genres Horror, Thriller
Language : English
Production year: 2002
MindFlesh is a psycho-sexual horror thriller. MindFlesh is about obsession. Specifically,
the obsession of taxi driver Chris Jackson who believes a goddess from a parallel dimension
is walking the streets of London. This obsession is destroying the natural order of the
universe and Guardian extraterrestrials threaten to kill Jackson's friends if he doesn't
relinquish his fantasy.
Jackson, played by Peter Bramhill (Human Traffic) enlists the help of parapsychologist Frank
Verdain played by Chris Fairbank (Batman, Alien3, 5th Element) to unravel the secrets of the
mind and the universe. Only his Buddhist ex-girlfriend played by Lucy Liemann (Bourne
Ultimatum) understands the power of the mind.
Starring Peter Bramhill, Carole Derrien, Christopher Fairbank, Roy Borrett, Steven Burrell,
Cordelia Bugeja, Isabella Jade Fane, Lucy Liemann, Steve O'Halloran, Charlotte Milchard,
Clare Routh, Peter Bramhill
Director Robert Pratten
Run time : 1 hr 15 mins
Certificate 18
Genres Horror
Language: English
Released Production year: 2008
The Scar Crow
After being sent to the countryside for an all-expenses-paid team-building trip, four
friends decide to pack in the assault courses and management training for a weekend of beer
and football at the local pub. Thinking that their fortunes are looking even better when
they come across three young, beautiful and very friendly sisters, everything seems set for
a perfect vacation. But as night falls and shadows spread through the village, it quickly
becomes apparent that all isn't quite as it seems...
Undead victims of a 300 year-old curse, the three sisters have turned to witchcraft to lift
them from their plight. Steeped in sorcery and imbued with the seductive powers of darkness,
they will stop at nothing to channel the dark arts to suit their aims.
Violent, erotic and disturbing, The Scar Crow is a terrifying tale of malevolence, desire,
torture and seduction that will leave your hair standing on end.
Starring Anna Tolputt, Kevyn Connett, Darren McIlroy, Tim Major
Director Andy Thompson, Pete Benson
Run time : 1 hr 24 mins
Certificate 18
Genres Horror
Language : English
Released Production year: 2009
Last Cannibal World
The crew and passengers of a plane find themselves stranded deep in a jungle. Soon one of
them finds himself face to face with cannibals.
Starring Massimo Foschi, Me Me Lai, Ivan Rassimov
Director Ruggero Deodato
Certificate 18
Genres Horror
Language : English
A young waitress along with eleven other citizens listen to the evidence against Leonard
Karlsson ( a man accused of a crime against a minor) and find him guility. In prison the
"unspoken rule" regading such crimes was enforced - Karlsson was beaten by the other
prisoners to within an inch of his life, his face severely disfigured as a result. Now, he's
out of prison and he returns to the town where he was sentenced. In one horrifying night, he
once again faces the twelve jurors who decided his fate. This time however, he decides
Starring Jeremy Fitzgeral, Emily Hardy, Mercedes McNab, Steven Brand, Nick Searcy, Joseph
Director Michael A. Nickles
Original title XII
Run time : 1 hr 21 mins
Certificate 18
Genres Horror
Language : English
Released Production year: 2010